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School in Goole was cool. The school system was revamped in 1990, when the Grammar School was renamed as Vermuyden School and the four middle schools became primary schools. Of course, for the older surfers, there used to be the old Secondary Modern School (now Goole College and previously Bartholomew Middle) and the Grammar School. Here is a brief description of the four old middle schools and the Grammar School.

Goole Grammar School was described in a book, 'Puppets in Yorkshire', as 'Here in Goole has risen a most beautiful academy built in the best tradition of good greystone architecture and yet consistent with modern requirements. A dignified, inspiring building, well set among lawns and garden beds of bright flowers. It was an education in itself to pass the school'

Pupils belonged to Tudor, Windsors, Normans or Stuarts houses when it came to inter-class competitions. The highlight of the academic year was Presentation Evening where old pupils came back to collect their exam certificates.

The highlight of the sporting year was the annual cross-country run to Airmyn and back. Many runners took shortcuts across a field near Boothferry Bridge, until the teachers started inspecting boots. Anybody with muddy boots had to do it again.

The school is now called Vermuyden School and a lot more metal fences have appeared around the building in recent years.

GGS Sports Hall GGS New Block and Science Tower The old Boothferry Road primary school

The old Bartholomew Middle School Kingsway Middle School Pasrkside Middle School

Visitor Comments

Posted by Russell Teale at 16/12/2000 08:35
Another claim to fame for Parkside School is that a Lancaster Bomber was found while they were building it!!!!
Posted by MEE!!! at 31/08/2005 15:57
I will update you the new houses going in this year aer:Air, Fire,Earth and Water
Posted by Richard lemon at 20/12/2005 11:00
What about the old schools What has happened to Alexander st Primary and the nursery next to it. Brings back fond memories of my days in goole!!!
Posted by pedro at 15/02/2006 23:39
How about the Catholic school in old Goole ST Thomas What a dump I learned more after leaving this place in 1950.
Posted by Greg at 19/03/2006 14:04
What about Pasture Primary school?
Posted by georgie at 08/06/2006 18:42
escuse me but im 11 and where is bothferry primary in goole im about to leave but is the best school in goole according to the council and im on the school council i want boothferry ere now !
Posted by Kez at 16/06/2006 22:06
Where's St Joseph's? Aww.. Put St Joseph's on! I loved that place.
Posted by k-lee at 28/06/2006 18:54
i used to go to kingsway primary school and i thought it was brilliant i loved all my teachers especially miss suggit and mrs buter field.mrs jones was ace. she left while i was in year 4 i think but she always would come back and take supply lessons i had her as my teacher when i was in year 3 and 4 she was a brilliant teacher and me and my best friend emma would always go and see her every breaktime and sometimes dinner just to help her with a few odd jobs. miss suggit was my gymnastics teacher she was brilliant she helped me so much that i was the first student to earn a gold medal in gymnastics.i really miss my primary school i loved it. i remember when we had a 50s week to celebrate the school being open for 50 years that week was really good we even had like a garden party where all the pupils and teachers had a tea party in the playing field.Then i left kingsway school and now go to vermuyden school which i dont like as much because every time you leave or enter the school theres kids smoking and it awful because i just dont see the point.when im walking around vermuyden school people just barge into you whereas when i went to kingsway i knew just about every one and used play with all the little kids and people would open the door for you. i wish i could go back to kingsway primary school as i loved it and i am only in year 8 at the minute so i only left kingsway 2 years ago so im sure it wouldnt have changed my younger brother and sister go ther now and i know they enjoy it so i wrote this letter to say that KINGSWAY PRIMARY SCHOOL IS A BRILLIANT SCHOOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by emma at 03/07/2006 12:50
i used to go to kingsway primary school and i think it was good me and my mate k-lee used to be in all the same classes. my favourite teacher was mrs jones. she was really cool we used to do odd jobs for her. i loved my old school. me and kayleigh were stuck together like glue and would complain if we got split up. even though we used to fight about everything 1 time we even had a fight over a green pencil.i now go to vermuyden school and me and k-lee are still best mates. i liked kingsway better than vermuyden.
Posted by Bill at 15/08/2006 21:44
K-lee & emma, interesting comments but your education seems sadly lacking in the punctuation and grammar department. Maybe I'm getting old.
Posted by Robert Ward at 17/09/2006 17:44
Ivan - please would you email me - I'm interested in Tasker family history.
Posted by Emma Lee at 07/10/2006 23:37
Where's Boothferry................Best school in Goole

