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This is an unofficial guide to all things Goole-related. For those of you who haven't heard of the place, it's not a search engine based in East Yorkshire, but a small town in Northern England full of Goolies. Goole is unusual because it's an artificial town, originally built to serve the Aire & Calder Canal. It is one of the few places in this country that knows exactly when it was formed. The Clock Tower marks the year, 1826, when Goole opened its doors (or should that be lock gates?)

Purpose of this site

This site was set up by an expat to see if anybody out there is interested in the town. Judging from the feedback, there is some demand. Hopefully, by browsing this site, it won't just be the people of Zlotow who've heard of the place.

Welcome to Goole Street Sign I do value your comments and contributions. I read all feedback, although I'm notoriously unreliable for replying to them. Most feedback is for lots more historical information. Being a sea-port, the goole genes have spread around the world and people are trying trace their ancestors. There is now a lot more of this, which hopefully will be of interest to people in the town as well.

You can now add comments yourself directly to the bottom of most pages.  Please do this if there's any wrong information, or you want to expand or record your memories about something.

Of course any comments in this site are my own personal views. There other web sites, agencies and tourist information which should be read to get the true picture. Wherever possible, I've tried to add links to other relevant resources on each page. This site is aimed at people who have lived and left Goole and keep some affection for the place. Contrary to what this site may imply, it's not that bad a place (certainly no worse than any others) and personally, I'd rather come from a town with character than live in Milton Keynes.

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Posted by Ken Thompson at 03/01/2008 14:11
Hi,I have to agree Goole has changed over the last 30 odd years or so,I was born in Goole in 1928 in Richard Coopers St,at 1 year old we went to live in Kingsway.At various years in the army when I was asked where I came from I always said,Goole near Doncaster,I was quite surprised when people said "Oh I know where Goole is," or I have heard the name. I have had some good times in Goole, it was one busy place. I was always pleased to get back to Goole on my leaves while in the army after some the places I was posted in. Goole had some of the best pubs around, the Station, Jacky Watsons, the Sydney, Burlington, and one of my favourites the Crown, but like most places things change, unfortunately not always for the better; and that goes for the country too I am afraid to say.
Posted by Geoff LeVoguer at 05/01/2008 14:38
Hi. I was born in 1945 and lived in Goole until 1975. I now live in Scunthorpe. Occasionally I visit Goole cemetery to lay fowers on my parents grave. I never recognise nor seldom see any familiar faces. I can remember Gavin Briars and his brother Quentin at Kingsway School, ( I was there from 1953,) he was walking stiff legged, swinging his arms and pretending to be a zombie.
I remember also the Sherburn family. I was associated with them at the Goole Folk Club which survived long enough to cultivate young Chris into a fine entertainer. I am ashamed to admit that I have lost touch with many good friends that I once knew. I would imagine that like me, many left the town for better job opportunities.
Posted by corby bunting at 05/01/2008 18:24
Hello Ken Thompson. Although you are a little older than me. We seem to have trod the same ground regarding pubs. If you email me on I have photos that may interest you of pub outings The Crown 1947 which includes my uncle Harry Dunwell and his wife Mary. amongst others. Also Burlington 1944 or maybe 64. I have found many Thompsons in Goole . but I wonder if you have any memory of William b. 1894 who married my aunt Florence nee Bunting after her first husband Percy Shaw died in the Great War?
Posted by corby bunting at 07/01/2008 19:36
Ken. Another photo .Hull 1948 Signing on the SS Coulgorm for Aussie. You 17.5 Desmond Darragh 17.5 & Tommy Dunwell 16. get in touch
Posted by Christine Rickards at 07/01/2008 23:05
Seeing the name LeVogier this evening brought back memories of Maurice who I was at school with me for a time. He would have been born in 1938/9 and I think his mother was a Cawkwell. I'm unable to remember if it was at Alexandra Street School or the Grammar School. I wonder if Maurice was a relative of yours Geoff? My maiden name was Townsley and I grew up in Alexandra Street
Posted by Geoff LeVoguer at 13/01/2008 13:36
Hello Christine Richards.
I have three brothers, Lawrence born in 1933, Maurice, born 1939, Philip born 1947. (Our maternal grandparents were Cawkwells.) Lawrence and Maurice attended Alexandra St. School then Goole Grammar School. Lawrence is retired and living in Thorne, Maurice is retired and lives in Doncaster with his wife Veronica,(nee Stubley.) Philip still lives in Goole.
Posted by liammoiser at 18/01/2008 14:29
i want to know if any one know rawcliffe bridge
Posted by Graham Ward at 28/01/2008 00:46
Was born in Goole, I think it was Southeren Street. Is this spelling right as I have Sat Nav now and would love to drive past......
Posted by Stuart (Webmaster) at 28/01/2008 11:05
The spelling is Sotheron Street - DN14 5EY - between Carlisle Street and Victoria Street
Posted by Shaun Muzzy at 29/01/2008 22:17
I met a gal named Diane Smith who was in Goole and we chatted a bit on line. She was an awesome lady.. miss her friendship. Anyone know her, I would love to hear from her again. The Guy from North Idaho......
Posted by paul b at 30/01/2008 23:03
i love the goolies there better than the scousers. i wanna live down there but cant. im a wannabe goolien
Posted by phillip at 31/01/2008 06:57
Geoff I lived in Goole until 1960 re-your brother married to Veronica Stubley I used to have a girlfriend Mary stubley who I believe married and now (or did) live over here in the states.I still visit Goole once a year but cant see me returning permantly
Posted by corby bunting at 31/01/2008 09:23
Mary Stubley. Theres a name that brings back many memories. She worked at Tippings newsagents and we were very good friends. I often wonder what became of her.
Posted by Mikey at 31/01/2008 11:23
I have a modern Jive dance company called Dance Dedication and I have brought this to Goole every Monday and Thursday night. We have a lot of locals turning up to have fun, socialise and get fit without even realising it.. ! I would love to see more people enjoying the dancing and creating more community relations as a result of this. Hope to see some of you there.
Please check the website for full details if you are interested or know of anyone who might be.

Posted by Geoff LeVoguer at 31/01/2008 13:26
Phillip, vaguely remember Mary Stubley. She married and went to the States to live. Seem to recall something about dry cleaning businesses and Los Angeles but can't be certain. They had a brother called Mike who may still live in Goole or Hook.
Posted by ginaroo at 02/02/2008 12:43
my boss mike is the best in the entire world (royal hotel)
Posted by corby bunting at 03/02/2008 18:53
I read these pages and its like going back in time. Almost 70 years in fact when I first attended Alexandra St. schoolWhen my class mates Lawrence Levoguer, Frank Depledge, Alan Dixon,Eric Holt, Geoff McGrath. I see their faces when I read articles written by possible siblings or children. This is an excellent website.
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Posted by geoff depledge at 08/02/2008 17:24
Corby can you tell me anything about Frank Depledge, he will certainly be related to me but I do not have any info on him. The only Frank I currently have was Frank Sherburn Depledge b1899 but I have no further details on him. He could I suppose be the father of the Frank you went to school with.
Posted by corby bunting at 08/02/2008 20:38
HI Geoff. I was assuming Frank was related to you. I did not think there could be many Depledges. All I know about Frank is that he was always around in the clique that I was with. John Appleyard, Los. Levoguer,Eric(Baggy) Holt,Barry Teal,Ronny Mell, Eddie Binnington and Alan Dixon. We were all in the same class. I cannot say where Frank lived.
Posted by Dorothy margrave at 11/02/2008 15:28
Hi there to anyone who remembers me .I lived in Rawcliffe and Goole before moving to Wakefield over 30 years ago.I went to Rawcliffe school and passed a scholarship to Goole Grammar in 1950.I also danced at Vera Skeltons school.I am still dancing today.If anyone remembers me please get in touch.It would be nice to hear from you.
Posted by brian sunderland at 17/02/2008 12:52
frank depledge is still alive and kicking he lives in immingham lincolnshire
Posted by geoff depledge at 17/02/2008 16:12
Brian, thats good news re Frank Depledge but I would like to get information about him, his mum & dad , wife etc to add them to the Depledge family tree any chance of your letting him know so that I can contact him.
Posted by steve baxter at 17/02/2008 22:20
Now live in Spain but still like to visit Goole. I left in 1994. still needs to change but so does a lot of other places. Old Goole Club is the best venue for social visits.
Posted by Andy at 27/02/2008 01:48
Posted by Harold Tabiner at 27/02/2008 22:27
Hello All
This is the first post I have made on the 'Goole on the Web' site but I have kept an eye on it for quite a long time as I was born in Morley Street Old Goole during 1956.
I will mention some of the connections that have come up if you know what I meen but you will have to fill in the rest because of time.
Andy - the Earth quake rocked our house and many people were out in the street, ( I now live in Hull).
I remember the mother and toddler group at the parish church organised by Moira Leach and building them a play house when my two sons were young and attended the same with their mum.
I remember a ' Dutch' coaster blocking the river Don near Fisons with it's bows on one bank and it's stern on the the other.
Tom Puddings sinking near the middle bridge? on Bridge Street.
My granmother ( Lotti 'Charlott' Smith) organising trips to Skeggness using Bens Buses?? from Old Goole, I do not remember clearly can anybody help.
I remember watching the many launches of boats from the boat yard in Old Goole, especially the stearn trawlers.
But most of all I remember the Ballroom (Modern and Latin also Disco) Dancers of Goole who along with my sons (Jonathan and Russell) traveled the country along with their dance school and parents promoting Goole.
We had a great time.
All the best Harry
Posted by codger at 29/02/2008 22:29
Benny Sketcher buses were from Swinefleet as were advance buses n pidgeon sykes etc
Posted by Christine Rickards at 01/03/2008 18:28
Does anyone remember the Goole Brass Band or have relatives who played in it? I am trying to find out if anyone remembers Aaron Dales who I am pretty sure played in the band before 1950. Are there any photographs around anywhere?
Posted by sue watson nee collins at 02/03/2008 22:22
i was born in 1952 i have 1 sister ,maureen. we lived in woodland ave, our mums name was olive,our dads name was mick.Lou &ida taylor were my grandparents,clarice lumley,ida jackson,phyllis bottomley were my aunties they were a great familyunit. Iplayed with phyllis and carol jackson, and my cousins,judith,carol,&viv&sandra.We would all condregate at my nannas house on a sat afternoon &squeeze into the small kitchen where we would all enjoy putting the world to rights.Such happy days!
Posted by Ed Pollard at 04/03/2008 20:25
Hi Sue, I lived next door to Ida & Lou Taylor on Mount Plesant rd I remember your Mum, Clarice,Phillis Ida & Albert. I read an artical in the Goole Times about Albert I was able to get his phone number in Whiting NJ , my wife & I went down to see him had lunch together and a good long natter unfortunatly he passed away before we could meet again. Small World.
Posted by Jill Newsome nee Doubtfire at 14/03/2008 15:10
Been alerted to your page but not very computer literate! I think Charles Doubtfire was my Great grandfather too. I have pictures of my grandad Henry Doubtfire outside the station hotel with the ice cream cart in about 1945 and one of him as a younger man beside a market cross, possibly in goole - will ask my dad - Gordon Doubtfire and get back. I have two uncles still living - one in Goole who may be able to help too - Ron and Morris. some of family now in Canada. Doubtfires is no longer Doubtfires but still carries the name.
Posted by jennifer at 18/03/2008 21:14
Goole is so GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Clive Wood at 19/03/2008 09:33
My name is Clive Wood and while i did not come from Goole I shipped out of there for about 5years in the late 50s early 60s.I now live in Perth WA.
I was wondering if you knew a girle named Mavis Morton who lived with her parents in a house alongside one of the locks on Goole docks.I used to go out with her and I have always wondered what became of her.
Clive Wood.
Posted by Gary MASTERMAN at 26/03/2008 19:53
Hi Sue Watson nee Collins (2/3/08). I was born in 1952 as well and lived in Woodland Avenue, and I remember you and Maureen. I was playing cricket with Steve Foster near a garage between yours and his place when one of us, I don't rememeber who now, "slogged" the ball and it knocked the ice- cream out of your hand. If it was Steve he probably did it on purpose. I remember Maureen telling us about an episode of Perry Mason. The one where he lost his case. The things one remembers, eh!
Say Hello to Joe. I named my son after him.
Posted by Tony Duckels at 01/04/2008 11:31
Reply to ruth ashman:
Ihave traced a William Duckels christened on 14-03-1834 at Swinefleet.He is the the brother of John Clark Duckels born to John and Jemima. Is there a connection?
Posted by private at 05/04/2008 15:20
Karate Club monday evening 8pm till 10pm, little rascals traning area first avenue

adults and youths

children aged 7years upwards welcome
Posted by Rod Lumley at 10/04/2008 17:41
JOHN WARD were you my goalkeeper in the Boothferry Road team that won the Short Cup in 1963? Love to hear from you as I am at present in contact with Steve Harvey who is now in Canada.
ARTHUR KENDALL spent months trying to contact you for our 50 years on reunion in 2000. Where are you? We were in the same class at GGS.
I went to Boothferry Rd School as a child 1944-50 then to GGS 1950-57 -did a term teaching PE in 1958 when Peter (Sticky) Glew left. I also taught at Boothferry Rd 1960-64 & played rugby for the Old Boys.
Great memories of Goole - great place to grow up in.
Love to hear from anyone I knew.

I recognise lots of names on this site
Posted by Monty Lowther at 10/04/2008 18:41
Hi all,

Does anyone remember Herbert Lowther from Eastrington who used to sail (as bo'sun I believe) on the Seaford and Beeding collier ships. He was occassionally accompanied by his wife Doris on the trips from Goole down to the south coast, or over to Dieppe.

I have a picture of the Beeding but none of the Seaford, can anyone oblige ?


Posted by Ed Pollard at 12/04/2008 13:07
there's a few pictures of the Seaford on this site Ed
Posted by Steve and Judy Foster at 13/04/2008 18:28
This is the first time we have looked at Goole on the Web and find it really interesting. We were delighted to read from Gary Masterman, and Sue Watson,who Steve remembers playing cricket with between the garages and the ice-cream incident. Steve recalls very good times playing in the fields and trees,where the hospital is now. Gary Masterman, David Jackson, Phylis and Carol Jackson, Sue Collins and Maureen, Martin Howard. Steve believe it or not is still playing cricket for Goole Town. Its a shame walking down Woodland Ave now. Some of the houses, especially Steve's old house are in a real mess. Happy days remembered though.
Posted by Rod Lumley at 16/04/2008 17:48
Hi Geoff. I went to GGS with your brother Maurice. We were great friends. We were in the B class but both did, & hated, Latin. In order to not have to sit our 'O' levels, we had a competition to see who could get the lowest mark in the mock exams. I believe I won with 4%.
I tried to get him to our reunion in 2000 but failed. Give him my regards if you speak with him.

Rod Lumley (lumley.rod& uk
Posted by Geoff LeVoguer at 20/04/2008 13:34
Thanks Rod; will do.
Posted by dennis green at 21/04/2008 19:32
nice to see you are on the goole web site Steve and Judy, hope you have many happy times reading the messages. Goole luck in the forthcoming cricket season Steve.
Posted by Hamish at 22/04/2008 00:46
Sailed on both the Beeding and the Seaford, but must have been before your brothers time ,as the bo'sun on the Seaford was an old salt from Stornaway, and the Bo'sun on the Beeding was a guy by the name of Bill Johnson from Shoreham, he had been on her since her first trip, there' s a couple of good pictures of them both on the site-shipsnostalgia good luck H
Posted by corby bunting at 22/04/2008 10:00
To Steve and Judy Foster. I may be talking to the wrong people. But if your parents are June and Dennis, I believe we have met . At their home in Airmyn. We have a common interest in Koi. Were looking forward to dropping in as usual. The next time were up.If you are not these people. Welcome to the site anyway.
Posted by Ian Blee at 22/04/2008 19:35
to Geoff LeVoguer Hi Geoff remember doing some plumbing for me in 1967
Posted by Jackie Jeffery at 25/04/2008 16:54
Cain Squire one of my ancestors died when a crane fell on him at Goole Docks in 1855, he was a mate on the "Ann" of Dewsbury. I'm trying to find out more about him and his life on the "Ann".
Anyone with any information email me please on
Posted by corby bunting at 26/04/2008 17:14
Throughout the history of Goole we read of the efficiency of the Tom Pudding and hoist system for the loading of ships.But very little about the real heroes in this story. The Coal Trimmers .Ask the average man in the street and he would not begin to know what a coal trimmer is. A coal trimmer does what a miner does in reverse. In the old days given a handful of Tallow candles to go beneath the deck and shovel coal into voids so ensuring the ship has a safe voyage with no threat of cargo movement. After a shift,coughing up coal dust long afterwards, Like the miners.My grandfather James Arthur Bunting had two good friends in his brother in law Charlie Shipley and William "Tash" Spencely, The latter took over the young family of my grandfather when he died at the age of 44. My father and many more young men continued in this thankless job often taking home the residue of coaldust. Within and without. Things became easier with the so called "Self Trimmer" design of ship. But the job still needed the personal touch. I take my hat off to these unsung heroes.
Posted by Geoff LeVoguer at 26/04/2008 18:28
For Ian Blee
Hi Ian, I remember you well. I recall the times when we were among a group of singles wandering round the Peacock, The Royal and Charlie Hailstone's Tavern.
Posted by ian blee at 27/04/2008 17:49
to Geoff LeVoguer, happy days those Geoff.i am single again unfortunately cally died 1998. Now go into Doncaster for a drink
Posted by Geoff LeVoguer at 28/04/2008 09:13
To Ian Blee
So sorry to hear that Ian; Cally was such a lovely lady. If you,d like to chat further I'm at
Posted by steph mclaughlin at 28/04/2008 17:39
Hi to ken thompson ,just wondered if you knew any of my mothers family she was originally from richard cooper st.there was ivy, jose,mary,bert and bill marshall.they are all dead now so unfortunately no one left to give me the years they were grandmother was anne who re-married and went to live in whitgift
Posted by Gary Masterman at 29/04/2008 00:33
Hi to Steve and Judy Foster. Delighted to hear from you too. Steve would often comment to the other kids that I bowled like Freddie Trueman; a real compliment coming from Steve. Steve was a good footballer, too. I remember that 0-0 Hull City friendly at the Pleasure Grounds in about 1967-68 when Hull was camped in the Goole half for 89 minutes. Steve would have broken away on the right wing and possibly scored a winner if their full back hadn't have rugby tackled him. No red cards in those days. Ran into Raggy Raywood last year, in Melbourne for the cricket. We had a great night of reminicences at Brian (Conk) Carter's place. I think Raggy enjoyed that more than the cricket. PS:Graham Skinner has my email address.
Posted by Stuart (Webmaster) at 06/05/2008 23:59
Most of the postcards on this site now link to a web-exhibition which shows further details. (Click on a postcard to open the details in a new window).
Posted by Robert Ward at 07/05/2008 11:31
Stuart - the postcard links are superb, especially the high resolution button.
Posted by sue&joe watson at 25/05/2008 21:10
great to hear from gary masterman. me and my sister maureen remember great days playing out with you ,steve foster,phyllis&carol jackson,roy kitchen. joe says he remembers gary as a bloody good lad,and remembers gary hitting headmaster mr pattison when he tried caning him.joe still laughs at garys antics.hope aussie treats you well!
Posted by sue watson nee collins at 25/05/2008 21:28
to heidstra,s down under.I remember your mum dot heidstra,from when me and my mum olive collins worked with her at fine fare supermarket, mum died 2 years ago,we heard dot had died and was sorry.i remember her for being a hard worker and lovely and friendly.regards from sue watson nee collins
Posted by Mike Medden at 31/05/2008 07:34
I moved to Goole 20 years ago from London and I have both good and bad memories. Unfortunately Goole is not the place it was or could be, crime and drug abuse is on the increase and Humberside Police do nothing to combat the growing crime statistics or deal with the Gooligans. It's about time the Chief Constable resigned and we got someone in place who was capable of policing the area properly.

