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Taken from Goole - the Official Handbook, Goole Corporation, c. 1963...


The Borough of Goole is within the area of the West Riding Education Authority for purposes of education.

Primary Education
The Primary Schools of the town are managed on behalf of the West Riding Education Committee by the Goole District Education Sub-Committee; particulars of the respective schools are given below:

Primary Schools (1960)
Goole Alexandra Street CountyJunior Mixed350
Goole Boothferry Road CountyJunior Mixed318
Goole Old Goole CountyJunior Mixed159
Goole Pasture Road CountyInfants220
Goole St. Thomas R.C.MixedMixed Infants163
Goole Kingsway CountyJunior Mixed303

Secondary Education
The Goole Grammar School in Boothferry Road provides the benefits of higher education on the most up-to-date lines for both boys and girls. Opened in 1909 and considerably extended in 1929, the school is admirably designed and unusually attractive, with beautiful and spacious grounds and well equipped playing fields. Its story is one of great success and rapid advancement. Originally planned for 250 scholars and enlarged for 500, there were in September 1960 773 pupils attending, of whom 120 were in the VIth Form.

Extensions costing £160,000 are under construction and are expected to be ready for use in September 1962. There is a wide choice of alternative courses and the school has an excellent record of achievement. Inspired by an enthusiastic and well qualified staff, all those activities characteristic of a modern progressive school are to be found here.

The Goole Secondary Modern School faces the Grammar School across Boothferry Road and is complementary to it in the secondary education which it provides. Erected by the West Riding County Council in 1936, this is also a fine building, with its own playing fields and grounds. The school was planned and built in separate departments for boys and girls but has now been reorganised as a co-educational school for 1,100 pupils. A well-qualified staff provides specialised training in a wide variety of subjects, and plans are being made for the formation of a GCE. course for certain pupils. A modern gymnasium is provided, with science laboratory and handicraft and metalwork rooms for boys and domestic subjects rooms for girls.

Further Education
The Vermuyden Institute of Further Education has various branches and centres throughout the whole Goole / Thorne Division of the West Riding of Yorkshire. The Goole and District Branches are centred in the premises of the Goole County Secondary School, although facilities are available at Goole Grammar School and various primary schools in the town and the surrounding area. Courses are offered in commercial subjects, and Pre-Senior Courses for those wishing to take specialised courses in Technical Colleges, and the Institute has strong links with the Technical Colleges at Hull and Doncaster. Part-time Day Courses in Clothing Education and Agricultural subjects are catered for and Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced courses in Port Working and Shipping are organised for the Port of Goole.

A wide variety of recreational and cultural subjects is available, mainly for adults, including arts and crafts, cookery, music, languages, wood and metalwork, dressmaking and stitchery classes, physical education, drama and horticultural science. It is not too much to say that any subject for which there is a reasonable demand can be provided.

The Goole and District Institutes have strong links with the Adult Education Department of the University of Hull and many extramural University activities are held in Goole.

The West Riding Education Committee offer to voluntary Societies and Youth organisations a scheme of Affiliation to an Institute. Any club or association which feels that it has a worthwhile contribution to make to the educational and social life of the community is invited to apply to be linked to the Institute as an independent but affiliated body. It can then be offered use of premises, equipment or instructors.

The Vermuyden Institute of Further Education aims at providing a wide variety of educational facilities for those already engaged in, or about to enter local industries, set against a background of cultural, social and recreative activities.

In addition to evening courses it seeks to provide part-time day courses in the established occupations of the area and the Governors will be glad to consider in collaboration with employers and interested bodies any steps which may be taken to enlarge this service.

Future Development
Extensions to the Goole Grammar School now in progress will bring the accommodation fully up to the Ministry's standards for a Four Form Entry Grammar School and are expected to be ready by September 1962. They include new Science Laboratories and also a suite of rooms on the ground floor solely for the purposes of Further Education.

A 29-acre site off Boothferry Road opposite West Park has been allocated for the purpose of a new Secondary School, including some eight acres as additional playing fields for the Grammar School. The new Secondary School will be very large (9 Form Entry) and subject to confirmation of the County Council and approval of the Ministry of Education it is pro- posed to provide the greater part (8 Form Entry) in the 1964-65 Major Building Programme. The school will accommodate senior scholars from Airmyn, Hook, Ousefleet, Reedness and Swinefleet in addition to those from the Borough, and will supersede the present Secondary Modern School which is now too small for the number of children to be accommodated. The buildings and grounds of the present Secondary School will make an excellent junior school without much adaptation and thereby improve the primary school accommodation of the town, the opportunity being taken at the same time to close the Boothferry Road Primary School, which is on a very restricted site. The Pasture Road Infants School is to be greatly improved and extended in two stages, and the first phase is to be commenced during 1961.

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