Vermuyden Sucks!!!!!!!!!Knock it Down, don't bother rebuilding it!!!!!
Posted by charlotte at 12/10/2006 14:21
where is boothferry primary???!!! it is the best primary school like ever!!!
Posted by Brian Thompson at 13/11/2006 18:05
I attended GGS from 51-56. I was in Stuart House.I was keen on Gymnastics and was in the Display would be nice to know if any one else was in class 5D.
Posted by Barbara Hudson at 18/12/2006 22:36
and there was me thinking the science block was newly built & modern!
Posted by jadeycakes at 24/12/2006 15:38
you sure vermuyden 'sucks' i'm pretty sure it doesnt ive been there for five years [im in year 11 now] and yeah ok it has its bad points but lets face it ... so does every other school! most of the teachers there are great and if you work at it you'll get really good grades... last year there was a pass rate [A* - C] of 55% now in my book thats an achievement!
stop slagging it!
Posted by Stan at 23/01/2007 20:42
Good grief! I remember the science block being built!!
Posted by Gail at 19/02/2007 16:28
I haven't any kids so I can't really say what the Vermuyden (Grammar) School is like now, but I'm delighted it's just done so well in the national league tables. I'm sceptical about league tables, but if we have to have them we might as come in the top 5%, which is what the Vermuyden's just done!
Posted by Bill Stewart at 19/03/2007 19:30
Does anyone know if Mr Teed (headmaster GGS late '60's) is still living and if so his contact details? TIA
Posted by Karin Ronis at 20/05/2007 06:59
Is there any where I could find the admission registers for schools in Goole around the early 1900's
Darwin Australia
Posted by Sarah at 29/05/2007 12:09
Beverley Archives at the Treasure House in Beverley have admission registers for some Goole schools but not sure what date they are. They have an online catalogue on the east riding council's website.
Posted by I. Tasker at 13/06/2007 10:50
Karin, I have a cousin in Darwin, he was born in Snaith near Goole.
Posted by Janet T at 26/07/2007 19:26
Mr Teed was my headmaster in the late 60's, Mrs. Williams was the girls headmistress. I visited the old school in 2001, I did not like what had been done to it...there is something in the saying, "The Good Old Days."
Posted by charl at 05/09/2007 16:45
Where, may I ask, is Boothferry Primary School? By far, it is the best primary school in Goole. It has been voted the best by the council on numerous occasions. Honestly! Put Boothferry on this page, please? It wasn't 'chav-ridden' either.

Posted by John C. Wraith at 25/09/2007 06:03
I attended Kingsway School for two years,before going to Goole Grammar School,in the latter days of Mr. Latimer and the early days of Mr.Teed.What a contrast!As I left the school,I was told that I would be a success in life,but not in the academic world...I have been a Headmaster in three different school,all in the Philippines,working in a university,etc...

Maybe a late developer? Maybe playing was more fun at school? I should love to hear from any old school mates....
Posted by Alan Anderson at 14/01/2008 22:34
Ref.Bryan Thompson,13.11.2006. Hello Bryan, Did you live in Carter St. in your school days? I think I remember you although my memory is fading by the day!!!
Posted by Mr A M Shaw at 07/03/2008 20:27

GGS 57-60: As mentioned in the intro 'McMix' was the date of construction and not builder...
Posted by Rod Lumley at 15/04/2008 18:17
I was fascinated to watch the video of Boothferry Road School Sports Day 1962. As a teacher at the school, it was my job to organise that event & I remember to this day, the wonderful support from fellow teachers & parents and the great friendly competition among the pupils. How sad that this type of competition is so frowned upon nowadays!!!