EYCC and the town councils continue to increase our taxes and then proceed to waste our hard earned money. The condition and maintenance of the roads and pavements is a joke and the services they supply are fourth rate.

Finally Tescos Stores are another major problem in Goole as they are destroying the majority of small local traders & businesses and they do not give a damn who they tread on to make money. The streets are littered with Tesco shopping trolleys, many of which are simply dumped in people's gardens and alleyways and despite numerous complaints they do nothing... Let's hope that Morrison's or Asda come to Goole very soon and they give Tesco's the bloody nose they deserve.

Apart for that Goole is great !!!
Posted by corby bunting at 03/06/2008 14:24
Hi Mike. I know and agree with all the remarks you are making are true. My wife and I left Goole over 50 years ago and coming up to my retirement 9 years ago we did toy with the idea of returning. The reason was based on memories. Memories we had of friends and places in and around Goole. Some of the friends have short memories and now only live for today. The places I enjoyed are gone. Wezzaks in my childhood. The Baths dancehall. The hustle and bustle of a once busy port and shipbuilding yard are no more. But returning to your remarks, I now live close to Southampton Water which comes under the New Forest District Council. With which we have the same problems as you . Also the police seem only interested in punishing motorists. So I live in an idylic spot you may think but we all have to face exactly the same problems you mentioned. But I also agree in your final remark. Goole IS Great !!!
Posted by Janet Hanley at 05/06/2008 20:53
I am looking for Marie Benson who had put an ad in goole times looking for the Hanley family with daughter Janet Hanley for who Jeff Anderson was looking for . I am Janet Hanley who found a piece of paper she had for a long time and now looking for help to find him.
Posted by Dave Christopher at 09/06/2008 20:51
Salt, Pepper, Gherkins and 'Gooleyes'

This site is a fine and fun piece of work, informative, educational and nostalgic. For me, the photos really bring back memories of riverbank rides, Hook Gala, old-time dancing lessons at GGS, 'games' on a bleak and windswept Western Road, the annual cross-country school run, the G and D, buying my first pint in the Buchanan at 14, as it will for many who grew up there in the seventies.

But were we really all so mad and happy in those days or was it just a myth? Time plays funny tricks, suppressing bad memories and exaggerating the good.

Take the town itself for instance - it was never beautiful, but was it really as ugly then as it is now? Maybe it's my imagination, but looking through the photos here what it so desperately needs is 'regeneration', as the term has it. Gateshead, a town which at one time wasn't so different to Goole, being northern, a port and in similar need of renewal, seems to have benefited enormously from lottery money and gained a series of stylish architectural projects. So why doesn't the council persuade Foster, Rogers, Alsop and co. to come up and do the same to Goole?

Just imagine - a Gherkin-style office block and shopping centre next to the salt and pepper pots, Hudson's Mill rebuilt and restored, turned into a fancy art gallery, reached by a chic new footbridge over the Aire. Docklands and Shuffleton could become the bohemian quarter, full of stylish converted warehouse apartments, indie clubs and cinemas, while the banks, bars, boutiques and restaurants would fight to attract the wealthy punters blowing in from the M62.

What price the Victoria Pleasure Grounds transformed into a vast indoor multisports / concert arena, and while we're about it, let's bring in a docklands light railway, or even an underground system to connect it all up - with a prize for the best provisional route map... And who needs an Angel of the North, let's have a big wheel - and call it the 'Gooleye' - down by the riverside!

Oh, dreamland! But seriously, here is a town desperately in need of some proper regeneration in the form of attractive urban architecture to lift the spirits and please the eye. The real strength of the town is its people; we surely deserve better than the town's planners and architects have bequeathed us.
Posted by Stuart (Webmaster) at 09/06/2008 22:31
Has anything happened in the last 75 years in Goole? If so, please use the 'Goole Charter' link on the left
Posted by corby bunting at 15/06/2008 19:43
I have just returned from one of my many visits to Goole my home town. The town I remember as a child was always a place to be proud of. The immaculate parks with their well kept gardens were a feature I remember well and also the cemetery. How things have changed. Two years ago my wife and I visited the cemetery and discovered mass vandalism had taken place. Not as you may think by hooligans but council workers who had dismantled many graves Piling all the stones in a heap in the centre. Some I agree were becoming to lean at a dangerous angle. So needed attention. But my parents grave was of a low profile design and would never have caused injury. I was allowed to enter the cemetery with my car and equipment to do the neccessary repair. But whilst working there I had noticed the large ammount of Elder bushes growing out of the gutters of the chapel. I asked for a ladder for me to remove all this offensive shrubbery from this historic monument which welcomed visitors to a once beautifully kept place. My offer was declined and I was told it would be dealt with. I did hear much later the work was carried out . But last week I noticed there is Ash, Birch and Elder growing out of the steeple. I did not ask for a ladder this time
Posted by Robert Ward at 21/06/2008 12:19
That's a handsome group of fellows in the Goole Times this week, pictured at the Waterways Museum.
Posted by corby bunting at 21/06/2008 18:22
Hi Robert, I agree. Although I have not seen it yet
Posted by corby bunting at 22/06/2008 19:23
I have an appology to make to Gail and her partner. Regarding my outburst on the state of the parks and cemetery.Apparently I was well out of order. As these two people alone care for all of these areas. A mammoth task. I remember Gail has been very helpful when I repaired my parents grave.and I was not aware of all the facts when I penned my comments. I am very sorry Gail I know you are doing your best.
Posted by helen at 23/06/2008 23:18
hi, have posted this request on the docks page, although helpful replies still dont know the answer. can anyone tell me which dock was known as germany dock, have been sent a postcard of it but cant work out where it was.
Posted by DARREN SMITH at 02/07/2008 15:03
Goole Gift Campaign For Hero’s
A brief introduction

We have at the present over 15,000 British Servicemen & women serving in both Iraq & Afghanistan, unfortunately since hostilities started we has lost over 180 lives and this number is on the increase almost weekly.

Whether you agree with the deployment of troops to these two locations or not the fact of the matter is our troops serve out there without complaint with bravery and with a loyalty that is second to none.

We have the right to openly question the reason they are there and everything else about our country for that matter due mainly to fact that we have men & women like this who are willing to risk their very lives on a daily basis so we can live in a democratic society and sleep safely in our beds.

The conditions they are living in on the front lines has been likened to that of the First World War, with only essential supplies been issued to them.

The Goole Gift Campaign For Hero’s was originally formed in September 2007 as the Christmas Fit For Hero’s with an aim to send out small parcels to the troops filled with ‘home comforts’ such as toothpaste, sweets, coffee & books etc, items we take for granted but for the troops out there are impossible to get, along with messages of support. We managed to send hundreds of these boxes out and after a few weeks we were lucky enough to receive a few letters from the frontlines. It was then we realized how important these parcels were to the morale of our troops, so it was decided to carry on the campaign under the new name of the Goole Gift Campaign For Hero’s until the last member of our forces is out of these two god forsaken places.

Although the campaign is named the Goole Gift Campaign For Hero’s it is certainly not a local charity, we have troops from every part of the United Kingdom serving out there and we can almost guarantee you either know someone serving or know of someone serving out there.

We were lucky enough to get the support of many famous people and were honored in March 2008 when England Rugby Star Jamie Noon agreed to become Patron of the campaign and in June we were again honored when Lord Manton (The 4th Baron of Manton) agreed to be the campaigns second Patron.

As stated earlier we have over 15,000 troops out there and we fully intend to ensure every one of them receives a parcel from the campaign before 2009, and with your help we will do it.

Like us please be proud to support your troops!

Posted by Priscilla Laybolt (nee Shadwell) at 08/07/2008 11:41
I used to live and spent my entire school life in Goole. I now live in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. I was Priscilla Shadwell and am now Priscilla Laybolt. I lived there from 1929 to 1946. I would love to hear from someone from Goole. My last address was 52 Burlington Crescent, on the corner of Carlisle Street.

I would welcome any letters from anyone interested in writing.
I miss the walks on the top of the bank by the river.
Posted by TONY LUMLEY at 24/07/2008 21:54
Hi I used to live in Goole with my dad Steve and his mrs Libby most people know them both. When I was there I thought it was a lovely place to be a lot better than this place I moved to (Mansfield) this place is s*** Anyway would like to know if anyone could tell me how to get the issue of Goole Times where I was on the front page. I was only 18 months old when I slipped and fell on a knitting needle. I think my mum had taken me round to her friends house on the street where the Steam Packet pub is. That is all I know about it so if anybody can help me I would be really greatful thanks

Tony Lumley
Posted by jayne at 31/07/2008 23:16
hi,i wonder if any one can help me im looking for information or old fotos of the mariners arms on south st in old goole please get in touch if you have any memories thankyou
Posted by Ashley Barras at 23/08/2008 01:05
Born and bred in Goole. Born in 1968 lived in Goole until 1984 when moved to London. Currently living in Roehampton SW London. Went to Bartholomew and Goole Grammar but have lost contact with old mates over the years if anyone remembers me please say hello. Still visit Goole a couple of times a year to visit family. Really enjoy the site it brings back many happy memories.
Posted by john howard at 31/08/2008 21:32
i lived old goole duckell,s buildings at side of dutch river bridge opposite old storage tanks does anyone remember it. im looking for any old photographs from 1959 would love some of my father albert howard nickname yarbo if anyone has any i would love a copy also any photos of my mother who worked at old goole club for a while glass collecting we were a well known family but sadly i have not got any photographs as my sister had them but she died and every thing was thrown away including all photos before i got chance to retrieve them many thanks an old goolie x
Posted by john howard at 31/08/2008 21:39
hi jayne i used to use bottom house regular in 1977 upto it closing had may good night too glad brian has reopened it one of my old mates will be popping from hull soon for a visit and will pop in good luck and nice to here its open again xx
Posted by Annomous Goole Person at 06/09/2008 22:22
Goole need more features and better things to do. Even Howden known to be better then us.
Posted by Jack Newton at 18/09/2008 16:12
I was born at 42 Richard Cooper Street my parents were Albert and Olive Newton. My grandparents Maltus and Rose Hilda Gill lived at number 66.

We left Goole in 1942 to live in Grimsby.
Posted by elaine c acaster at 19/09/2008 00:14
hi, john howard,think i went to school with your sister kathleen, i remember where you lived,hard times in those days,i think your sister and her husband had an allotment behind my nephews house in elsie st, but i may be wrong,i left goole two years ago but it still pulls at my heart,i go home often as i can cos i just love the town,but it could be better,once a goolie always a goolie.
Posted by H allen at 24/09/2008 08:43
Hi anyone thats interested

I was born in goole and moved away and then always returned. I have been here 9years now and have frequanted the bottem house
now known as the first and last, nice place. I went to boothferry road school, modern school. Goole hasnt really changed over the years its still behind other towns
Posted by L Maddison at 27/09/2008 09:08
Hi, long time reader but first time poster. Just want to say what a terrible shame it is about the Nw Bridge pub being pulled down.
Posted by brian sunderland at 05/10/2008 15:16
re-jack newton.--my father in law william charles newton known as ,taggy, and your father were brothers they were brought up in cottingham street old goole with brothers jack,and harold and three sisters
Posted by jayne feasby at 16/10/2008 21:34
just discovered this site, its great! calling all goolies, did u start goole grammar school in sept 1968 or 1969? if you did then a reunion is taking place at the vikings on sat 14th march 2009. this is being organised by wreaksie and fling, please get in touch!
Posted by david watson at 22/10/2008 17:28
Just wondered if anybody can recommend a pub that does good food, i will be visiting this sunday. Great website.
Posted by elaine at 22/10/2008 23:36
hi try the vikings good pub,good food,enjoy.
Posted by david watson at 24/10/2008 18:58
Thanks Elaine, i will try that place.
Posted by Bob Calder at 27/10/2008 19:38
Hello, perhaps a long shot but I am trying to trace John Thomas Addy who attended Goole Grammar School in the 1960's.

Recently I have got back in touch with Stuart Stevens and Stuart Holt, school and then drinking friends from that period and we would all love to now find John who was one of our group. In those days I was known as Stewart rather than Bob.

It is many years since I have had any contact with John and it would be very much appreciated if anybody has any knowledge of his whereabouts; I believe it one time he was living in Ireland, possibly in the Dublin area.


Bob (Stewart) Calder
Posted by PAUL CAMPSELL at 30/10/2008 21:39
Bob Calder.
If you are trying to trace John Addy, son of Bert and Ethel Addy,
he left Goole may years ago for Irish Republic and worked there for many years after marrying an Irish girl. Believe he may still be there. If I see any of his old mates I will ask if they know of his whereabouts and come back to you.
Posted by Stuart Holt at 03/11/2008 11:15
Thanks for that Paul, what were the three Stuarts in the 60s would be grateful if your friends could come up with something.

Best wishes,

Stuart (Holt)
Posted by Bob Calder at 03/11/2008 19:31
To echo Stuart Holt, thanks for your thoughts on John, all ideas very much appreciated.


Bob Calder
Posted by PAUL CAMPSELL at 04/11/2008 00:26
Bob Calder:
Latest info is that John is presently in Australia for daughters wedding. Expected to return mid-November. If I can get contact details will pass to you.

Posted by Stuart Holt at 05/11/2008 09:49

Many thanks for your assistance. If you could secure some sort of contact details that would be great.

I will, of course, post a message here if my own enquiries bear fruition.


Stuart (H)
Posted by Harold Dummer at 10/11/2008 13:43
I would like to thank the many people who replied to my request regarding the crash of Halifax L V 825 G at Rawcliffe on the 17 6 44 this also includes Janet of The Goole Courier once again Many Thanks
Posted by jayne at 17/11/2008 12:31
thanks for your response john howard i will tell bri, it will be nice for me to put a face to your name, so pop in bottom house old goole next time your visiting town, we also do meals an snacks now so anyone who fancys a change pop down, always nice to see new faces ! an to any soul and northern soul fans out there we hold these nights every 1st sat in month ,next one 6th dec
Posted by Stuart (Webmaster) at 18/11/2008 23:54
Several people have asked for the location of Duckell's buildings and Couper Street in Old Goole. There's a new page, Reader's Answers, in the Feedback section which should provide a definitive answer
Posted by corby bunting at 25/11/2008 10:28
The day the bombs dropped on Goole is always a topic of conversation to the many people who witnessed it. My memory was of playing on the waste ground which was to become the fairground in Stanley St. Hearing the different sound of an aircraft above,looking up I saw through the low cloud the aircraft and four objects parting company from it. It was so high up if I had raised my hand I am sure it would have covered this aircraft. My Brother who was on leave from the navy dashed out, carrying me indoors then throwing me under the stairs. Many people have told of there whereabouts that day. Most are similar to my memories. But recently listening to a conversation between two men of a similar age to me. One recalled seeing the pilot grinning as he flew over and the other agreed recalling seeing his teeth. To me accounts like this should not happen. These men are messing with history. Like a well known Goole historian made a statement where in fact he got Dunkirk and D day mixed up. When approached on this error, is reply was simply, " I must have got it wrong" It all boils down to listening to newspapers and politicians. Who do we believe?
Posted by Bob Calder at 25/11/2008 17:06
Hi. Two things. Firstly the letter regarding "The Bottom House". Can somebody remind me what it's proper name is? I used to drink in there in the mid to late 60's when my parents were tenants of "The Top House" ( The Cape of Good Hope).

Secondly, looking at the map which shows Couper Street in Old Goole I wondered if a similar large scale map might show "The Cape of Good Hope" which was on the corner of Bridge and Doyle Streets. A copy of this would add interest to my family history database. I know that "The Cape" was demolished quite a few years ago with just a low wall still on the site.

Many thanks.

Bob Calder
Posted by ANDY THOMPSON at 29/11/2008 14:02
Does anybody have any pictures of a house in Goole called "the poplars"? My father Alan Thompson grew up there in the 1920's and it would be nice to see some photos of the place.
Posted by corby bunting at 01/12/2008 13:34
I remember a house on Hook Rd. called, 'The Poplars' because of the row of these trees along the back fence. The house was somewhere betwen East Park Bowling Green and the Bandstand.I seem to recolect also that it maybe the only house along there which had a lift installed. As a a child I could not resist the fine crop of Gooseberries which grew along the rear of the property and finished up tearing my brand new pants on the three rows of barbed wire which surmounted the high chainlink fence. Boy, was I in trouble that day
Posted by Nathaniel at 04/12/2008 10:58
I've lived in Goole all my life and, in geography we have been researching Goole and its facilities. Some interesting facts about Goole are Goole has the only working coal host in the town and the town's water tower is the biggest in England... inpressive is it not. This is the best town ever... i wouldn't live anywhere else!!!!!
age 11
East Yorkshire
Posted by George Robinson at 05/12/2008 12:55
C. Appleyard.

Does anyone have details of this gentleman who was a producer of postcards of local shipping in the early 1900's, Charlie Hill has quite a few in his extensive collection.

A friend has come up with this, could it be the right man?

"Was it Charles Appleyard who was born in Hull in 1846 and who, in 1901, lived at 15 Gladstone Terrace, Goole. On the census return he is described as a Painter & Tobacconist!"
Posted by George Robinson at 07/12/2008 15:55
More on C. Appleyard

"I've been doing more research on Charles Appleyard, the Tobacconist. He was born in Hull on 6 March 1846, Married Sarah Ann Fillingham at Goole in 1871 and died in Goole on 19 February 1924, aged 77. His wife's father was William Fillingham, a Customs Examining Officer in Goole, born in Chatham in 1825."