Rod Lumley
Posted by Graham T at 11/07/2008 16:28
Re: Janet T msg on 26 Jul 2007. I too went to GGS (70-75) then went on to serve in Army (75-04). Looking back GGS was a great time and progress over time has changed the look of the school at the back, but the frontage remains the same and should do forever. The sight of GGS makes me think that wiothout that school Boothferry Road/Goole would not be the same. I had a sis who went to leave in US of A in 70ish! Do you remember old Mr Smith the History teacher, fine man or what? Mr Hall the Physics teacher, I found he had a short fuse one day, my last day in his Physics class!!
Posted by john howard at 28/08/2008 22:06
re capstan street opposite vermuyden old goole i lived there in early sixties with my parents old coal yard was opposite i used to get under gate in winter and get coal for my mum in a bucket and leave a trail in the snow to our door i was cheeky to a worker and he put me in his jcb bucket lifted me up and went for his lunch i wasnt cheeky anymore has anyone got any photos of this area around these dates 60s 70s thanks
Posted by Alan Anderson at 11/09/2008 23:15
Ref. John Howard and Capstan St. I have a map showing Capstan St. and a photo of Bridge st. in it's heyday. I can send them to you. Yours,Alan Anderson.
Posted by Miss !!!!!! at 06/10/2008 18:44
why isnt reedness primary school on there ?
Posted by john howard at 21/10/2008 02:33
cheers alan would be much appriciated mate please send to thanks again
Posted by M Roberts at 29/01/2009 14:29
Is that the Alan Anderson, who'll now be approaching late 60s and once lived opposite Shorts' Greengrocers?
Posted by Alan Anderson at 30/01/2009 22:30
Ref.M Roberts.29.1.09.
Michael Roberts, is that you from over Cheshire way,used to stay with your Grandma in Colonels Walk.??????
Posted by Alan Anderson at 12/02/2009 12:54
Hello Stuart,reference M.Roberts,"Is that Alan Anderson".If he contacts you again will you give him my E-mail Add. please,I would like to contact him again after 50yrs or more.Your 'Site' 'Keeps doing the Business!' Well done!
Posted by Alan Anderson at 14/02/2009 19:32
Thank you G O T W.I have made contact with Mike Roberts after approx.53 yrs. Great.
Posted by Kevin Whiteley at 21/02/2009 20:14
Alan Anderson did you work for Servis years ago and live or lived in Marshfield Road?
Posted by Alan Anderson at 22/02/2009 20:44
Hello Kevin,Yes thats me.I'm retired now and live at Reedness.I take it you are THE KW .Electrician and Fridge Engineer.Do you still live in this area? Alan.
Posted by bethany at 24/06/2009 18:33
I go to kingsway primary school and I'd just like to say THANK YOU KINGSWAY FOR BEING THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Tracey Worswick at 18/08/2009 16:20
When did Goole Grammar stop been an actual Grammar School?
Posted by Robert Ward at 24/08/2009 18:48
It became a comprehensive school around 1970, not sure of the exact year but it was around then. It retained the Grammar School name for some years after that though.
Posted by Graham at 24/08/2009 21:35
GGS remained a GS until September 1975, after that it converted to 'Comprehensive' status but retained the title GGS and quite rightly so too. GGS was 'the place of learning' in the area and had some fantastic teachers who really had a passion for education; ie Bongo Smith, Higgins, Gurdon, Hall, Marshall. Tweed, Heath, Hardman, Watson, Mrs Thompson, Miss Potter and the classroom assistant in Metal and Woodwork who's name I forget etc etc
Posted by John C. Wraith at 04/10/2009 10:09
That terrible metalwork shop!I used to block the fire with clinker,fill the room with smoke and be banished,yet again,to the woodwork shop!Mr. Ibbotson was very tolerant-split wood in all directions and lots of failed dove tailed joints!Needless to say,I have never been able to be practical,in the slightest-except if it involved a hammer...The beeswax was always cooking in the woodwork shop-whenever I smell a candle I think of dear old GGS.
Posted by Ian Grant at 14/10/2009 12:44
1973 ggs turned comp, us scruffy gits were first to go.
Posted by william calvert at 07/11/2009 11:48
Just seen the grammar school staff picture on the site. What happened to Miss Smith the girls sports mistress?
Posted by Sue Pinkerton at 28/11/2009 17:15
What happened to the letters after Nov 7th? Is there a second page somewhere, I can't see any links.
Posted by Stuart (Webmaster) at 28/11/2009 19:58
Sue - try looking in the Schools page in the 'Your Memories' section
Posted by kev howard at 05/01/2010 10:13
kev GGS 70-75 here.Re; Graham 70-75 Its been a long time since we spoke mate,same class an'all.Must admit I was not a great school fan at that age but by god its true what my nan used to say about being the best days of your life,you only find this out as you get older.Good old bongo eh,not many teachers let you have a cig in there lessons now.looking back there was some good guys,Joe Higgins,Coxy and Gwen,Heathy,Grossett, Pete Hardman,Mike King,Ma Thompsom.Had a swipe off most of em but there you go.Nice to see you in print if nowt else.
Posted by kevynne at 31/01/2010 00:14
My great aunts Beatrice and Cecille Lee were teachers at Boothferry road school in the 1920,s .Does this school still exist and where would I find photos.
Posted by Claire at 31/01/2010 17:19
Posted by Raymond Porter at 06/02/2010 20:19
I attended Goole Grammar School from 1938 to 1943. It was a fine school. The headmaster was Mr Latimer <called Rattlesnake >by the boys, as he had the reactions of one. The Phys Ed teacher was Jack Ellis, who had played Rugby for England ,and the staff were all very fine people. During the war, there were air raid shelters covering the part of the playing fields, and some of the senior boys took turns sleeping overnight at the school, doing fire watch duty. At that time, you were in school either on a scholorship or your parents had to pay, I think that the fee was about three pounds a term. Our School Magazine was "The Viking " Have lived in Canada for the past 50 years or so, and am still enjoying life . Hello to all !!
Posted by Raymond at 08/02/2010 16:51
I can't believe how stupid I was. I always thought that MCMIX was the year 1909, when the school was built, and now I see from the Introduction to this Web site, that it was the name of the Scottish architect !!! Roman numerals were not taught in our Latin Classes !!
Posted by Graham at 09/02/2010 22:34
Hello Kevin, Long time, no see matey. I left school in 75 and left Goole that year too. Spent 29 years in Army and have now settled down in Bonny Scotland. Would be good to see all the old class of 5T (75) and the other Forms S,N and W and catch up. Maybe one day someone will pull together a reunion! What you been doing with yourself since leaving school? Are you still living in Goole? I pop down now and then to visit my sister, place has changed quite a bit since we were kids. All the best.
Posted by karen neville. nee white at 09/04/2010 03:09
goole grammar school in the 196o's
Posted by bob at 23/04/2010 12:49
goole high best
Posted by david teed at 09/06/2010 01:49