Can anyone confirm that this was the shipping postcard publisher?
Posted by Stuart Holt at 09/12/2008 08:58
FAO Paul Campsell

Many thanks for securing John Addy's phone number (e-mailed to me by the Webmaster), it is much appreciated.
As an aside, I remember your name but cannot remember your place of work (back in the 60s). Was it IFA or Lep?
Best Wishes
Posted by PAUL CAMPSELL at 10/12/2008 10:09
FAO: Stuart Holt.

Well Stuart you've got it spot on with IFA(later Humber Forwading). Worked there 1962-76. Can't place you though?

Posted by PammyD at 11/12/2008 14:06
I lived in Goole for a short while in the late 60's. You know what it's like when you get older, you wonder how people have got on over the years.
I am looking for information on someone that I knew back then, his name is Geoff Grainger, he used to live on Jefferson Street, he had 2 little girls, I should think they will be in their forties now.
Posted by Stuart Holt at 11/12/2008 17:29
FAO: Paul Campsell

I moved to Holland Steamship Co (from Bennetts) when they opened in Goole along with John Addie, David Bingham & Trevor Matthews. One of your colleagues (Danny???) also moved there from IFA.

Hope this helps to refresh the brain !!!

Posted by Stuart Holt at 11/12/2008 17:32
FAO: Paul Campsell

Well, Bob (Stewart) Calder has phoned John Addie now and we have his e-mail address.

We (3) are in the process of sending him mails updating him on the last 40 years or so and are eagerly awaiting his response.

Posted by geoff green at 11/12/2008 21:58
I am looking for any information about my Grandfather - George Edward Lea who was at one time Harbourmaster - also a member of the Aire and Calder Lodge (Freemasons). He was a merchant seaman all his life. He was a Steward of the Guild of Trinity House,Hull 1928/9. He died 14/05/1939. I understand. allegedly, that he was awarded the O.B.E. but have no information to confirm this - has anyone out there any information?
Posted by elaine at 12/12/2008 22:30
hi john howard, have found a school class pic, ur sister kathleen is on it,if u get in touch on here i will send u it,regards elaine
Posted by corby bunting at 15/12/2008 09:38
As a constant visitor to this website I would now like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and Very Happy New Year. Particularly Stuart, for due to his hard work in setting up this focal point for like minded people to visit.In like minded, I mean true lovers of Goole and its people. I feel Goole on the Web is the best thing that has happened to Goole in a long time. Well done Stuart.
Posted by Stuart (Webmaster) at 24/12/2008 21:19
A Merry Christmas to all the contributors to the site. Look forward to more memories in 2009!
Posted by brian sunderland at 29/12/2008 21:12
f.a.o. bob calder
the correct name for the bottom house was the mariners arms.
the middle house was the dock tavern.----the top house was the cape of good hope.---- and the correct name for melodies was the railway tavern
Posted by mick walker at 29/12/2008 21:38
I always thought the Railway Tavern was "Charlie 'ailstones" on the main road, next to Burtons ?.
Posted by Rod Lumley at 31/12/2008 16:49
Don't know your age but I had an Uncle Steve (would be about 90 now), brother of my dad Fred Lumley. Uncle Steve moved first to Worksop but then lost touch with him. Any relation?
Posted by Kim White at 08/01/2009 19:36
Does any remember Sheila Murphy, she was born in Goole in 1934 and lived with her family in Jefferson Street. Her parents were Ivy & Frederick Murphy, she had 2 half sisters - Marion & Muriel Lawson and a brother Raymond Murphy. Any info gratefully recieved.
Posted by Justin Lancaster at 11/01/2009 22:30
Well, yet again Old Goole has had the filthy boots of Goole wiped all over it. I have to say bit by bit Old Goole is loosing its community and its heritage. The New Bridge was illegally destroyed to begin with and now St Mary's church has closed. I wrote a letter to the Goole Times venting my anger and disgust and in true Goole Times fashion it was altered into a nice little article that did not bear any resemblance to how I felt. Perhaps its time for an Old Goole newspaper? On one side I hate this town and its people but on the other its home and I keep coming back here. I have realised that it needs saving from itself!
Posted by sue at 26/01/2009 02:01
Hello I am a goolie born and bred although moved away when i was 25. I come on the site every so oft and have left the odd comment.
What i have noticed is that no one has mentioned the terraced houses that got knocked down but were situated across from the bookies and freezer shop. I am going back when i was in alex first school. the jackson family used to live in them back then. I have not been in the library in goole for many years but there was a mural painted on 3 large boards, i helped to paint that at st thomas center. There was a few of us and Amon Holiday was the chap in charge of getting it all started, it took weeks from start to finish, i was on the photo for the goole times when it was put up on the wall just across from the counter where you had your books stamped. Peter winton i remember you very well such a shy quiet lad, i used to live across the road near the shop on the corner. I remember joni, sally and robert too sally and robert were twins. Do you remember gina Hooginstra (sorry if i have spelt your name wrong Gina) there was the gould family, the Rook family marie and michelle dand. Those were the days of cobbled back lanes and playing on the waste land behind your house right up to the super market. old goole first school has been demolished, they are building houses on the waste land near the snicket(other end of the back lane from your house. New bridge in the middle of bridge street oh and the new bridge pub ivys and the wheatshief have all gone too. They may as well call it new goole its changing that much.
Posted by TREVOR FLETCHER at 29/01/2009 16:36
I was born in Goole,LIME TREE GARDENS,in 1944.I found your website a breath of fresh air.I now live in Manchester and believe me the people of Goole have a lot to be thankful for. The time i spent there,especially the sixties,i would not exchange for a gold nugget.I have been back on three or four occasions and the memories grow stronger each time.
Posted by a human being at 04/02/2009 15:23
people always criticise goole, and make it seem like a bad place. i have lived there since i was born and it is not such a bad place; such as other places in the country. every town has it's problems etc, so this is just a note to say leave goole alone, and make judgements once you have been there.
Posted by Bill Ligg at 04/02/2009 23:36
I was born in 1964 lived in Goole all my life and love the place so pick on some other town/city instead thanks
Posted by Ian at 08/02/2009 15:43
Ist Fab site --- I am looking for any Cretney family with a son called Danial. Any info would help
Posted by Jack Newton at 12/02/2009 23:24
Re Brian Sunderland.
Was your father my Uncle Billy with a son Kenneth and daughter Mary? Lived near Alexandra St School.
Posted by Corby Bunting at 15/02/2009 00:08
To Jack Newton . Your comment about Uncle Billy living near Alexandra St. School is ringing alarm bells for me. My grandfather Cook lived at no.3 Alexandra St. opposite the school His son my uncle Billy lived next door with his son,my cousin also Billy. This Billy had a wife and child . Billy, my cousin a driver in the army spent the duration of the war in a Japanese Consencration camp. My uncle Billy I believed finished up in Lime tree Gardens But I don't know of the other name you speak of.
Posted by brian sunderland at 17/02/2009 20:26
to jack newton
your uncle billy was my wifes father they lived at number one stanley street close to alexandra street school .
his children were kenneth known as young taggy who was a docker he is now dead---mary who married tricker hoier she is now dead---and my wife pamela who is still alive

brian sunderland
Posted by corby bunting at 18/02/2009 23:16
Brian Sunderland. Feel I must know you from the Alex. Didnt you live up Shuffleton way?I remember your wife as a child. But did not know her from the bottom end of the street. I have a photo sent to me by Pete Walker of a load of kids on a float. The Cookgirls and next to your wife is Jaquline Giles. I lived at 41.We meet up with Pete and family including Ada each time we come up. Were you not a big mate of Johny Appleyard? We also meet up with him and Janet. All this brings back many happy memories. you must be in my age group 74ish
Posted by brian sunderland at 19/02/2009 17:31
hello corby bunting
i attended boothferry road school then the modern school i lived down jefferson street and dunhill road my father was a butcher who had a shop down weatherill street with my grandfather.
my wife remembers being on a float with jaqualine giles there was also verena cook my wifes friend on the same float .
i knew johnny appleyard he worked at the shipyard same time as me i believe he is still around town.
yes i am in the same age group as you.----i do not remember you but are you related to jimmy buntng who is still knocking about town i think he had a sister jean
nice to talk about the old days and reminisce
brian sunderland
Posted by corby bunting at 19/02/2009 19:28
Hello Brian. After my last letter I realised I knew your name from I believe mutual friends in June and Denis Foster for I have heard them speak of you.I contacted Verena last year re. the amount of ex Stanley St.folk we have been able to locate through the internet. At the time she was urging her sister Dorothy to get a reunion underway.John Appleyard now lives in Nafferton. I have been in contact with Jean Bunting. Her father Jim is my cousin.
Posted by Corby Bunting at 02/03/2009 16:13
Can anyone help. I am trying to find information regarding the well known paper man "Pom". He once lived in Stanley St. with Ted ? Gina and her Aunt Em. Aunt Em being Pom's mother. This group then moved to Broadway for a number of years. Anything would be greatly appreciated
Posted by David Hunt at 14/03/2009 18:27
Hi all who read this just wandering if anyone could tell me any info on my Grandad. My mum as being trying to find him for many many years. His name Peter James he was born 1938 i think he had 2 sisters susan and ann and 1 brother michael james. his mum was jack james and mum beatrice raywood. just wanted to know if was still alive. cheers Dave
Posted by David Hunt at 14/03/2009 22:18
sorry i meant his dad was Jack James lol
Posted by Ruth Ashman at 21/03/2009 20:53
Reply to Tony Duckels: i think that my greatgrandad was william duckels b 1834 at swinefleet and brother to john b1830 and parentsjohn and jemima duckels. my grandad was albert henry duckels b1881 youngest son of william my dad was william henry b 1907 eldest son of albert. who were the parents of john b1805 ourgreat great grandad? were they thomas duckels b1781 a blacksmith in goole and mary potton b1780 ?
Posted by Bryan Avery at 22/03/2009 12:27
Hello Jill Newsome nee Doubtfire (March 2008 comment)
Hope you still visit this site?
Trying to find any link to the Doubtfires who came to Goole from London to the Doubtfires ice cream making family. Fairly sure there has to be a connection. Family tree available on Genes.
Posted by Kim White at 24/03/2009 10:35
To Ruth Ashman: I saw your post regarding the Duckles family born in Swinefleet. I'm searching my family tree and my GG Grandmother was Sarah Ann Duckles born 1924 in Swinefleet. She married William Laverack in 1844. I can't find any trace of Sarah's parents or siblings, do you know if Sarah might be related to your Duckels? Any info gratefully recieved, many thanks.
Posted by Ruth Ashman at 25/03/2009 11:50
to Kim White I dont have a Sarah Duckels but my gg grandad John Duckels had two brothers Joseph born Aug 1799 and Thomas b1802 both born at whitgift whose parents were Thomas Duckels and Mary Potton who were married May 1796 she could be a daughter of either of those?
Posted by Kim White at 27/03/2009 10:58
To Ruth Ashman: many thanks for the information Ruth. I will check it out. Best wishes, Kim
Posted by Barrie P Spink at 05/04/2009 22:52
Readin the letter posted by sue watson nee collins and Ed Pollard I lived in Wood land Avenue from 1949 till I left there in 1955 although my parents continued to live there uptill the 1980's. We lived in the old part of the street but new houses were being built at the end of the street by a local builder called Platt and Featherstone . I wonder if any of your readers remember people in the old part of the street
Barrie P Spink
Posted by Ed Pollard at 06/04/2009 23:35
Hi barrie, I remember a few people on woodland Ave, Gabriels next door,bennetts & petersons further down. across the street Eric Depledge,captain Aaron lived up towards westfield Ave. Barrie your name rings a bell. my brothes name was Warwick.
Posted by corby bunting at 08/04/2009 09:10
To Ed Pollard. Hi Ed, you possibly don't know me but I would be interested to know of your brother Warwick. Is he still around?
Posted by John Depledge at 09/04/2009 14:29
I was also a resident of Woodland Avenue in 1962/64 at no. 1.
Eric Depledge as my uncle He was married to Vera Haigh whose family, some may remember, had a decorating business in town. Oppersite lived the Colliers he also was a ships captain. His wife was a Richardson. This family had a jewellers shop in Boothferry Road. Other people I remember was the Talbot family, Bob, David and Margaret, and Betty Hall. I expect others will come to mind eventually.
Posted by Ed Pollard at 14/04/2009 01:03
Hi Corby, I'm afraid Warwick passed away in 1984 just 46 yrs old, he was captain of crofton cricket club first game of the season and died on the field. he spent 7 years at sea and came ashore and moved to Wakefield. I dont think I know you Corby but I was at school with John Appleyard & Eddie Binington. best wishes Ed.
Posted by Barrie P Spink at 20/04/2009 23:38
Reading Ed Pollards letters I think that you must have been older that me, there was a family with your surname that lived in Woodland Ave around house number 21 or 23 next to the passageway to the Square. We lived at number 9 and at number 7 Captain Aaren lived, he was a master mariner on the Railway Boats, I wonder if you had a sister and was your mum a nurse as well?
Betty Hall lived at number 13 and at number 11 lived Mrs talbot who played the piano by ear. Across the road lived Mr and Mrs Ask and at the beginning of the street the Colliers lived. George Austin who I think owned the Carlton Cinema lived opposite and he was a Radio Amateur, he was one of the people who inspired me to enter into the electronics and radio world. At number 5 Mr and Mrs Lanton lived, hey had a son and a daughter, Mavis and Freddie. At number 15 lived Mr and Mrs Clair and their son John.
Will add some further comments later.
Posted by Corby Bunting at 27/04/2009 13:38
To Ed Pollard. Hello again Ed. Sorry to hear about your brothers early death. But it was my wife (Audrey Pearce)who saw your email and said Warwick was her first boyfriend. They went to confirmation classes together. Then later on a trip to a hostel on the East coast. She said it was rocky and I guessed Filey but I may be wrong. She often wondered what became of him. We have lived in Southampton for 52 years but visit on a regular basis I have just returned from two great weeks in Goole. Where we met up with old friends who are now spread around the area. We ate with John and Janet Appleyard at Driffield. At the moment John is into serious walking and is looking well. Regards Corby
Posted by andy o' donnell at 01/05/2009 22:33
hi all
i lived on dunhill road with dennis hodgson dave woodcock dave shipley and shaun n gary whitehead carl spilman on the corner the o; roukes in seavy rd remember dunhill road rowdies lads or even worse rainbow warriers at the 5 a side thanks to gary wood .
or sorry i forgot two names glenn sherburn and phil barrett
Posted by kerry hill at 02/05/2009 19:25
hi corby my dad eric hill remembers "pom" he used to sell hull mail and the green paper outside the station or at the market.another chap harry day also did the same thing. my dad said pom used to walk funny.that is all he can recall about pom. just reading your messages from last year about photos from pub outings and ken thompson,des darragh and tommy dunwell signing on ss coulgorm. could he view the pictures if i contact you on your e-mail address
Posted by Corby Bunting at 03/05/2009 09:36
Hi Kerry. Please feel free to contact me and I will gladly send photo
Posted by Emma Laverack at 05/05/2009 13:19
A sad note to make that my uncle David James Laverack- son of Captain William Laverack and Joan Ella passed away on April 18th 2009 at the age of 60.
Thankyou to all who attended his funeral on the 1st of May
Posted by Ed Pollard at 12/05/2009 04:07
Hi Corby, small world,Warwick sailed out of Southampton on the Union Castle Line for a number of years, myself I lived in soton from 57 to 67 in portswood,Basset and Shirley I was on the Mary & Lizzy.I moved to New York in 68 been here ever since. Ed
Posted by Corby Bunting at 13/05/2009 10:00
Hi Ed. It certainly is a small world. We were married Dec. 57 and moved directly to Southampton where I was stationed at Calshot(Air/sea/rescue) with 9 months to do.We found a bedsit in Portswood with six other couples in the building. Moving in on New years Eve. The party we attended that nigt was a great ice breaker for we made many lasting friends. Audrey found work at a bespoke taylors in Six Dials. Denton, Katz. Their main customers were seamen. In those days I had many friends who were on the Mary, Lizzie,Union Castle and Banana Boats. I had worked with them ashore at my real job as Shipwright. But sadly they are now thin on the ground and we have lost touch.As you do
Posted by Corby Bunting at 14/05/2009 14:33
Hi Ed. Me again. I have just located your remarks 24/6/06. Now I am really intrigued. Can you tell me where you lived the day the bombs dropped on Goole?. My wife was in her granny Hall's house in Jackson St when all the windows caved in.did you know these people? Ted was a mariner but later worked at the shipyard. My wifes brother worked for Crappers on leaving school. but now lives down here. I feel I am now taking over too much of Stuart's space with all these questions. Please email me on.
Posted by Barrie P Spink at 23/05/2009 00:11
Looking at Corby's remarks about the bombs falling on Goole during the war our neighbour, Mr and Mrs Briggs who lived at no 7 Woodlands Avenue told me that his brother was involved in the incident and I believe that he may have been killed by the bombs. I am sure that he said that there were a stick of bombs released by the plane and not just one bomb.
Posted by Ken Morgan at 31/05/2009 20:25
Hi My names Ken Morgan and I married a girl called Gautry whose fathers ancesters immigrated to Goole from the Huguenot persecutions in 15th century France I wonder if there are still Gautry's that reside in Goole The name Gautry is derived from the Frence Gautier. my interest in finding this out is of Genoalogical for my sons
Posted by margaret audas nee hockney at 04/06/2009 21:00
Barry Spink. Not heard about you lately as Dorreen Ellis hasn't seen you. How are you managing to keep away from here?
Regards. Margaret
Posted by Corby Bunting at 04/06/2009 22:25
Hello Ken Morgan. I cannot help with your wifes ancestry. But your surname interests me in soving a mystery in my tree. I have recently discovered that my aunt Florence Vivien (nee Cook) married a Edward Morgan of Edingburgh St. in Goole in1909. I am told her first husband was a war casualty and as I am unable to find a death date for Edward he must have been that man. Do you have a Edward on your tree born about 1890ish? My aunt then married a Joseph Murphy in1920. Who died in 1929. Florence Vivien then married my Uncle Albert in1932. As far as I am aware there were no offspring from these marriages.
Posted by Ken Morgan at 06/06/2009 18:02
Hi Corby Bunting. Sorry but I can't help you in your little mystery as there isn't a Edward Morgan in my tree as far as I'm aware of from the 1800's but nice so to speak talking to you.
Posted by Corby Bunting at 07/06/2009 12:02
Hello Ken. Thankyou for answering my request. Even though it was negative.I have photo which says on the back Aunt Florrie with what looks like F.Murphy. But I now know as J. Murphy. A soldier. During the Great war she was a nurse who trained at Halifax but could have been sent anywhere. Although married in Goole to Edward Morgan and lived there also with no records on the war graves website it will remain one of many mysteries. However I wish you luck in you quest to find answers to your search
Posted by Corby Bunting at 14/06/2009 09:22
Can anyone help. I would be interested to know any thing about The Goole and district Natural History Society . founded in 1967. Does it still exist?
Posted by Barrie P Spink at 23/06/2009 21:18
To margaret audas,
Hi Margaret, I was down in Goole on 11th and 12th of June 2009 and I did call on Doreen twice but she was not in both times, perhaps I should have given you a shout at the same time.
I suspect that Doreen was probably on holiday or visiting relations.
I only get down twice a year and will probably be down again in September. Will try and Email you at the last known Email Address.
Barrie P Spink
Posted by Bryan Eastwood at 05/07/2009 20:21
Ken Morgan. Hi Ken I remember a family of Gautry's livin on Western Rd in Goole in the early fifties. I went to school with David Gautry who will be 69 if still alive, his sister Dorothy died a few years ago, there was another sister Ann who would be about 71 by now, and I believe there is another older sister who is still alive and living on Dunhill Rd in Goole
Posted by Bryan Eastwood at 05/07/2009 20:25
To Ed Pollard. Nice to know you are still around Ed, you may remember me and my brother Keith who was a mate of Warwicks right up to his death. It would be nice to know if Val was still living.
Posted by Ed Pollard at 11/07/2009 02:04
Hello bryan. yes I remember you and Keith, I'm sorry to say Val passed away christmas eve 2007 where are you living now still in Goole? My regards to Keith, Best wishes Ed Pollard
Posted by Trevor Milner at 13/07/2009 20:18
In reply to a posting on the 26/06/08 by Peter (Pedro) Dootson.
Pedro I`am really sorry for not replying as I don`t live in Goole now. Its Leeds, someone at work gave me the posting you placed, but he gave me it on the 13/07/09. I didn`t even know about this web page, but there`s an old saying:- You can take a lad out of Goole, but you can`t take Goole out of the lad. I do call through every three-four weeks to visit the cemetery. It would really nice to hear that scottish voice again and meet up.

This part is to Ian Blee & Geoff Le Voguer and all the other lads who know me keep well and in good health.
Posted by ANNON at 29/07/2009 22:04
I,d Like to know what happend to all the people who used to live in the terreced houses in goole, 50% seem to be occupied by eastern europeans these days, And when you walk down the streets all the conversations going on seem to be any thing othere than english. Did I fall asleep and wake up in a diffrent space time continuem or somthing. Were has the Goole ive known as a child gone to. Even the old picture house come bingo hall of late falls away in to the past ,before our eyes. what ever will become of the place.
Posted by Barrie P Spink at 30/07/2009 23:23
To Ed Pollard,
Hi Ed, I am sure that i knew your brother Warwick. Did you live in Woodlands avenue and did you have a younger sister too. I am sure that your mother was a district nurse but you could confirm if I am correct or is my memory playing tricks on me.
Kind regards
Posted by broadway at 31/07/2009 16:30
Annon.....your 100% correct, i dont live in goole now, but was shocked a few weeks past to walk down the st and not understand a word that was being spoken Rusian/polish/ Romania, when i was a kid the only strange accent was that of somebody from Rawcliff he he, its more like Gotham city these days than the goole of old it was never that great, BUT!!!, was far better than it is these days.. hey good thing some of the pubs are still ok.. all the old characters have left or passed onto the great goole in the sky...bloody shame..
Posted by ed pollard at 02/08/2009 12:49
Hello Barrie,yes to all your questions,I lived at 21 woodland Ave I left Goole in 57 moved to southampton then came to the States in 68 and lived in New Jersey since then. Best wishes Ed
Posted by andy o' donnell at 04/08/2009 21:13
hi just been watching the whit sunday parade vids, wot memories i used to get dragged every sunday to that shed they called a church on bridge street, old mrs barrett bless her used to take us never wanted to mind but she made you.
lived in dunhill road susan buttle used to come too if she got past the dog used to make our way there calling on the other kids with my white shirt elastic tie and my short pants he he
Posted by Fantastic Fred at 19/09/2009 12:02
Frank Sidebottom is coming to Goole!!! Friday November 27th at Vic Club! Get in!
Posted by jack newton at 03/10/2009 10:39
To Brian Sunderland

It would appear that your wife is my cousin, Uncle Billy was the brother of my father Albert.

For some reason my father always hated the name 'Taggy' and always said that he was no relation.

My family consisted of Joyce(deceased) Betty,Jack, Brian(deceased) Valerie,Barbara and Patricia. We all now live in the Grimsby Cleethorpes area.
Posted by Rod Lumley at 07/10/2009 12:21
Does anyone have any memory of or information about the old 'Allum Works', that were in Goole?
Posted by geoffrey middleton at 08/10/2009 20:43
to ken morgan ref gautrys family.
the names mentioned is my mothers side of the family there was kathleen (my mother) enid ,mary, annn, dorothy, david,
sadly kathleen , david, dorothy and enid are sadly no longer
with us but mary and ann are still living in goole . by the way the name is spelled gawtry if you need more info let me know i will try to help
Posted by Barrie P Spink at 08/10/2009 23:03
Hi Rod,
Reference the Alum Works I believe that it closed around 1953 and I just remember the big chimney being demolished. It was located next to the docks and near to the water tower.
I believe that they made powdered alum and rock alum. It was handy to know some one who worked there as he could supply you with a drop of either powdered alum or the rock alum. The powdered alum was used to treat mouth ulcers by rubbing it into the affected area and the rock alum was used to stop the bleeding if you had the misfortune to cut yourself when shaving. I believe that both these items are still available in the shops under trade names but are basically just Alum
Barrie P Spink
Posted by Rod Lumley at 14/10/2009 09:52
Thanks Barry. I was recently doing the Coast to Coast walk & at a B&B, the owner was very interested in the history of the mining of Allum in the Nth. Yorks area. He had found that a man in Goole, in the 1950's, had developed a new & cheaper system of processing the allum which led to the demise of the industry in Nth. Yorkshire. It triggered my memory of the 'Allum Works' so glad to get your info. that shows that at least my long term memory is still OK.
Best wishes to you.
Posted by brian sunderland at 14/10/2009 14:31
to jack newton
billy newton was always known as "taggy"all the years i knew him. his son ken who worked on goole docks was also known as "taggy" by everyone.
i have a photo of your grandparents sarah and isaac newton also other photos of the newtons .
if you contact me on i will get them to you
Posted by Jack Newton at 18/10/2009 15:55
much appreciated Brian, I lost many photos of my late family when I moved house.

I will email you.

Posted by Ivan Cloherty at 26/10/2009 20:07
Found this site whilst tracing vessels I sailed on and also vessels my father, also Ivan Cloherty sailed on, Spanning from 1927 to 1980,s. We caused a bit of confusion sometimes in Posterngate, when we were both home at the same time, a rare occurence

Noticed Corby Bunting mentioned a photo of "Coulgorm" signing on in Hull for Aussie in 1948. My father signed on the "Coulgorm" as bosun on 2.12.1948 in Hull and sailed for Aus, signing on again on 25.12 1950. Would it be possible to get a copy of this photo, I will gladly pay any expenses.

My own first ship out of Goole was 2nd mate on a yellow peril, "Speciality", just finished my apprenticeship with PSNC, learnt more in 4 months on that ship, than I'd learnt the previous 4 years deep Sea. When the tide is nearly the same speed as your ship you quickly learn how to navigate, especially when you are bucking the tide. Never steered three points off my charted course before, just to maintain the course line, had been used to 15/16 knotters.

. Sailed out Goole for a number of years (lived in Hull) Later went on to sail with Stephie Clarkes and Comben Longstaff coming ashore with Combens in 1964 as a superintendent, and maintained a close relationship with Goole for the next 9 years. We later took over managing the "Queen" ships and I remember Capt Flett well, a very nice man, never sailed with him, but (me)as a young "super" he gave me lots of advice and the benefit of his years which was greatly appreciated.

I am also trying to trace a photo of trawler "Swanland" H402 ex "Artic Rover" which I sailed on in 1952 as a 14 year old "pleasurer"! If anyone can help in any way it would be greatly appreciated

Nice to read all the comments, us collier men envied the Butterboat men (at times) it must have been nice to know that not everything on board had to be black. The comments from all certainly brought back some interesting memmories

Kind regards to you all
Posted by Corby Bunting at 27/10/2009 09:31
Hello Ivan. email me on and I would be happy to send the photo
Posted by Hannah at 29/10/2009 20:42
This is an ace website. I like it. Keep up good work! =)
Posted by Barrie P Spink at 21/11/2009 23:23
I wonder if Shuffleton Streets still contributes to the site as I have not heard from the person for a long time and would like to make contact.
Kind regards to every one who reads the informaiton on this site
Barrie P spink
Posted by Johnty at 23/11/2009 13:15
Re Barrie Spink
Just noticed Shuffleton Streets on the Swinefleet on the web site, page 1.if thats any good to you. Obviously ST is still about.
Posted by goldenoldie at 24/11/2009 16:04
I can't get the Goole Times on line any more. I have been reading it on line for a few years now but it now comes back as unobtainable. Does anybody know what's going on. I am missing my weekly dose of Goole. This is a good website but its not the same thing.
Posted by corby bunting at 24/11/2009 19:10
Hello Goldenoldie. I am in the same boat. I was begining to think perhaps it was some thing I said
Posted by corby bunting at 25/11/2009 13:53
The Goole Times I have read of late. To me, seem quite depressing.There is an atmosphere of unrest centred mainly around the Polish contingent. I can ephasize with these people for throughout their history, living between waring nations. I can understand their need for a peaceful existance . I know what rejection fells like for when I left Goole 52 years ago my wife and I could not understand why the people we worked with down here in Southampton seemed so aloof and stand offish. We later found out why When in conversation they could not understand what we were saying! Of course over the years we are now bilingual. My wife found it harder to conform as speaking to and been answered to by our children in a Northern accent took time. I do lapse into my other tongue when excited, happy or drunk.
What really won me over to the Poles was when we visited Montecassino. Over the years I had read stories about what happened. Written by so called historians. I questioned why most of these stories differed. We had an excellent guide, a native who told us the true facts. The Americans never rebuilt the damage inflicted, as they promised. The Poles were the first ones up and suffered badly for that. We did a tour of the wargraves and by far the Polish cemetery stood out as being the cleanest and well kept. I and many others who have worked with Poles will know them for being the hardest of workers. So please give them a rest.
Posted by susan allen at 26/11/2009 07:28
Is any of our year at GGS interested in having a reunion? Pam Revell (Teale) and I are looking for puplils that were with us between 1962 and 1967? We are proposing a get together in Goole the last weekend in March 2010.
Posted by GORDON LAWRENCE at 26/11/2009 18:37
hi i used to love visiting my relitives in goole my mother was born and lived there with her 2sisters 3 brothers she lived in byron street her name was phyllis clark her mothers name was annis clark nee shipley, i never met my grandfather he passed before i was born he was knowen as nobby clark my mum moved to greenock scotland in1950 i was born 3 years later, her sisters were called mary and elsie her brothers bill,frank and john there picture was in the goole times after the war as being the first squatters in goole moving in a nissen hut, others followed the picture was back in again a couple of years ago.the last time i was in goole what a change i liked it as it was it had a character its lost that now
Posted by Fiona Moate at 01/12/2009 10:14
Yes, what has happened to Goole Times on line? It hasn't been updated since the summer. I am seriously out of touch with events in my old town.
Posted by Darren at 07/12/2009 14:05
The Junction? is that the building completed? All that plywood on the exterior...looks very very cheap.... and what state will it be in in a few years time? I dread to think. Along with the railway station a blot on the landscape on what was a very Victorian architecturaly interesting town.
Posted by Corby Bunting at 08/12/2009 09:06
Hi Darren. The Junction? Can you explain what and where it is. You may have noticed that some of us have been denied access to the Goole Times website and therefore know nothing of this place
Posted by Darren at 11/12/2009 16:24
Basically it is the old outdoor indoor market be fair it is good inside and entertainment and the cinema are first class, just such a shame the outer building looks unfinished
Posted by Shuffleton Streets at 18/12/2009 19:12
still alive and kicking against the grain of Goole!
Who are you, Barry Spink?
Posted by Shuffleton Streets at 18/12/2009 19:55
On second thoughts, and this is probably going to upset all the ex-pats, Goole is not the place that the GT used to put online.
If you had to live here then you'd find the rose-tinted remembrances bore no relation to the reality. Sorry if this spoils things, but when we have to put up with the powers-that-be, and the propaganda sheets that perpetuate the rubbish the powers decide to inflict upon the place, you would not be sending Best Wishes this Christmas.

Just read the old MM stuff in GT, about life as we experienced it once upon a time c. 1930s and since, and you would know that kind of experience, of those hard-working families, is not the sort of life that Goolies live today.

We have to escape out of it, now and then if not more often, for another breath of fresh air, thankfully, in order to fight the fight on returning.

Save Our Streets, not by writing from afar, not by living in the sticks, but by examining the reality at close range. It is not a question of being old-fashioned or out of date. It's a knowledge that life elsewhere is not the same as it is here. That's why I stayed away from all the blogging. Read Goole Action Group stuff if you want to know what the beleaguered old folks are doing these days.
Posted by Corby Bunting at 18/12/2009 22:37
Whatever happened to THE PURPOSE OF THIS SITE IS...
This site is aimed at people who have lived and left Goole and keep some affection for the place.
Posted by Barrie P Spink at 18/12/2009 23:20
Shuffleton Streets asks who I am. Just one of the many who spent some of his childhood years in Goole from 1949 till 1955 and regular visits after that to see my parents who lived in Goole till they both died a few years ago.
I still visit Goole and go down to see my brother who still lives in Airmyn
While I now live in Dumbarton in Scotland which is a town very similar to Goole, we had shipbuilding and have a river on which the town sits, the town has been extensively redeveloped and in my humble opinion spoiled. Most industry has gone and we are now just a town where commuters live and go to work in the big city 15 miles away. At least Goole still has some industry and appears to be a pleasant place to live.
My school days in Goole were good and it set me on the road to a good career so I have a lot to thank Goole for. I spent much time in the old part of the town as I used to work part time in a local shop located in North Street.
Barrie Spink
Posted by Barrie P Spink at 18/12/2009 23:26
To Shuffleton Streets.
On one of the sites you were asking about Oakhill Junction and I added a large piece about that on the Railway part of the site.
I spent many un-official hours there with the signal man in the box and wondered if you had known the gentleman.
Kind regards
Barrie P Spink
Posted by Geoff Depledge at 20/12/2009 08:17
Thats two ex Goolies that live in Dumbarton (actually just down the road at Cardross).
Posted by Shuffleton Streets at 20/12/2009 09:12
Seems I have stirred up a hornet's nest, but it is not aimed at anyone in particular, simply the angst of Goolies who whether or not there is industry are living alongside its effects. 24/7 for the grey warehouses needs. The fallout is there, not with individuals who lived in Goole and left. We all like to leave, as often as we can, if not for good. And thank goodness our families are gone too, for better opps. than Goole provides.
That means there's no-one who knows the town on a daily basis is aware of the grouses we hold against what is so difficult about it these days. Will return to the interesting past and the history in a little while.
Posted by shuffleton streets at 20/12/2009 10:21
Dumbarton is not unknown country to me, have passed through it or by it more than once, but never actually visited the town.
Have sent PM to disaffected old boy, who was not in my sights, after all we are "distant" relations.
Posted by gordon lawrence at 20/12/2009 15:11
if you drink whisky it probably came from dumbarton if you watched JACKIE STEWART racing he comes from dumbarton if you drove by it on either side of the Clyde you must have noticed dumbarton rock or you have had too much whisky
Posted by Corby Bunting at 23/12/2009 14:25
I have decided to call it a day and no longer wish to contribute to these pages. It seems like only yesterday when I began entering tentative questions and remarks. Because not being a native it was a question of being accepted back into a society I once loved. It is now time for me to remove the Rose tinted specs and cease looking over my shoulder to the past. The future of Goole is out of my hands.It is up to the Good people of Goole to get their act together. I owe Goole nothing. If anyone has read the stories I have penned in the past will know my views. My growing up in Goole was not unique. Other children had no respect for the Bobbies.Other children were deprived of a shot at the 11 plus.Merely because their parents would not be able to afford a school uniform. Labelled "Not Grammar School material" But what I have achieved has been by my own efforts. Minus the Silver spoon. I would like to offer a genuine wish to all the readers of this site. Especially Stuart who has undertaken to carry out this mammoth task . A Very Merry Christmas and a better 2010
Posted by Bill at 28/12/2009 14:51
Dear Corby Bunting, I hope you will reconsider your decision and not abandon this site. Your comments over the years have been much appreciated and you will be sadly missed. All the best whatever you decide.
Posted by Gail at 02/01/2010 15:02
I've lived in Goole twice so I've experienced the town both as a child, then as an ex-pat, then as a middle-aged person.

I was born and raised in Goole (Phoenix Street no less), leaving at 18 to go to university. My dad worked on the canals and my mum was a school dinner lady. That could never be described as a silver spoon background, yet I had a wonderful education at Goole Grammar School. The only privilege/advantage which contributed to my getting into that school was my parents' determination that I would have a more comfortable life than they'd had.
35 years after leaving I came back to live in Goole in a nice house, in a nice street.
Affordable housing seems to be the only mantra in Goole, but compared with the other parts of Britain I've lived in, Goole already has its share of that.
Aspirational housing that people would happily progress to is just as important if we want to keep a good social mix (including high earners) living here.

Places like The Junction are vital for the 'hidden' people of Goole, the ones who would rather go to a film, a play, a live concert than to a pub. There are still lots of us like that in Goole and we now have a new outlet to spend our money within Goole's economy.