Just found this site, Bill Stewart. I went to GGS 71-78 and my dad was headmaster which had its pros and cons. He retired in 1984 first to Bristol and then to Cornwall. He is still alive if a bit doddery at 85. Personally I was very proud of what he did during his tenure at GGS 1964 to 84.
Posted by Bill at 17/06/2010 00:13
For David Teed. Some time ago I posted a message seeking contact details for Mr Teed. I simply wanted to give him my belated thanks for something he did for me. Once when I had committed some misdemeanour, can't remember what it was-possibly not attending some cultural event, your Dad summoned me to his study. I was expecting a good telling off. Instead after expressing his disappointment in my behaviour he gave me a load of books to read by American authors- James Baldwin, J D Salinger, B F Skinner, Kerouac etc. Some of it quite racy stuff for a 16 year old in Goole! Anyway I read them and the experience engendered a life long interest in American literature which has given me much enjoyment. I wanted, belatedly, to thank your Dad for that. I would appreciate it if you would pass this message on to him. I thought he was an excellent headmaster.
(Bill Stewart,GGS 1959-1967)
ps webmaster, wouldn't it be a good idea to amalgamate the two separate School sections
Posted by John Jessop at 23/06/2010 23:12
The other morning on the TV news there was a comment that the English were not producing high class tennis players because of a lack of facilities available to the young. It struck me as unfortunate that the tennis courts at GGS are now taken over as a car park.
Posted by Celia Galloway at 22/09/2010 15:30
I've been doing a little bit of research - it's been great to read some of the comments - I became a teacher eventually and now live in Dubai - still doing some teaching - very civilised here. Was at GGS from 1960-1967. Well done to John Wraith - headteacher indeed !!! Look forward to hearing from some old friends.
Posted by Bob Carson at 27/04/2011 20:25
Can anyone remember Patrica (pat) Carson at school in 1953+.Any info would be most greatfull.
Posted by Brian Lockwood at 07/05/2011 17:52
We had some great and memorable teachers at GGS, including Elvis, Test Tube and Boilerhead. I was in the Senior Sixth when Mr Teed joined as headmaster. He invited a few prefects to his home one Saturday evening. It happened to be my 18th birthday, so, to say the least, I attended reluctantly. Two of the girls were opera fans and asked Mr Teed to play his records of Verdi's "Othello". This seemed to drag on for hours. To make the evening even more memorable, I caught chicken pox from one of Mr Teed's children. Happy days!
Posted by Megan at 28/05/2011 09:17
Where's Boothferry Primary? I'm a Yr 6 from there and for me it's the best school in goole! I have just taken my SATs and they treat you extremly well. So please put Boothferry on!
Posted by steve hunt at 04/06/2011 10:21
Re Mr P.L.Teed. If anyone could pass on warmest of regards to him I would be very happy.The older I get the more I realise
just what a remarkable Headmaster he was. My elder brother, also a GGS boy, was killed when I was in the lower sixth. Mr Teed had a chat with me in his office which was simply inspirational as well as very practical at that sad time. He joined the school when I was starting in the second form, he was years ahead of the rest, most of whom now appreciate what he was about.
Posted by Stewart Orange at 26/06/2011 23:22
Am I the only one but there was no such school as Parkside Middle. Surely it was Parkside First School and the Middle school that was built on the site was called Boothferry Middle School, that it certainly my memory of the site when I was there from 1980
Posted by Graham Cowling at 19/11/2011 21:09
Sally Anne Richardson, you broke my heart in 68..... and i aint got over it yet!!! LOL
Posted by Billy ligg at 11/12/2011 23:06
went to GGS in 1977 to 1980 what a great headmaster mr teed was he was a true gentalman give him my regards thankyou
Posted by Jan townend at 16/06/2012 20:29
To stew Orange.sorry this is a late post but you are perfectly correct. It was Parkside first school and Boothferry Middle because I Taught you at Boothferry Middle. I was mrs Townend after I was mrs Roffey. Dont remember which name I had when you were there. I directed many productions there. Do you remember any of them?
Posted by Samantha Simms at 21/06/2012 22:31
Eww.... Dad..... (graham cowling) x
Posted by jill binnington at 21/12/2012 00:47
I went to GGS until 1977, but wanted to know if anyone went to Alexandra Street school in late 60s and remembers a teacher called Barry Shipley. Is he still alive? My favourite teachers at GGS were Mr Renee(German/Russian) and the classical studies teacher whose name I cannot remember, she was so enthusiastic about her subject.
Posted by Keith at 23/12/2012 15:17
I think its time the front of the Grammar School was tidied up it still looks a disgrace. Nice advert for a academy.
Posted by Graham at 19/02/2013 20:59
Favourite teacher at GGs during period 1970 - 75 was Julian Gurden in pottery. He was well laid back and a great teacher too.
Posted by Patsy Gill at 27/03/2013 13:22
Agree with Keith about the front grounds of what was GGS. It is an eyesore and has been like that for some months - possibly over a year.
Posted by James Poulton at 04/07/2013 22:08
My dad is from Goole (Allen Poulton age 55) I am not sure of the dates that he went to school but some of the names of people in his class/school year are Robert Cockin, Wayne Buck, David Calver, Steve Moore. If anyone knows my dad feel free to contact me at
Posted by Roy Fletcher at 01/10/2013 21:47
I attended GGS from 1943 to 1948. My nickname there was Flicka. My special pals were Peter Jackson from Lime Tree Avenue and Ken Penistone from Rawcliffe. Teachers-J L Latimer (Head), J A England (Latin) Miss Hargreaves (French) D Turner (Art) "Bandy" Burroughs(Metalwork) "Serge" Wright (P.E.) J A E Hart(Maths) and Miss Brindley (Geography) are who I remember. Senior pupils included A K Temple, Malcolm England and Alec Burton. Is there anyone still out there from those days? Would like to hear.
Posted by Patrick Dickinson at 08/11/2013 13:13
I went to Kingsway Juniors then Goole Secondary Modern or Goole high School as it became I was in York house became a musician at the north eastern FOLK & blues club and a supporter of Goole Town in that era. Have been around the mill a bit and am now a born again Christian and live in Bradford.
Posted by Norman Roberts at 27/04/2014 17:36
I went to Goole modern school always at the back of the classroom the teachers had no time for anybody who was slow to pick things up stuck at back of the classroom.
One teacher would walk up and down the rows of desks if someone said something he didn't like his cane would come down on your desk at rocket speed you had to get your hand out of way prity quick ,another teacher Called Yule we called him Japhead couldn't say anything nice about him less said the better, Bob Reavelie he had no time for me I spent the lesson in the store room he also used to forget I was there,

I've also had to climb out of the window.
We had some very nice teachers Mr Watson he would stop after time to teach us how to play chess, Mrs Moncaster was also nice she must have drown the short straw to get our class she was good to us,the Head teacher Rouse I felt his cane many times across my hands and backside he once had me and Tommy Tune on stage in front of the hole school to give us six of the best all we did wrong was dig up the chicken rung we didn't no they had grassed it,we thought we would let the chickens have a good feed on worms I bet they enjoyed the worms better then we enjoyed the cane.
A good old friend Tommy R.I,P. I've never forgot you.
Hope I haven't board you all,I was only a modern school lad.
Nice to have a chat Regads NR.
Posted by Jo at 10/05/2014 22:39
Hi Does anyone have a picture of Dunhill Road Primary School that was actually located on Boothferry Road. I believe my grandfather attended the school in the late 1920/30's would love a pic to put in his scrapbook. I believe the school is now The Gate
Posted by Anon Old Codger 70 Plus at 03/07/2014 10:32
Hi Jo regarding you wanting a photo of Boothfery Road School,if you go to Goole on the web welcome you will see at the start of the page a photo of the Shcool, if you want a up to date photo I will gladly take one for you if you put your details of your web so I can E/Mail you.
Regards Anon Old Codger 70 Plus.