The trouble with us quiet people is that we don't make the news and don't impact on the town's image .
Posted by Marjorie at 03/01/2010 23:11
hi just found this site its bril we left goole in 1963 now live in somerset has any one any information or photos of the old pow camp in centenary road my wife and her family lived there in nissan huts until the early fifties but we cant find out anything about it hope someone can help
Posted by gordon lawrence at 04/01/2010 19:34
marjorie my mum and dad were the first squatters at this camp i have a picture of them moving in taken by the goole times
Posted by observer at 05/01/2010 00:05
To Gail. I read your remarks with interest. But could you enlighten me on how your mother won a free scholarship to the GGS as you stated on 29/9/07 Schools page. Also what year would that be?
Posted by william at 06/01/2010 10:52
well i live in old goole but it needs cleaning, nobody cares about old goole except the council and governnment
Posted by goldenoldie at 11/01/2010 21:36
I'm trying to find an old schoolbook as used at GGS. Has anyone got a copy of 'A New School Geometry' by Latimer & Smith that they would sell or donate. Contact me via the webmaster if so. (I collect books of this kind) Thanks everybody.
Posted by jdr at 15/01/2010 21:32
I would love to be able to trace my dad's brother who he hasn't seen for many many years as a suprise for my dad. As he has often said he wonders where he is. All I have to go on is the brother who he is looking for is Alan Wheldrake aged about late sixties early seventies lived in Goole, met and think married a girl from Hull named Pat whose family owned some wet fish shops in Hull. We think they then emigrated to New Zealand but think that just lately could have moved back to the East Yorkshire or North Lincolnshire area. Please if anyone has any info please contact me . I would love to make my dad's dream come true.
Posted by Bird Fancier at 16/01/2010 14:22
Hi jdr. Your fathers name must be Ron . He will be about 77 . When I knew them they live in Estcourt St. next to the cut that lead to the old Library. I have no idea what happened to Alan.Only that on leaving school he went to sea. I can relate many memories of our childhood.but to do so will alert him to what you have in store for him. I hope some one is able to tell you where Alan is now. But perhaps at a later date if you can contact me through the webmaster. I can tell you more
Posted by jdr at 16/01/2010 21:21
hello, bird fancier thankyou for replying to my message. My dad as you said is ron and i am his youngest daughter.I dont live in goole now but visit quite often my mam and dad. I vaguely remember visiting as a child my nanna gugu as we called her (my dads mam when they lived down escourt street).I would be very grateful if you could give me any more info or perhaps know anyone who could help me in the search for my uncle alan my dads brother.were you a friend of my dads or alan and his other brothers les and eric or did you live down escourt st and thats how you know them. look forward to hearing from you, thanks jdr.
Posted by Bird Fancier at 17/01/2010 21:07
jdr.I've made may enquiries re. Alan. But the only person who I think will know is presently sunning themselves in Spain and I do not know when they mean to return. I only knew Ron and Alan. Chalk and cheese. Ron was quiet natured and introduced me to birdwatching at an early age. He being 2 years older than me made such a difference then. After the bombers crashed over Goole we made our headquarters in a office high up at the rear of Robinsons shop. Across the alley from their house. There was a Chesterfield settee and a large desk. Upon the desk was a lifesize cardboard cutout of Cardinal Wolsey. Who we all used to bow to on entry. It wasn't til sometime later we found out why he was in a furniture shop. He had come from Parish's shop. Being a logo for socks. Ask your dad sometime
Posted by Andy Wiffen at 17/01/2010 22:29
I was in Greenawn children's home from 1980 to 1984
As far as I am aware the home is used for social services at this present time
I had some good times in the home and I am hoping if any 1 else has been in the home they also get in touch
Some of the staff were good people Andy Bainbridge, David Dodd where are these people today

If any staff or kids from the home out there get in touch it would be great to catch up on old times.
Posted by jdr at 18/01/2010 19:12
hi.bird time i ring or visit my dad i will mention to him about the furniture shop and the bird watching you mentioned and that i have had contact with you. will he know who i am talking about when i say your name (bird watcher).it will be nice to reminisc with my dad about the past. if your contact in spain returns and you find out anything about alan please let me know, much appreciated.jdr.
Posted by jdr at 18/01/2010 19:21
dear corby bunting, i have just read your last comment on the welcome page that you are giving up replying to this site.please rethink as i have left a message for you on the ships page before i had read your last comment 0n 23/12/09. I would hope that you could help me trace my uncle alan brother of ron wheldrake which you have previously mentioned in your messages that you were there friends.please please if you read this and think you can help contact me. jdr
Posted by MIKE BOOTH at 19/01/2010 14:04
Have just found this site. Regarding The Poplars, my Aunt owned the house, from when I'm not sure until her death in the early 60's. It was a beautiful house, the most prominent room I remember was the Billiard room. My parents were both born in Goole in the 1890's Haven't been there since about 1965. Moved to Western Australia in 1974
Posted by Robert Ward at 21/01/2010 17:36
You can start near Howden, "drive" across Boothferry Bridge into Goole, along Boothferry Road, Bridge Street, and past Swinefleet all the way to Scunthorpe, and return nearly all the way back on the wrong side of the motorway. It's fairly recent as there is no New Bridge inn.
Go to Google, click on "maps" top left, zoom in to Goole and the drag and drop the little man on to one of the blue areas that appears. If you've used it before you'll see they have added lots of new areas too. To move about click on the scene and use the arrow keys.
Posted by Tina marie Wright (maiden name) at 21/01/2010 19:21
Hi im trying to find out some information for the wright family that lived at 56 couper street old goole in 1919 onwards John and Jane Wright had 11 children. This is my great grandfather and i am trying to find out anything i can about him. Their must be alot of family living in goole that may know something or can help. I know my grandmother died in the 1980. also does anyone know where i can find out about any newspaper articles for 1929-1931. I would be grateful to here from anyone that knows my family thanks.
Posted by Moira Thomas at 22/01/2010 15:44
Seeking information about my Great Grandfather Thomas Alfred Buttle born 1854 at George St Goole.I believe he was a freight forwarding and shipping agent. At the time of his death in 1929 the family lived at 35 Clifton Gdns. I am particularly keen to find out what became of one of his sons-Arthur Edwin Buttle (my Grandfather) born in1881 Goole. The last I can find of him is in Llanelli-South Wales in 1922. Does anyone know what became of him as I cannot find his death record. Any information about this family would be very welcome. Thanks.
Posted by Frank Philpott at 30/01/2010 13:36
Hey do you want to know what it was like in Goole years ago? well check out Goole Action Group and look at the pictures and memories. See if your name is there or one of your family. Enjoy.
Posted by Frank Philpott. at 30/01/2010 18:44
To Jack Newton..There is a picture of your sister Joyce on G.A.G. You would know most of the group in Rc St 1933.
Posted by Julie at 31/01/2010 14:38
I have just began searching for the Clarks and Gooderidges of Goole for my daughters relatives.My ex partner who died recently was Adrian Thomas Clark, born July 1945, I don't know which school he went to but could have lived 70 Westbourne Grove as I have some old letters addressed there to his mother Olive Clark nee Gooderidge. She married Alan Thomas Clark in 1938 & their first married address was 10 New Close Lane. Olives father was Jack Gooderidge and worked at the docks but I don't know in what capacity. Olive was the May Queen (is that right?) some time in the1920s. I think her photo is in a fairly recent book about Goole. Any information much appreciated.
Posted by Patricia Spink at 07/02/2010 17:10
Does anyone have any photos or memories of Old Goole Jazz Band in the 1930's and 1940's?. My Grandfather, William Spink, was the band leader for a while and I would love to find anything out about it.He wore a Union Jack suit, and most of his family was in the band.I have been sent photos of the band in the 1950/60's, but he had given it up by then.
Patricia Spink
Posted by Frank Philpott at 08/02/2010 18:32
Yes I remember the Jazz Band very well .I recall it being called Goole Town Prize Jazz Band. The memories are in my mind but no pictures or names, just the enjoyment of chasing after it.
Posted by ian blee at 09/02/2010 19:25
reply to julie. hi julie sorry to hear about adrian.i went to pasture rd school with him we were the same age he did live at 70 westbourne grove his mother olive was the centenary queen in 1936.his grand father goodridge lived in mond not think there are any relatives left in goole.his mother was a rely nice lady . regards ian blee
Posted by Frank Philpott at 11/02/2010 04:05
Are you related to the Spink family I believe lived in Axholme St.One Spink was a D/R in a Royal Sigs Line Unit at Mingladon Airfield In Burma.
Posted by Anne Fisher at 12/02/2010 06:02
Hi Trevor. remember me Anne Fisher?
I lived in Lime tree gardens, with you.
My Brother Ernie, we left for Australia in 1957.
Pat Tasker, was our neighbor, Mr and Mrs Bel, David and John Gray who are still in Goole. I kept in touch with Mrs Gray until she passed away, also Ann and Stan Walton, i think your older brother was Neil. I also have a younger brother Mitchel, he was three when we left. My dad had the blue Austin 7. I have been back a few times to Goole and I also have cousins there.
What memories have you stirred?

Posted by Patricia Spink at 12/02/2010 13:57
FAO Frank Philpott
Thank you for the info on Goole Jazz Band. I am pleased someone can remember them. My Grandfather, William Spink,leader of the band, lived in Broadway,Old Goole all his married life. He is featured on the Burlingtong Club outing photo, on the Goole Action Group website.The Spink family you mentioned I am not related to, as far as I know.
I would still like to know if there are any photos out there please?
Patricia Spink
Posted by John Smith at 20/02/2010 20:48
Does anyone have any old photos or information about The Sydney Hotel in Aire Street where my Grt Grandfather Joseph Heptonstall worked in the late 1800's. One of Josephs descendants married one of the Smith's who worked at Goole Grange Farm or Potter Grange in the 1930's. The world has changed alot since then I believe the Sydney has been pulled down, The farm has been burnt down and we don't know what has happened to Potter or is it the other way around?. It would be good to see what these places used to look like.
Posted by Stella Smith at 21/02/2010 00:50
I am trying to trace the Ryall (Lyall) family. I'd love to hear from anyone with any info. Especially Gail who posted a comment re the above in 2008.
Posted by ann walton at 21/02/2010 10:53
hiy anne fisher i have just been reading goole on the web it was nice to read about all the people in lime tree gardens i can remember you and all the neighbours sadly i lost my brother stan 12 years ago in a accident , he came to see your ernie when he was at sea,i see david gray and john when i out shopping,my son lives across from your cousin margaret and mother who is now 87 remembers you all she calls them good old days she also remebers your car.
Posted by L Maddison at 02/03/2010 11:16
Does anyone remember the hut in Nidderdale which the Grammar school used to own? I would be interested to hear of any unusual experiences anyone had when visiting it.
Posted by Graham at 03/03/2010 22:58
That would be the hut on Walkers Farm next to the Farmhouse. We used to go there during the summer and host lots of children each week from the Batley area. It was a great place and fantastic to spend your summer there doing all sorts of things such as pot-holing, canoeing, hill walking, climbing, day trip to Scarborough, swimming in the River Nidd. It was just great to get away from Goole but mainly the family and spend your summer being independent and giving those kids the time of their little lives. Wonder if any of them remember their one week holiday camping in the field next to the Grammar School Hut. I remember walking along the ridge of a hill and seeing a Vulcan Bomber fly down the valley, it was almost beneath us and we could see the pilot!! Happy days.
Posted by Pauline Bolton (Reeves) at 06/03/2010 08:07
I have just found this site. I was born in Red Lion st Goole in 1956, I went to Pasture road school, then alexandra st school, then Secondary modern school between 1967 and 1971. I left Goole in 1974, to live in Bridlington where I still live. It would be good to hear from anyone who remembers me.
Posted by Ian Blee at 07/03/2010 17:17
FAO.pauline Bolton, i remember your mum and dad in red lion st my aunt and uncle lived in union place Harold and May blee.Your mother was Marie ,did your sister work in woolworths.Regards Ian Blee
Posted by Pauline Bolton (Reeves) at 07/03/2010 19:26
Hi Ian, I remember your aunt + uncle. I couldn't remember what they called the street that they lived on. It was at the back of barnards? wasn't it. The Jackson's lived in union place as well. My mum is 86 now and in a residential home, and my sister did work in woolies. I was in Goole yesterday visiting my mum.
Posted by Ed Pollard at 11/03/2010 01:33
Anyone remember the Pately Bridge Camp School? We went from the modern school in 47 or 48, a lot of happy memories from those carefree days of youth.
Posted by anne Fisher at 11/03/2010 23:52
Hi Ann, nice to hear from you. Sorry to hear about Stan. We had a visit with him when he came out here. I remember your mum fondly,I can remember her as a bit mischievous, she kicked dad's bucket over when he was washing his car one day lol. Glad to hear she is in good health. We lost mum and dad quite a few years back. My brothers Eddie (Ernie) and Michael are all ok, Eddie has a son n daughter, Mick 2 girls (1 works in London)and a son. I have a son n daughter and 3 grandkids. We live in a lovely small town called Gisborne, as does my daughter. Life has been very good to us but still have many fond memories of Goole. Anne Winfer (Fisher)
Posted by brian sunderland at 21/03/2010 22:36
re ed pollard
i went to that camp from the modern school it was known as bewerley park camp i must have been there about the same time as you my sister enid was there too .i can not remember many of the boys there only eddie binnington and billy thornton who ran away and tried to get back home .good old days we used to have concerts on an evening performed by the pupils.
during the day we used to go swimming and boating in the river nidd which was only about eighteen inches deep i think we were there for about six weeks i believe our parents sent us there to get rid of us
Posted by ann marwood at 22/03/2010 14:31
posted by ann walton to ann fisher hi ann nice to hear fron you sadly my dear mam passed away on the 8th of march . i feel lost at the moment.when i wrote my last message she was sat by me telling how she kicked your dads bucket over and he chased her she was always known for her sense of humour. i have 3 sons aged 41 40 and 38 7 grand chidren 4 boys 3 girls.all live close by in hook. my son looked on google and showed me where you lived goole is now on google and lime treegardens is on. my married name is marwwod love ann x
Posted by Eddie Greenwood at 23/03/2010 18:35
Hi Christine Rickards(townsley) we were brought up down Alexandra street, played together used to come and watch the test match on your Mums tele, nobody else could afford one. Often thought about the good times in our youth, would love to hear from you again and any one else from that area.If you wish to get in touch Also wenr to Bewerley park camp, climb up to crocodile rock and York folly.Great times I think it cost two pounds ten shillings for the month. Alot of money in those days
Posted by Christine Rickards at 05/04/2010 18:05
Hi Eddie Greenwood
I've sent you an e-mail
Really great to hear from you again after so many years.
Posted by ann marwood at 11/04/2010 18:13
posted by ann walton to ann fisher please read mail from ann marwood
Posted by Ken Thompson at 12/04/2010 11:24
Sometime ago someone mentioned a visit to Goole of an HM Submarine,does anyone remember the visit of an HM Frigate the name I cannot think of.I remember the Captain being a little miffed when the AB using the heaving line missed 1st time and the tide took a bit of a hold,and if my memory serves me the Captain was the same one that took the HMS Amethyst from the bank of the Yangtse River and out to sea,and I think his name is Kearns.
Posted by David Coult at 12/04/2010 16:20
Hello, I`m an old man now, 82, was known as Joby Coult ,lived in Parliament St.,went to GGS, played rugby for the school, then went to Hull University, did National Service in the RAMC,anyone remember me? Proud to be Born in GOOLE
Posted by Christine Rickards at 14/04/2010 14:34
Ken, You are certainly correct about the frigate that visited Goole being captained by an officer called Kearns .. one of the serving junior officers was my second cousin Donald Vincent. He tells quite a story about incidents on the ship and about the incident with the Amythyst. Donald took my dad Capt. Alex Townsley to view the ship when it was on its visit... it might have been the coronation year.
Posted by Christine Rickards at 14/04/2010 14:40
I've just checked my family tree and the commander of the Amethyst when he escaped was J. S Kerans. He had been the naval attachee and took over when the captain died of wounds.
Posted by Wally & Anne at 18/04/2010 23:11
Hello Ann.
Sorry I have taken so long to get back to you .I can not use the computer and get my grand daughter to do it for me. I am very sorry to hear about your mums passing.I went through the same pain as you are when I lost my mum.The only good thing, if I can put it like this,is that she had a good life and a fun filled one at that. I still have a photo of her taken at a street party,I think it was for the coronation.I loved hearing from you.
Anne Fisher[Winfer]
Posted by Pat.Lawson at 21/04/2010 19:57
Hi there, I have been researching family history. My mother was called Eileen Austin, her sisters were called Rose Emmeline (known as Emmie), Bernard (known as Jack), Kathleen (known as Kathy), Sheila and Claud Leslie. They were all born in Goole.
There parents were John Henry Austin, Elsie nee McGuire.
Elsie's mother was Emmeline McGuire (nee Scales). My mother and her siblings played with Madeline, Thelma, Zena McGuire and she is wondering what happened to this side of the family.
Mother is 89yrs. old.
Does anyone know the dates of photographer George Harrison who had a shop in Goole? Hoping that anybody can help me.
Posted by carol roberts at 01/05/2010 15:26
I often read negative comments about Goole in the local papers but I have to speak as I find. Over the last 20years I have been in the area and travelled into Goole I have found the town to be friendly. The flower beds are a treat to see around the clock tower and shopping area - Well done Goole Council gardeners, they cheer me up anyway. What a treat to see all the hundreds of daffodils on the road from Howden into Goole and on the Hook Rd into Goole makes one glad to be alive after such a long miserable winter
Posted by trevor hardwick at 08/05/2010 21:25
hi i was born in pasture rd in 1944 have only just got computer this site is great perhaps someone may remember me be good to hear from anyone who does some names i recall are mick burton brian kenny richard blackburn & graham store my mum irene hardwick is still going strong at 103 years old regards trev
Posted by Geoff Depledge at 10/05/2010 14:15
Trevor if you e-mail me I will give you a contact for Graham Storr who is my cousin.
Posted by anne watson at 25/05/2010 18:46
hi just found this web site, i was born in goole 1960 and just started to trace the family nellie watson (spink) 1898 to 1967 married john ws watson 1893 to1943 can chase the spinks to 1680 and the watsons to 1891 doss anyone out there know of them?
Posted by Barrie P Spink at 04/06/2010 23:13
Hi Anne Watson,
My surname is Spink and my great grandparents originate from Newport in the East Riding of Yorkshire, not far from Goole.
I went to School with Neville Spink who also lived in Goole and I have often wondered if we are a distant relation. Perhaps the trace that you have done with the Spink name would throw up some information.
Kind regards

Barrie P Spink
Posted by anon at 13/06/2010 15:13
born in goole 1966 left in 1990 not been back for over 15 years anyone remember the bench boys lol
Posted by Jake at 06/07/2010 14:01
I certainly remember the bench boys, took my seat at the top of the subway from approx 1981 to 1983.
Posted by Shirley Jarred (nee Hind) at 09/07/2010 18:26
Hi. I was born in Goole 1932. Attended Alex and later Grammar School from 1945 to 1949. I remember Eileen Wimsey, Mary Garner, Ivy Scruton, Digger Thornton. Lived in Rutland Road when I married, left in 1979 to live in Nottingham. My neighbour in Rutland Road was Ron Sherburn - would like to hear from him if he is still alive. I have fond memories of Goole and would love to hear from anyone who remembers me or my daughter Susan who also lives in Nottingham. My husband Arthur died in November 1998
Posted by Robert HARNESS at 11/07/2010 12:29
Two weeks ago i attended my uncle Roy Harness' 90th birthday party. He has lived in Scunthorpe for a number of years but he was born in Rawcliffe. My uncle Eric was there he is now 87. My father Leonard Harness 1908 to 1996 was also born in Rawcliffe and they lived in Bell Lane then at Riverside. My grandfather Charles William served in the K.O.Y.L.I. during the First World War in the Goole battalion. I'm looking for any info on my family especially any info on the goole batt during WW1, thanks Robert Harness
Posted by Robert HARNESS at 11/07/2010 12:34
I have just recently returned from holiday in Spain and quite by chance meet a man who was born in Goole although he left Goole has a young lad he told me his grandfather had a fish shop in Goole. His grandfather was named Gunn. Does anyone have any info on this subject? Also his maternal grandparents name Watt were from Rawcliffe. Robert Harness
Posted by Dave Rymer at 27/07/2010 14:42
Hi. I visited Goole for the first time in a long time last week to see my friend Alex Bristow. I just wanted to say how friendly the town seemed compared to previous years when I've been and how welcome everyone made us feel. The character of the town was what stood out the most and there was a genuine neighbourly air around the whole place.
This seems to be something that is increasingly rare around all parts of the country and there's something quite touching to see people on this website who seem proud of where they are from.

Posted by Justin Lancaster at 28/07/2010 00:58
hi TINA MARIE WRIGHT, I am a relative. I am Albert Michael Wrights grandson. He was the son of John and Jane. They also had auntie Mary, Joan, Sally, Katie (who burnt to death aged about ten), Nelly, Uncle George, Joseph....oh there are lots of them. We have a photograph of Granddad John in the family. I believe he drowned in the dry dock here in Goole.
Drop me a line and I will see what gaps I can fill in.
Posted by CA at 30/07/2010 00:55
Posted by gordon lawrence at 30/07/2010 19:34
can any one help my mum and dad moved from goole to greenock in 1950-52 they swopped with a family called GORMAN i think the house was on dempster avenue the daughter of mr and mrs gorman visited the house in greenock while on holiday but mum and dad have passed away and the house was sold they talked to a neighbour, i would like to meet the family as i visited the Gorman family many years ago with mum if anybody can help me contact them i would be greatful. also my mum was born in 81 weatherill st her maiden name was Clark. thank you
Posted by brian sunderland at 05/08/2010 11:43
in answer to gordon lawrence re the gorman family i know the family very well mrs gorman did live down dempster avenue old goole . they had a family of 13 children of which 4 are still living 2 girls and one boy live in goole and one boy lives in ireland.
the boy in goole married my sister he is now 75 years old and they have been married 54 years i still see the two sisters regularly.i will pass your letter to them
Posted by gordon lawrence at 07/08/2010 23:19
thanks brian
Posted by Graham Crabtree at 13/08/2010 17:17
I want to respond to some of the contributors who have posted over the last year or so. (That's about how long it is since I last perused this list!)
I used to live at no. 9 Rutland Road with my parents Ken and Ada Crabtree until I left in 1964 to go to university.

Shirley Jarred - you asked about your neighbour in Rutland Rd, Ron Sherburn, "..if he is still alive"... Well, I had a long phone conversation with him this afternoon and he does seem to be very much alive! I told him that you had enquired about him and I think he might contact you directly as he does have your email.

Barrie Spink - I do remember you, but I'm not sure if my mental picture is accurate. Were you a red-head? I wonder what you got up to after we floated off around the world.

Ian Blee - I think we were at Alexandra Street school together. (Not Alexander Street, as the contributors to Friends Reunited seem to think...!) Maybe it was Pasture Road Infants - or both?Would you like to help revive some of my memories of those days?

Rod Lumley - I sent you an email to the address that appears in your posts here, but I'm not sure if it's still valid. I was at GGS as a first-former when you were head prefect. Our first and only encounter, as far as I remember, was when you gave me lines for running in the corridor!
You mentioned Arthur Kendal in one of your posts. I remember him very well - he lived up Rutland Road, 49, I think.

I don't get to Goole very often these days as there are no relatives left living in the area. My dad passed away in 2002 aged 96 at which point he was still living on his own - by his own choice. He was a keen musician and played violin with the Goole Music Circle until quite an advanced age. My mother passed away in 1979 at the early age of 62. With her departure lost a valuable channel of knowledge about anything and everybody in Goole! She was an active member of the RAFA and organised many fundraising activities.
I'm sure that many of the contributors here will remember one or both of them.
I wonder if anyone here was at Pasture Road Infants around 1950 and remember any of the teachers there? My aunt Sally Carroll taught the 5-year olds. I started in her class and I remember the discipline that she kept. Kids had no choice but to learn - and they did!
Posted by Ian Blee at 16/08/2010 21:04
f.a.o. Graham Crabtree,Yes i do remember u ,was at pasture rd and alexandra st then went to kingsway when it was built.I remember mrs carrol and miss cranidge.also remember mrs carrols son steve and his wife Ida they lived in elsie st.I now live in westfield ave and know mr sherburn well. i told him about shirley jarred asking about him.Do u remember mrs ganley lived at the other side of rutland rd from u. my mum used to clean for her.there was also Maureen Gabriel in woodland ave, Helen Yorke ,Susan Woodhouse both in rutland rd could go on for ever i am sure u remember them. regards Ian
Posted by Barrie P Spink at 18/08/2010 23:01
To Graham Crabtree
HI there,
I have recently heard from Arthur Kendal, he is down south and I can pass on his Email addressif you so desire. You are right I am the red head or was in those days, now white head but still got some hair. I went to school with Alan Crabtree and I wonder if you were related. Also did your father work for a shipping line or was he connected with the docks. I seem to remember a Mr Crabtree writing some historical stuff about the port. My Music teacher lived up Rutland Road, I think that his name was Mr phillips or phillipson, not sure which at this point in time. He was also organist of North Street Methodist Church.
I am 71 and you must be a bit younger than I. I also have Email for Rod Lumley as well
Nice to hear from you
Kind regards

Posted by John Jessop at 20/08/2010 20:13
Hello Graham Crabtree, We were at GGS together but a few years apart. As I recall you were interested in radio and electronics whilst at school and we operated the lighting for a couple of the school plays and operas from the control panel on the side balcony of the "new" hall. Tim Lewis was also in our team under the tutelage of Mr E Hutchinson.
Posted by Trevor Fielder at 27/08/2010 08:42
I remember the Co-op milk tokens well. They were copper-brown in colour, made of metal and about an inch square. The Co-op dairy was on the right hand side of Centenary Road, next to Pasture Road Junior/Infant School playing field. I also remember the Co-op Grocery Store on Woodland Avenue, not far from the corner with Rutland Road. My mother and sister were members of the Co-op and had the numbers 4687 and 4683 respectively.
My uncle Maurice Edmonson was manager of the Co-op Shoe Shop on the corner of Jefferson Street and Boothferry Road and his wife Doris, when she was an unmarried Doris Fielder worked in the Co-op offices in Red Lion Street.
Posted by Ian Bowie (Sydney, Australia) at 31/08/2010 00:47
1.To Barrie Spink: I was a good friend of your neighbour Philip Aaron who died a few years ago. He was a naval architect, designing ships for a number of yards, including on the Clyde, and ending up in the Wirral/Birkenhead area. His father was skipper of the ss "Aire" of Associated Humber Lines, pride of the Port of Goole.
2.The names of LeVoguer and Sunderland in the blogs are remembered from school days.
3.Local history bit: My mother was of the Duckels clan and the ancestral home of that branch until the 1920s was Bridge House Farm (now Bridge Farm?), immediately south of the Dutch River Bridge. Every eldest Duckels son was named Thomas, the last being my uncle who worked at the former Cleveland Petroleum Company depot at the north end of Hook and who will still be remembered in the town.
Posted by Bill at 31/08/2010 15:14
For info.: The Goole Times will not be reinstating their on line version. But they are working on a subscription pdf copy that could be emailed each week and would be a replica of the paper. The cost should be equivalent to the cost of the actual paper. If you let them know you are interested it may encourage them to get on with it more quickly.
Posted by Barrie P Spink at 07/09/2010 23:04
Reference Ian Bowie.

I am sure that I remember you at school as I am sure that were a prefect at the school when I was in my final year there 1955.

I remember Phillip Aaren and I believe that at one time he lived quite near to me at a place called Duntocher and worked at Yarrow's ship yard on the Clyde. around the time of the late 1960's there were amalgamations and many staff sought there fortunes elsewhere. I also remember his father, Captain Aaren, who sailed on the SS Aire for many years. while we lived at 9 Woodlands Avenue they moved to the Centenary Road area of town. After he retired he lived for a great many years and my mother often used to say that she had met him. In the area of Goole where we lived there were at least two other captains of local boats, Captain Collier lived opposite us and just down the road was Captain Blackburn, I believe that his daughter lives up here in Scotland after a possible bereavement.

Posted by T. Fielder at 13/09/2010 07:47
I started G.G.S in September 1955. Roger Aaron also started in the same year and he lived on Centenary Road opposite the back door to the G.G.S. (I think No. 150). Graham Blackburn, son of Captain Blackburn, was also at school with me.
Posted by Barrie P Spink at 13/09/2010 23:38
Reference post by T. Fielder at 13/09/2010 07:47
Roger Aaron was the brother of Phillip Aaron, they lived next door to us in Woodland Avenue till moving to Centenary Road. I wonder if Graham Blackburn , son of Captain Blackburn, had a sister called Jean Blackburn or if there were two families.I beleive that they lived in Westfield Avenue.
Posted by Alan Goodworth at 19/09/2010 17:02
My name is Alan Goodworth and I have just returned from a trip to Goole. I have been tracing my family history and have gone quite a long way back. I lived for a time at 7 Marlborough Avenue.
Does anyone know of any of my past family members.
Some of them were mariners on the butter boats and the SS Syria to and from Boulogne. The Master on that ship was John Richard Goodworth.
My uncles Richard and Jack worked in Craggs shipyard where Jack drove the largest of the three cranes.
Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
Posted by David Michael Hunt at 07/10/2010 22:46
I was wandering can anyone tell me if my Grandad is alive and well or sadly passed away. His name is Peter James i never knew him but would love to find what he did in life when he ran away from my grandma Margaret Raspin which again i never knew cause she died of lukemia. M
Posted by david michael hunt at 07/10/2010 22:48
once again my computer like last time is playing games all i wanna know is if Peter James is alive and if i have more uncles and aunties and cousins thank you all for your time.
Posted by trev hardwick at 14/10/2010 14:07
hi barry spink just saw your coment re blackburns i was pals with richard blackburn who lived down westfield ave he would be about 66 now he was the son of captain joe blackburn and he had a older sister but i cant remember her name ( could this be the same blackburns ) i moved from goole in 1958 so i like to keep up with things on this brilliant site
Posted by Barrie P Spink at 15/10/2010 23:25
Ref trev hardwick comments.
I think that you are right Richard Blackburn sister was called Jean, we went to school together from 1950 to 1955 and the did live down Westfield Avenue just North of the Western Road turn off. I left Goole in 1955 and lost contact with most people.
Your name is familiar though but I cant recollect why.
Regards Barrie
Posted by Carol Roberts at 16/10/2010 16:09
Oh How nice it is to see the main street shops filling up again. I like to shop locally but till lately the choice was limited. Bon Marche and the 21 store have brightened up the precinct once more. I will not have to travel far and take the revenue from the local area.
Congratulations once again, to the council gardeners for another summer of beautiful bedding plants. I look forward to their offering in the spring.
Posted by trev hardwick at 18/10/2010 21:03
hi again barry we may have known each other years ago i mentioned your name to mum and she said that when she went to alex school she had a friend called lilly spink at the time mum lived down fourth ave she wonders if you are a relative of lilly mum is 104 years old tomorrow but remembers everything from her childhood regards from somerset
Posted by Barrie P Spink at 19/10/2010 23:08
To Trev Hardwick.

We were not related to Lily Spink as we moved from leeds to Goole in 1949, however there was at least one other Spink family who lived in old Goole, we went to school together. I also believe that there was another lady also called I Spink who lived in the Mond Avenue area, there was occasional confusion with my mother as they shared the same names. again we were not related.
Our Spink family originate from the Newport/ gilberdyke area in the 1880's so it is quite possible for these people to be distant relations. I would like to trace the family tree but have not had time to do so, it is also resonably expensive.
Posted by Charlotte Kelly at 20/10/2010 11:00
I no longer live in Goole, having moved to university of creative arts in Maidstone, Kent. Although before I left, I thought the new school building was top notch, much better than the non-existant A-Block. Blahhh I don't even miss Goole. I miss my family but what a crappy town that was/is.
Posted by Sam at 22/10/2010 09:47
Re Charlotte Kelly
Please, don't slag off the town just because you have moved away. Maidstone isn't the jewel in the crown either and is a bit crap as you put it If you have a good look around while you are doing your creative arts thingy. The best thing about Maidstone is the Channel tunnel outbound. The only thing it has that Goole doesn't is Maidstone Jail....wonder why that is ?
If Goole is as you describe why did you visit this site ?not home sick already are you ?
Charlotte, don't burn your bridges too soon as you never know what you will need in the future or indeed when you want to return. Perhaps then you can put back something creative into the town which would be nice. ta ta.
Posted by Ian Blackburn at 26/10/2010 21:57
Trev Hardwick and Barry Spink.
Jean Blackburn was my Mother. Maiden name Atkinson. She married Frederick Lawson Blackburn, son of Captain Blackburn. Graham is my cousin. I had a brother, Phillip who died in 2001. I returned to Goole in 2001 after years living and working in London and Southampton. Goole is a good town with very few problems, compared to some of the places I have been. Looked at this site for a long time but thought I would post seing someone had an interest in my family name.
Posted by mark wilde at 26/10/2010 22:11
I agree, Goole may have its faults but dont all towns and cities?When I was sixteen I left Goole to join the Royal Navy. Although there is not a great deal to do in the town in my opinion that is, I still enjoy my visits back to Goole. I have travelled quite a bit and when people ask me where I come from they more often than not Know where Goole is and have good things to say about it. Im proud of my birthplace so please dont knock it. Thankyou.
Posted by Patricia Spink at 27/10/2010 19:22
FAO Trev Hardwick
What did they call Lily Spink's mum and dad please?
Patricia Spink
Posted by trev hardwick at 27/10/2010 22:45
hi ian blackburn i can remember going with richard to a aunts house up by lock hill was that your home ? also do you know where richard is now i would like to contact him if possible regards trev
Posted by Ian Blackburn at 28/10/2010 18:23
Hi Trev.
We lived first in Marshfield Avenue, I was born in the front bedroom of no.2 and then round the corner to Marshfield Road. I am not certain but I do not think Richard is related. Got many good memories of this part of Goole, so when I returned after over twenty years away, I bought a house in Marshfield Avenue. 55 years and I am back close to where I was born. Goole has changed. Poor leadership over the years. Tried with others to save Richard Cooper Street and Phoenix Street but you can never beat an arrogant council. But the people of Goole are still ok by me.
Posted by trev hardwick at 01/11/2010 21:00
hi patricia i asked mum abought lily spinks parents names but she cant remember there names although she can still picture her dad because she used to take him peelings etc for a pig that he kept i will let you know if she does remember any more regards trev
Posted by Trevor Fielder at 09/11/2010 13:42
Having read all the comments about shops I think I can add a couple to the list. Sammy Fielder's off-license and Joe Picksley's grocery. They were both on Pasture Road and I worked part-time at both while I was at GGS.
Sammy Fielder's was on the corner of one of the streets opposite the Baths. I worked there moving crates of ale and boxes of bottles from his store at the back of the shop along the street and up the steps into the shop through the front door. I also used to go on his delivery bike to collect boxes of lager from Carlsberg's depot on Rawcliffe Road.
I worked for Picksley's delivering groceries on his delivery bike and used to collect gross boxes of eggs from Hook, also on the bike. Since a gross box of eggs was longer than the delivery frame on the front of the bike the box would sit in it lop-sided and make the bike a little awkward to steer.
I bet the modern police would have something to say about that!
Posted by Robert Ward at 11/11/2010 20:33
I worked for Sammy Fielders too in the late 1960s, just a few times as a stand in for a friend when he was away. I've just looked on Streetview - not sure but was it the shop that is Pepi's Pizza Bar? You had to take all the crates of empties on a barrow out of the front of the shop, along the side to a store at the back. He always went to lengths to emphasise never to drink anything left in any of the bottles - it might be pee. He would also tell you what new stock he wanted taking from the store to the shop - 3 crates of these, 2 of those ... You got to know every bump and crack on the pavement. If you were trusted, he also asked you to go to the bank with the takings. You would be riding down Boothferry Road on your bike with several hundred pounds in a leather pouch. Great job. Lovely man.
Posted by Robert Ward at 11/11/2010 20:47
... no you're right it was opposite the baths, number 95, on the corner of West Street, now occupied by a new building.
Posted by Jan townend at 11/11/2010 21:24
I lived in goole from 1946 when I was born to 1980. My maiden name was Barker. Was born in old Goole then lived in Empson Ave where I had a wonderful childhood. The street was our playground. Anyone out there called Christine Smith, Raymond Smith, Frances Hastie, Bernice Hewson, Christine Marshall? We used to go to Saturday afternoon pictures at the Cosy Carlton then play at Flash Gordon or whatever we had seen. we then moved to Murham Ave where my brother Martyn still lives. my friends were Susan Abson, Janice Rocket, David Heseltine, Martin Crapper, Jenny Branham. I went to college at Ilkley came back and taught at the High School then at Boothferry Middle. anyone remember the shows I put on? I moved to Doncaster where I still am. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers Janet Barker.
Posted by Jan Townend at 11/11/2010 21:28
Anyone remember going to the Parish Youth Club? parish parties at the baths hall? I used to go to St Pauls church. My brother David, my sister Pam , my dad and I used to be in the choir! don't know why I was cos I can't sing! Does anyone remember rev Peter Challen?
Posted by Jan Townend ne Barker at 12/11/2010 17:38
I remember Peter Halls music shop down the arcade and the coffee bar down Carlisle st where I used to buy a milk shake and think I was so sophisticated. My mum told me never to go in the Copper Kettle! I bought a dress from arcade Gowns with my first pay packet. I trained as a telephonist at the GPO before going to college. The coffee bar used to be the only thing opened on a Sunday!
Posted by Bryan Avery at 16/11/2010 07:24
I remember Joe Fletcher's coffe bar down Pasture Road (now Donague's Bike Shop?)
I often used to help out Joe in my early teens (late 50's) and remember to this day he said always make a cup of coffee with water 'just off the boil'. Another nice chap from bygone days.
Posted by trev hardwick at 20/11/2010 20:16
hi janet townend just saw your mention of susan abson she still lives in goole she & allen her brother are my cousins i moved away in 1958 to somerset if you want to contact her i could get a address or email for you also i used to know martin crapper regards trev
Posted by Roy Wilcok at 25/11/2010 16:42
To Shirley Jarred
Remember me?I still have photos of you. I moved to Aylesbury in 1961 still have 4 brothers and a sister living in Goole but haven't visited for some time now
Posted by M.Lancaster at 27/11/2010 03:58
I left Goole many years ago when my parents separated. My father continued to live in Goole until his death in 2007. He was buried in Goole cemetery not far from his brother Malcolm (Macca) Lancaster. His name was Brian and while he lived in Malvern Road, one of his favourite watering holes was the Steam Packet. He did drink in other pubs, the Buccanon I believe, and a pub somewhere near the Pasture Road school... not sure of it's name.