Anon Old Godger 70 plus
Posted by Anon Old Codger 70 Plus at 29/08/2014 10:37
It's a shame that Goole Modern School has only one listing on this page, my time at the school was 1954 to 1958, we had no girls to look at they must have thought that girls needed protection from us the nasty boys, the school was separated by locked doors we only got to the girls end was when we had gardening I wonder if the girls had a peek at us as we did at them, I didn't see the girls on way home me and the lads walk home down the back lanes so we could have a fag which we bought three woodbines and a match for sixpence.
Regards Anon Old Codger 70 plus
Posted by Keith wilson at 22/09/2014 21:02
Yes I remember been segregated even on the sports field during the breaks we were not aloud to mix, and the boys and girls lay looking at each other over no mans land. Fortunately I was a prefect who's job it was to walk up and down making sure the two did not mix. How times have changed.
Posted by margery miller was jarvis at 07/05/2015 20:47
I went to goole modern school 55-59 I remember the headmistress miss alburn she was a dragon, she thought boys were despicable that's why we were not allowed to mix with the boys. my favourite teacher was mrs greensitt , I was glad to leave school and travelled the world but now retired and live in Lincolnshire.
Posted by Terry Matthews at 22/07/2015 16:13
Hi. I have just found this site. I was at GGS 1965-1971 and have many memories. I was glad to see a reference to Mr. Smith who was simply one of the best teachers I have ever encountered and gave me a what has been a life-long interest in History. Mr. Teed I saw mentioned - Headmaster who taught British Constitution -lovely man and glad to see he is happy in retirement in Cornwall (where my family originate). I moved away from Yorkshire in the early 70's and never returned to Goole but I loved my time at school -if I did not pay enough attention I can now say sorry! Windsor House was always the best - at simply everything!
Posted by Liam at 02/02/2016 04:39
I went to Kingsway 94-97 left in the middle of year 3 and I must admit, that I missed it from that day forwards. It was such an amazing school.
Posted by Priscilla Laybolt. (nee) Shadwell at 22/02/2016 17:50
Hello Rod Lumley, you posted back on 15/04/2008. if you see this please let me know are you related to Eunice Lumley? She was my maid of honour when I married back in 1945. I would love to know if she is still around. hope to hear from you, you can write me at my e-mail addy.
Happy days to you.
Sincerely Pat.
Posted by Rode Lumley at 01/04/2016 19:13
Hello Priscilla Laybolt.
I have no recollection of a Eunice Lumley.
From the dates you mention she would have been more my dad's era. Unfortunately, he is no longer alive to make the enquiries.
I do know there were a number of 'Lumleys' living in Old Goole at that time.
Posted by anon at 14/06/2016 21:26
Looking for linda e fitton nee meiningen
Posted by john howard at 03/07/2016 20:29
hi alan Anderson could you send me photo,s of capstan street in its hey day not been on site sorry
Posted by Alan Knott at 03/11/2016 10:56
I wish I had found this site earlier - so many familiar names of staff and pupils (Bill Stewart in particular - we were good friends in the days when trainspotting was the thing to do). Steven Hunt as well - I was in the same class as his brother Vernon and I used to go to Airmyn to ride on his scramble bike and I think we were all proud of him when he became a pilot and so shocked when he was killed). For myself I married Janet Major - also of GGS (still happily married) eventually became a chemistry teacher and then University lecturer - now mostly retired but still do some work for the OU. Still go back to Goole because Janet's mum still lives there - and I still go and watch Hull City (but I'm not sure how much longer that will last!)
Posted by Ivan Tasker at 02/03/2017 19:36
Looking for Gerald Brooksbank who has posted on here in the past. He attended GGS 1954-59.

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