I spent the best part of my adult life not knowing my father and who he really was. I'm sure someone must remember him, so would you be so kind to pen a few lines (good or bad) about him.

I still have relatives living in Goole, but I haven't seen or heard of them since I attended my father's funeral. I know very little of my father's side of the family and would love to glean as much information as possible.
Posted by CA at 01/12/2010 01:47
Posted by Jan townend at 01/12/2010 21:15
Hi Trev I would love to get in touch with Sue arson again. My email is
Many thanks
Jan townend
Posted by brian sunderland at 02/12/2010 21:11
hello roy wilcox
nice to see a letter from you---' are you and myra still living in aylesbury i often wonder what happened to you --- are you both o.k
those were the days when we used to go dancing at the baths hall and playing darts for the victoria club with the shipyard mob.--good old days
Posted by Myra & Roy Wilcock at 06/12/2010 14:51
Hello Brian, Nice to hear from you - long time no see. We moved from Aylesbury to Bicester in 1971 and are still here although 1 of our daughters still lives there and the other 1 lives in West Sussex. We are both OK except for the usual age-related aches and pains, how is Pam? Does she remember working with me at M&S?
Posted by sharon sennett(nee lumley) at 14/12/2010 01:51
Hi this is to rob lumley,do you have a uncle eric? if so we may be i had a uncle fred and uncle dad eric lumley was born in old goole, had a lot of brothers and sisters.
Posted by Barrie P Spink at 14/12/2010 23:50
My mother lived in the bungalows off Ilkestone Avenue and her neighbour was also a Mr Lumley, they were all related.
Posted by Mike Gunnill at 22/12/2010 19:03
Does anyone know the name Gofton? It was my mothers maiden name.
Posted by david lea-jackson at 24/12/2010 15:05
Stuart, Seasons greetings to you and all who enjoy the GOW site.
David L-J.
Posted by neil epworth at 05/01/2011 19:37
would like some information,on steam tug no. 10 owned by goole and hull steam towing late father was engineer on her .i beleive she was used in the mulberry harbours,one of his paper discharges had liberation of europe wrote in as description of voyage.thankyou
Posted by JayJay at 11/01/2011 14:58
Hi all I am looking for anyone who may remember any of the Addy's (Joseph and "Sylvia" her nickname nee knox).

I think that Sylvia was known as madam Addy and ran some sort of dance/girl deportment school?

She was a Knox originally whom I think owned boats in the docks.

Also their children Blanche, Lizzie and Albert?

To slightly younger ones, Blanches (called herself Mary and last marriage was Porritt) children Rod and Ces (Cecil but called himself Keith) Addy

Kindest regards Jay.
Posted by Mark, Scotland at 17/01/2011 11:15
Does anyone remember Stu Harvey, he used to live down Bretton Ave and go to Kingsway Middle we left in 1987 think he went to Snaith instead of going onto Goole Grammar, then we lost contact??

Anyone know what happened to him, is he still alive?
Posted by pauline wheeler at 25/01/2011 21:06
to jay jay your postiing on 11/1/11
re joe addy and martha ann knox she was born in thorne parents alfred born yarmouth norfolk (mariner) mother annie craven born wakefield.
joe was son to my 2xg grandfather tom addy's brother joe and his wife elizabeth, 1911 census shows joe and martha annie and daughter sylvia enid (2) living at 13 sutton street they had a son leslie h born 1914
both joe and martha are buried in goole cemetery,hope the above information is of use to you.
Posted by Gary at 06/02/2011 13:42
Hi can anyone help me please,Hoping to move to Goole soon,but would like to know if anyone can tell me where i could go fishing (sea) in Goole or surrounding areas Many Thanks
Posted by Rod Lumley at 08/02/2011 16:23
To Sharron Sennett
Hello Sharron.
We certainly must be cousins. My dad was Fred Lumley & he had lots of brothers & sisters including Tom, Phyllis, Esme,Eric, George Steve. I think there were 13 of them all together & they lived in Cooper St. Old Goole. Would love to hear from you. Please contact me on:
Posted by Sally at 29/03/2011 00:24
Only just found this site. Can anyone remember the chap on the market with the hand cart, who sold ice cream in summer( in pink cornets!) & hit chestnuts in winter? What about those of us who went to GGS 1964-1971, can you remember "march of the mods" at the Xmas parties?
Posted by Jon at 30/03/2011 20:30
In reply to Sally, I can remember the the ice cream and chestnut seller wheeling his cart down the lane behind Marshfield Avenue. I think his name was Mr White.
Posted by sharon sennett. at 30/03/2011 20:45
To rod lumley hi rod thankyou for the message on this site,can not seem to get an email to for now this is the only way to talk to dad was 1 of 13 of the lumley clang of old goole.sadly dad past away 5 years this november and not long after aunt phillis.its sad to think there is only uncle steve left out of all those brothers and sisters.i am the youngest of 7 and can not remember many of my aunts and is good to know i have family out there i never knew i had.i'll sign off for now rod,hope you reply soon,take care,sharon.
Posted by trev hardwick at 30/03/2011 20:52
hi sally the guy with the cart at the market was antony white he had a shop in manual street in the early 60 s i remember coming out of the pictures with mum on cold winters nights and having a bag of chestnuts where did 60 years go ! regards from ex gooley
Posted by sharon sennett. at 30/03/2011 23:13
hi rod me again,in my last message i wrote only uncle steve was left,i should of wrote uncle george is the only one left.easy done with 13 names to get mixed up with,take care.
Posted by TJ at 01/04/2011 23:08
Love reading everyone's memories of Goole - bringing back so very good ones of my own. My dad and his parents are from Goole and I visited there many times from 1972-1990's. Family lived on Oxford Rd/St and grandad kept his car in a garage miles away (or so it seemed to my little little legs) - walking to get the car with him to 'warm it up for nanna' and arguing with my brother about who would sit in the front and in the end we both would share the front seat (how times have changed - no car seats back then!!) and remembering the dog that always seemed to be onthe roof of the Viking as we arrived and left Goole for the summer holiday stay are some of my happiest warm feeling memories!! Many thanks! TJ
Posted by Gerald Brooksbank at 09/04/2011 20:19
Re the postings concerning the Ice cream/Roast Chestnut seller. The gentleman in question was, as stated, Anthony White. However, I think Trev Hardwick is mistaken when he says there was a shop down Manuel Street. As far as I can recall Mr. White only ever operated out of Ouse Street.
Posted by trev hardwick at 11/04/2011 21:20
with ref to antony white he did have a shop but i made a mistake the shop was in henry street before that mr grumwell had it for as long as i can remember my wifes sister took her to mr whites when we visited goole anumber of years ago regards trev
Posted by Denise at 15/04/2011 20:12
Antoni White had a small 'ice-cream parlour' down Ouse Street. We lived in North Street and each Sunday I would be sent there to buy a bowl full of ice cream and ask for plenty of wafers! His ice cream was the best I've ever tasted.
Posted by Bob Carson at 27/04/2011 20:21
I am looking for information on the carson family. I am looking for pat carson can anyone help me.thank you
Posted by GailR at 03/05/2011 12:27
I remember my mum telling me Antony White got into trouble for putting eggs in his ice cream but he carried on doing it. Don't know how true this is, or why he shouldn't use eggs, does anyone else?
Posted by rod Lumley at 03/05/2011 19:27
For Sharon Sennett.
Hello Sharon. Thanks for that. Have not seen Uncle George for years but my sister Joyce has. She still lives in Goole.
I live in the Midlands now. What about you? My email address is
Posted by trev hardwick at 09/05/2011 21:38
from trev hardwick hi gail i asked my mum about antony white using eggs in ice cream she says it was during the 2 ww when they were on ration but he did carry on using them as you said mum is 104 and can remember everything from her childhood regards from somerset
Posted by GailR at 11/05/2011 16:37
Thanks Trev, much obliged. Mr White always called me Stormy, which I hated, but his ice cream was delightful.
Posted by John Jessop at 13/05/2011 12:14
I spent an interesting hour wandering round the museum upstairs at Goole Library yesterday. I came away having bought a copy of the disappearing Goole photo booklet and have had a nostalgic evening looking at pictures of parts of Goole I recall from my youth but which no longer exist. Of personal interest were the railway tracks in Aire Street opposite Jack Pettys motorcycle shop, the Globe Cafe, Ouse Street where the buses back to Howdendyke set off, the Sydney Hotel, the list goes on.
There is a photo of the Peacock with the area of the present single storey section in ruins. No date is given but it looks like bomb damage at a guess - anyone know of this?
I suppose what shows the most retrograde development is the area around the Market Hall and the Clock Tower where the old outside market was and the three cornered island under the clock were "improved" but in my opinion the heart of the town was destroyed. Town Planners have a lot to answer for!
Posted by John Jessop at 16/05/2011 10:55
Further to my last post, I have been told the damage to the Peacock was as a result of a wartime aeroplane crashing into it following a mid-air collision when the other plane fell into a field near Balkhome. Can anyone confirm this?
Posted by keith at 16/05/2011 11:25
Re above the Globe Cafe was on Aire St quite near the Royal public house, the Sidney Hotel was at the opposite end of Aire Street neither were on Ouse Sreet.
Posted by John Jessop at 17/05/2011 09:59
Maybe my punctuation was confusing. I had simply included Ouse Street in the list of memories but separate to Jack Pettys and the Globe Cafe etc.
I do recall Jacks shop had a rear entrance down a ramp to the cellar in a short street which came out onto Ouse Street. The cellar was used as a workshop for bike repairs.
Posted by Christine Rickards at 18/05/2011 12:23
I think the Peacock hotel was damaged by a plane.. one of ours I believe but could be wrong. I was very small at the time and remember being carried by my dad from Alexandra Street to Dunhill Road where my grandfather lived. We went via Mad Dog Lane for safety. I think that the pub landlady was killed jumping from one of the upstairs windows. Around the same time there was damage to Wardle's garage and this might have been the reason for the evacuation. Hope someone can make my memories more accurate.
Posted by Bill at 18/05/2011 23:38
This info is from 'Goole at War',vol2,p.117, by Mike Marshall. On August 31 1943 two Wellington bombers collided over Goole. There were injuries and fatalities in different part of the town. At the Peacock there were two tragic deaths. William 'Jimmy' Stanley the licensee's 12 year old son, who was asleep, was killed by falling wreckage. The building caught fire trapping the surviving members of the family on the upper floor. Some soldiers from the next door building held a blanket so that surviving members of the family could escape by jumping from the upper floor. One of the people who jumped fell awkwardly and landed on one of the soldiers holding the blanket. He was knocked to the ground, suffered a fractured skull and died in hospital a few hours later. His name was Kenneth Wood
Posted by chris cowling at 21/05/2011 09:29
thanx to you 'Bill' posted 18-05-11,my granddaughter has the info she needed for school reguarding the bombing,i tried to find it myself and after much searching i found yours on this site. cheers
Posted by Re;Peacock at 29/05/2011 20:32
The landlady didn`t die she was my Grandmother , but when she jumped she landed on a young man who was helping to hold the blanket for her and her daughters to jump into .Her son Jim was killed aged 12 when the plane landed on the Peacock , my mother was the eldest daughter but was married and lived in Ouse Street .
Posted by anonymous at 30/05/2011 22:31
Too bad to hear about Geof Sayers, or 'Cecil' as he was known by. I remember one winter one of the school rugby teams was desperate because of sickness and injuries so Geof was pencilled in by Captain Sprakes. Mr Postill, taking a break from whacking boys late for the shower with a slipper, went pale when he saw the team sheet and cancelled all the matches. Wonder what happened to Sprakes and Scutty and all the other rugby nuts?
Posted by alan Turner at 31/05/2011 21:14
to Bob Carson.Anne died a whie back but Pat is still around
Posted by a.n.other at 02/06/2011 09:08
So this is an interesting site. Left Goole for uni in 1968 and never came back apart from to see family but no reason to come back now. Sad to see the state of the town centre these days, Goole planners clearly had lots on their minds other than planning. Had a discussion with friends about roots the other day and they tried to convince me that people who never leave their sleepy hollow are basically happier because they kwno nothing better, but I suggested they visit Goole. I know its an easy target but really what happened to the dignity and working class drive to improve life? Maybe it died with Thatchers demolition of the Yorkshire coalfields and steel industry. But believe me I have travelled a thousand places and never seen a place where every inhabitant walks round looking like they have just lost a tenner and found 50p. But it was not like this. In the 50's 60's GGS was full of great teachers and pupils were inspired to reach for the sky. And the secondary modern school so derided as a second class option fed countless pupils to GGS who went onto great things. So comprehensives came, the great teachers left, the parents who cared put their kids on the bus to scunthorpe of all places and the Vermuyden school strived valiantly for mediocrity. And a generation of kids with potential floundered and ... I saw a mention of Keith Burton the head boy tragically killed on his bike at greenawn corner. That was a horrendous time and I remember Mr Teed keeping a photo of him on his desk. Burton was on his way to cambridge to read Maths, a product of the remarkable teaching of Appleyard and Elvis the physics teacher. How many other people are in debt to teachers like them? I remember Bobby Todd maybe the smartest of many who took the alternative route of playing football. So much was good then, yes a lot was bad, but is it better to condemn everyone to mediocrity so the Town Council can feel politically correct? Oh well maybe I envy those still there.
Posted by Bill at 02/06/2011 21:53
Dear a.n.other (why the anonymity?). Like you I left in the late 60's for higher education, returned seldom and now live in a relatively affluent area from which it is too easy to make criticisms of,as you say, an easy target. But you overstate the case against Goole. Post Thatcher many towns lost their working class dignity, civic pride and ability to control their own destiny. Also it was not the only town affected by changes to the education system. (Incidentally comprehensive school worked well for my kids who both went on to better universities than me). True Goole went through a very bad patch made worse by hard drugs and lousy local government. But I see it getting it's act together once more and with some significant recent planning successes, e.g. the Junction and the restoration of the Lowther. So, my point is, that you and me and others like us should back off, unless we are prepared to pitch in and do something constructive to hep the town that served us well.
Posted by GailR at 03/06/2011 09:12
I too went to GGS in the 60s and on to University and am eternally grateful for the education Goole (including my Goole-born parents) gave me.
I too lived in other places around the UK for many years, travelled widely and experienced other cultures through my job, and finally came back to Goole 5 years ago for family reasons.

A.N.Other, it's really rather rude of you to suggest that the only people who like Goole are people who don't know any better. Plenty of us have seen the rest of the world and still find reasons to feel comfortable in Goole. Making sweeping judgements about people you've only walked past in the street doesn't really prove a point.
Posted by a.n.other at 04/06/2011 07:58
Dear Bill and Gail
My apologies if you are at all offended by my comments and in no way was I trying to criticize those who choose to live in Goole. People are much the same anywhere in the world and indeed there is a warmth with Goole people unusual in much of the UK. But as the old saying goes if it walks like a duck, sounds like a duck, and comes with orange sauce then it is a duck. My only criticism of the good people of Goole would be that perhaps they have sat back too much and accepted too much rubbish from the town leaders. I know Goole is not alone in being ravaged by the Thatcher years but a lot of places have tried very hard to reinvent themselves. As far as education is concerned, and that is maybe the biggest problem, simply look at the destinations and results of those educated in Goole. Compare with the results of 30/40 years ago and ask what wonderful talented young people have been failed. Of course education is not all about the high achievers but I would bet my last 50p that the achievements at all levels have been remarkably reduced. Look at what people tolerate as a health service in Goole. Both my parents grew old and died in a sysytem where you could be arbitrarily sent in any direction upto 30-40 miles from Goole for treatment. In Scunthorpe hospital my mother lay in bed whilst the case conference around her was conducted in Urdu. The day after my father died the condultant explained that after having a leg amputated the chance of my father surviving was low, but there was no amputation. Such nonesense would be not tolerated anywhere else I have ever seen. But there are many wonderful things about Goole and maybe you need to live there to see them clearly.
Posted by Bill at 12/06/2011 20:49
Dear a.n. another, No hard feelings then. You make fair comment, not least about the failings of the 'local' health service. Bill
Posted by David Hunt at 14/06/2011 11:45
My Wifes Uncle sadly passed away last year. Geoffrey Sayers some people might of known him. Well my mother in law Geoffreys sister is trying to sell the last of Geoffrey's classical music over 200 cd's. If interested we have a table at the Parish Church in Goole, it's a car bootie on 18th June (this sat morning 9 30am till noon). Thank you for your time.
Posted by Bill Caukill at 19/06/2011 08:30
Asked "Where were you born"? "Goole"! Blank faces and eyes to match. My grandfather was a tug-boat engineman and worked for Aire and Calder Navigation. My father also worked for them until he was called up during the war (1940). I graduated from Pasture Road School, then Boothferry Road and then spent two years at GGS until the family moved to Hornsea, East Yorks in 1947. I'm now in Sydney Australia having been here since 1956, shipped out by Blundell Spence of Sculcoates Lane Hull to manage the Factory in Mascot,Sydney, NSW. I was later manager of a Glass toughening plant at Taren Point in Sydney 50% owned by Guardian Industries who I understand have a plant in Goole. I had a good mate through Boothferry Road and GGS days called Clive Grant who lived in Jefferson Street. We lived in Rutland Road at the edge of town (as it was then). It was great to find this site. I will keep an eye on it in future.
Posted by Fiona Moate at 06/07/2011 08:55
Re: a.n other
I think Goole started going down the hill when it lost it's borough status & became part of Boothferry. As for the demise of education in the town, I know i wouldn't be where I am today if the schools hadn't become comprehensive. As a result of (undiagnosed Dyscalculia) I failed my 11 plus, really struggled at the appalling Secondary Modern, where I was bullied. This school was gearing girls up for at best a secretary in a shipping office or an SEN at a local hospital, but mainly to be housewives. I got 3 A levels in the comprehensive system & now have an MA & work in an FE college.
I agree that Goole has gone down hill, there has been poor planning & local government. It seems very much to have lost it's confidence, identity & status post Thatcher, but it was loosing those prior to her becoming Prime Minister when it became part of Boothferry.
I also agree about healthcare, Scunthorpe failed my parents, appalling place.
Posted by Louise at 22/07/2011 23:15
I lived in Moorland Road in the late forties and early fifties; we had no cooker and mum cooked on the fire...there was an oven beside it and a hook and a cast rest that swivelled over the flames in the grate to boil the kettle. I was having a conversation about the names of those fireplaces and none of us knew its proper name or of names of the components such as 'the thing the kettle went on over the flames!' or the 'hook thing that the pans were hung on' can anyone settle this for us? We went to find the old place today and the whole area was different...I left Goole a long time ago and have new ties with the area; feeling good about the idea of coming home..
Posted by Freda Elizabeth Wheldrake at 24/07/2011 19:39
To Louise,

The fire/oven/hob you describe was a Yorkist Range. In the 1930s they were all black leaded to keep them looking new. In the 1950s they were finished in enamel in a range of colours- but still had the same components as the old Yorkist Range.They heated the hot water for the whole house, where a lagged tank was usually in the bathroom, which kept the room cosy and/or acted as an airing cupboard too.
Elizabeth Wheldrake, Adelaide, South Australia
P.S. Goole Grammar School had 1 modern Yorkist Range in the fifties, when Miss Holland guided us through all the basic principles of cooking.
Posted by Tom Parsons at 27/07/2011 21:47
Greenawn childrens home.
I was in the childrens home from 1957-1962 and went to the modern school . The people i most remember from school are David Ullathorne , (who gave me the best Xmas i'd ever had in life up until then) . Raymond Gledhill , Ray Bonser (i think this is right). Dennis Cook ( who had the hardest shot in football). Martin Addy ( who could run faster than Usain Bolt).
It was only in the last two years i was their that it became a mixed school. The only girl i can remember was a Linda Devrell . I can remember on the school sports day ,someone being speared by a javelin, the first hockey match between the teachers and the girls, playing for the school football team , and scoring in the final at Goole Towns ground, Happy days.,
The first super , i was under in the kids home was a Mr Mieningham, The second was Chinny Turner , their was a Mrs Rook form HOOK!. We all had a job to do in the home, washing up ,cleaning , looking after the younger kids, making beds. We would join any club to get out and about. Goole Brass Band , Sunday school . West park (i think was it called ). I now live in Castleford , just up the M 62 . My memories of Goole are happy ones , with some good school friends . If any one remembers me please get in touch . Tom Parsons
Posted by Jon at 01/08/2011 18:21
There was a band which played in the Goole area in the late 50s and early 60s. Nothing avant garde. They weren't about to burst into the charts, or tour Germany in a Bedford van. Just a group of gents in smart suits and bow ties playing jazz for dances.

As far as I know they didn’t have a name. The only photograph I have is of a quartet: piano, drums, tenor saxophone and guitar. My father, Geof Kelsey, was the guitarist. I think the sax player was Harold Mann, and that at some time there was also a double bass player called Wally. I’m fairly sure they played at the North Eastern, amongst other local venues.

As a small boy I wasn’t interested, but with 50 year’s hindsight I wish I had paid more attention, and would love to know more. Does anyone remember them?
Posted by Trevor D Johnson at 05/08/2011 23:24
I was born in Goole 27-01-1948 ( Pasture Road )and left in 1950 when my father Douglas Johnson left the Merchant Navy and joined the Police force in the West riding.
Many of my relations are buried in the cemetery by the river.
My Mother was a Whiteley, her Dad being Ernest who worked for a lifetime on Goole Docks and mother was Maud, Nee Pickering. They lived for many years in Grosvenor Avenue whilst my fathers side hailed from Old Goole.
I was a regular visitor to Goole, as a boy I attended the Nautical School, Boulevard, Hull., and would stop off to spend Sunday night at my Grandparents, before going to Hull on Monday morning. A fellow Boulevard boy from Goole was Paul Hughes, I'm sure there would be many more.
Having lived down south for many years, New Forest, I have only visited Goole once, about five years ago, much of it still seemed the same, but an awful supermarket seems to now dominate the centre.
If anyone remembers me I would love to hear from you.

Keep going Goole, it's not that sleepy.
Posted by Jean Druery (nee Blackburn) at 25/08/2011 21:19
I am reading with interest all the comments about Goole. I grew up there and have very happy memories. I remember Barrie Spink well. My father was Captain Joe Blackburn and my brother is Richard who now lives in Holton le Clay, NE Lincolnshire. I live in Scotland but hoping to move back down shortly when I have sold my house. My regards to Rod Lumley who organised our re-unions for the Grammar School. Jean Blackburn
Posted by trev hardwick at 26/08/2011 15:35
hi jean blackburn i was a pal of richards till i left goole in 1958 aged 14 i spent many hours at your family home it would be great to get in touch with richard again ( is he on the internet ? i have made contact with a few of the old gang through using this brill site i hope you are well and look forward to your reply regards trev
Posted by jean druery (nee Blackburn) at 27/08/2011 12:42
Hi Trevor, Great to see your comment. I have contacted Richard and he says he remembers you well. I have told him which website this is on, so hopefully he will see it. He now lives in North East Lincolnshire having moved down from Glasgow last year. He has 3 children, Andrew, Iain and Helen and 2 grandhildren and another due in October. I think this website is very interesting. It is surprising the names and people you remember, Jean
Posted by M Davies at 01/09/2011 16:45
Does anybody have any information and history(and photos) of buses operating into Goole, such as Thompson's Yorks & Lincs/Advance, Ben Sketcher, E Sykes all of Swinefleet, or Hopley & Richardson/Majestic, or Drury all of Goole.
In fact any buses operating into or around the Goole area in the 1920/30's

Thanks Mike....
Posted by Robert Ward at 02/09/2011 22:09
Mike - re buses: I've given the reference here on the Bridges page of the 1930s census of vehicles crossing Boothferry Bridge during a week in February 1930, which is at Beverley Archives. It lists the names of the vehicle owners. I noticed Pigeon Sykes' bus crossing regularly, but there must have been other buses too. It's a large document so allow at least a couple of hours if you go look.
Posted by Mike Davies at 05/09/2011 14:59
Thanks Robert for the info I will try to get to Beverley archives when I get the chance.
Posted by Geoffrey Page at 05/09/2011 21:53
I was born in Goole in 1947 at 33 Oxford Road, moving to North Yorkshire at the age of three. Does any one rember my grandparents, Lilly and Arthur Page. My gran was dinner lady at Pasture Road school and I believe my grandad was a cobbler. and than caretaker at Pasture Road. My father Kenneth Page worked on the railways, I think as a shunter? His sister were Shiela,Betty,and Eileen. Betty married Cliff Hensby, who was a policeman, based at Goole for a lengthy time and also Rawcliffe Bridge. Any memories. I have very happy memories as a child of staying a 33 Oxford Road, during school holidays, and well rember the horse trough at the top of Oxford Road, well before any new developments.
Posted by Barrie P Spink at 07/09/2011 23:16
Hi Jean Druery (nee Blackburn)
I was pleased to hear from you again and glad to see you on the Goole on the Web site.I remember your father, Captain Joe Blackburn and your brother Richard but I am sure that your brother was a few years younger than your good self. I have often thought about you and wondered how you were getting on after you moved up to Scotland, presumably to be near to your brother.
I hope you are keeping well regards
Posted by Robert Ward at 08/09/2011 21:44
To Mike Davies re buses. Just came across this in Joyce Mankowska's "A Port in Green Fields" (1973) page 42 about the opening of Boothferry Bridge. "Louis Taylor ... became a driver for Mr. 'Pigeon' Sykes who ran a local bus service. Louis can still remember driving the first bus to cross the newly opened bridge. He was taking a load of passengers to see the airship R.100 in her hangar at North Howden."
Posted by Mike Davies at 11/09/2011 10:09
Thanks once again Robert.
Posted by Daniel (Danny) Johnson at 20/09/2011 21:52
I would like to contact a friend from the past. Her name Helen a friend of Pat Robertson lived in Westfield square back in the days of the Room at the Top.
If anybody knows her could you forward my e.mail.
Thank You
Posted by Daniel (Danny) Johnson at 21/09/2011 14:41
Daniel`s e.mail.

Trying to locate Helen Pat`s friend from westfield square Goole
Posted by Daniel (Danny) Johnson at 21/09/2011 15:01
Attention Stuart Holt.

I started at Holland steamship as the manager opening and setting up the business then they brought in a chap called Cotter from london (He had a disability if you remember)
Posted by Daniel (Danny) Johnson at 21/09/2011 15:11
Attention Geoff LeVoguer.

Hi Geoff I remember you from our school days Danny (Johnson) your e.mail not working
Posted by Janet Tierney at 31/10/2011 12:11
Hi, I'm planning an exhibition at Goole Museum for December on Games - which means not just sporty games, but also playground games, board games, indoor games, any sort of games .... I'm particularly interested in children's games, in and out of school, so if anyone has any memories that they would like to share of things like skipping games, running-around/hide and seek type games (or anything else for that matter!) that they used to play when they were young, and would like them to be included in the exhibition, I would love to hear from you! Please get in touch, either by posting on the web or emailing me direct. Or write to me at the museum (Carlisle St. DN14 5DS) Thanks, Janet
Posted by Bill at 02/11/2011 23:28
Hi Janet, there was a street game that we played in the late 50's called 'Eggity Budge' or something like that. Unfortunately I can't remember what it involved, other than running around frantically. Maybe others of my generation remember it.
Posted by Susan Butler at 05/11/2011 10:05
Hi - just to let anyone who is interested in the history of Goole know that I have just published another book in my series Goole, A Pictorial History. This is volume 4 and is loosely about the 1940s. There are over 80 old pictures and it is full of memories from people who lived in Goole around that time.
You can buy it in Goole from Chappelows or buy it through my website - Howdenshire History.
Posted by Sue Allen at 05/11/2011 14:23
Also remember Eggity budge but same as Bill cannot remember the rules. there was also Hot Rice similar sort of game.
Posted by Denise S at 05/11/2011 23:22
I think 'Eggity Budge' was a game where one child threw a ball in the air and the others in the game ran round like maniacs, the ball thrower shouted someones name and they then had to get the ball. Once they had got the ball they shouted 'eggity budge' and everyone had to freeze and the kid with the ball threw it (usually as hard as they could) at one of the children. You weren't allowed to move or you were a 'bad egg'.
Posted by Robert Ward at 06/11/2011 17:53
Responding to mockery for my shelf of books about Goole, I pointed out that nowhere else is (perhaps that should be "was") quite like it? But why? Why no "Selby-on-the-web" or "Growing up in Beverley"? Did Goole's isolation create a stronger identity? Did this nurture greater talent and creativity? Why do we feel so fortunate to be from Goole?
Posted by Bill at 06/11/2011 23:58
Denise, yup that sounds about right.
Posted by Danny Johnson at 11/11/2011 20:15

Does anybody have a contact for helen she used to live Westfield Square Goole Next to Pat Robertson.
Posted by Ted Marston at 15/11/2011 16:40
I was in West Riding Police stationed at Goole from May 1959 until 1962. I lived at 32 Henry street. It was my first posting and really enjoyed living there. I was married at Goole Parish Church and my daughter was born at Goole Maternity Home on Boothferry road. I remember buying a cycle from Claude Bamforths shop. Saturday night in the winter there were dances at the Baths Hall. I have lots of fond memories of Goole
Posted by norma frear nee weston at 21/11/2011 22:00
hi i would like to here from anyone who new my dad frank weston i think my grandad was also called frank my dad lived in goole up untill joining the navy he had asister called amy and a brother called len i would like to know more about my family can anyone help
Posted by Mike Ganley at 22/11/2011 10:24
Grew up in Old Goole. My dad had the butcher’s shop on Swineleet Road and went to the local catholic primary school where a rap on the knuckles with a ruler from the nuns was par for the course. Remember early mornings when all the pea-pullers were in trailers waiting to be taken to the farms. Also remember the regular launches from the dockyard and what a vibrant colourful community it was. Returned to Goole recently and stayed in the Lowther where the owner had been mounting a one-man campaign to achieve city status for the town. Interesting to see the ambitious plans for urban renewal supported with European money: dining al fresco in Italian coffee shops in Moorland road and feature themed areas centred on the salt and pepper pot. We should never spurn progress but those halcyon days will never be replicated. The characters were more vivid and colourful than any soap opera could have invented.
Posted by Danny Johnson at 25/11/2011 11:53
Helen Watson Became Kenning 1980`s Lived in westfield square next to Pat Robertson.

Anybody remmber her and ahave a contact ???
Posted by danny johnson at 25/11/2011 14:40
i worked for your dad are you simons brother lives oz?
Posted by danny johnson at 25/11/2011 15:13
anybody remember going to the room at the top in the old days
Posted by Mike Ganley at 26/11/2011 11:24
Yes to both questions. Went to visit Simon in Oz last year. Strange sat around pool drinking coctails and talking about the old goole days. Another lad who worked for my dad has a brother out in Perth. He's Simon's brother in law. Mike from Hook? Will check out name. Small world eh?
Posted by Danny Johnson at 26/11/2011 13:52
Yes. I have been to oz several times to see brother mike and the rest of the family Simon etc.
My Dad stan also worked for your dad.
I worked many a time making Pork pies .it was great .
Posted by Danny Johnson at 26/11/2011 13:53
Thats me Mike
Posted by Mike Ganley at 28/11/2011 07:59
Small worls Dan! Is it Goole or just the fact we’re are all getting older which prompts us to reminisce so much about our home town. Are there similar web sites in ‘Darlington’ or ‘Slough’? Probably a mixture of both -but throughout my travels I have never come across with as much character as Goole. Didn’t Ray Gosling refer to it as Venice on dustbin collecting day? I was drinking with a mate in the Mariner’s Arms (Middle house?) when they started filming for that programme. A ‘bloke’ came up to my mate and said hello Patrick, what are you doing here? My mate Paddy immediately said don’t tell me dad you’ve seen me here! Of course the bloke was Ray Gosling who ironically had been interviewing paddy’s dad earlier on in the day about his pigeons. We had a couple of pints (probably larger and lime in those days) before leaving only to miss out on one of the most notorious events in Goole’s past – ladies dancing on the table. I remember the grumbles from everyone when the programme went out. Why couldn’t they film the lovely flowers on the river bank instead!
It was in another pub in old Goole that me and another mate were ‘done’ for under aged drinking. It was a Friday night and I will never forget having to go home and tell my folks the bad news. They were drinking in the Marshlands at the time with a bloke called Jeff Jakes (builder who played the guitar). Jeff winked at me and said never mind – you’re not a proper old goolie until you’ve been done!
Posted by Maxx Brown at 15/12/2011 06:18
Great share it is surely. My mother has been waiting for this tips
Posted by Danny Johnson at 15/12/2011 13:25
HELEN KENNING Previously Helen Watson.

Westfield Square Goole.

Anybody got a contact number.? e.mail.

She was Pat Robertsons Friend.
Posted by danny smith at 01/01/2012 12:47
I was born in goole. Moved to Newcastle when i was 18.. its amazing how many people know of goole or have been to goole all over the country.. its a very unique town and I hope to move back as all my family are still there.. even in the 6years iv been away goole has changed a lot an is really getting put on the map, makes me proud to be a goolie :)
Posted by dominick smith at 07/01/2012 21:14
mike, ask simon if he remember's saint thomas's next time your speak to him
Posted by Keith at 09/01/2012 19:36
Sorry Mike, but I think the Mariners Arms was the bottom house and the middle house was the Dock Tavern
Posted by Mike Ganley at 13/01/2012 10:57
You're right Keith - stand corrected.
And the Cape of Good Hope (Chris Ward's pub) must have been the top house then?
Posted by danny johnson at 14/01/2012 12:36
married to helen (Kenning watson)

anybody a contact number.
Posted by Mike Ganley at 26/01/2012 10:08
Dominick - Simon says hi.
His e mail address is:
Posted by anita walsh at 28/01/2012 02:52
I am trying to find Dave Fallon, singer in a 60's group named The Blueberries. At this time he lived in Thorne. Friends from the group John, Mel and Jim would like to have a reunion.
Can anyone Help?
Posted by Paul at 28/01/2012 14:28
Mike Ganley
Did you or another member of your family with the same name attend Marist College in Hull.
Posted by Mike Ganley at 28/01/2012 21:55
No. Went to Holy Family Carlton.
A good mate of mine - Chris Gutowski - went there and my uncle was a teacher there but his name was Oldroyd
Posted by Paul at 29/01/2012 20:16
Mike Ganley
Thanks for your reply. I thought that as you went to an RC primary school you may have gone onto Marist College.Your comment in November about corporal punishment being inflicted by nuns was interesting as it was little different at an RC grammar school with all the priests and teachers having canes.The ruler on the knuckles reminded me that the physics teacher used a wooden box with weights for the scale instead and the latin teacher enjoyed twisting your sideboards or twisting his cane threw your hair whilst trying to translate latin prose.Record for caning was about 28 strokes in a 40 minute lesson to a classmate by a priest.Bet you're pleased you went to Carlton.
Posted by Peter Hill at 11/02/2012 10:39
Tomorrow, 12 February marks the 50th anniversary of the fire on board the Hull-registered MV Fountains Abbey which led to the loss of the ship and cost two Goole men their lives. Operated by Associated Humber Lines, she was homeward bound from Bremen and Hamburg when the fire was spotted 76 miles east of Spurn Head.It had been a rough passage and some drums of inflammable sodium chlorite had shifted, some spillage occurred followed by spontaneous combustion with bales of wool which formed part of the cargo.Within minutes, the master, Fred Wooller gave the order to abandon ship.Eighteen of the 22 man crew managed to get aboard the port lifeboat but two men were fatally injured as the ship's counter came down on the forward part of the lifeboat as it tried to clear the ship in heavy seas.The Lowestoft trawler, John O'Heugh, was able to get the survivors on board but before the fatalities could also be taken on board, the lifeboat drifted away.Three days later the lifeboat was found drifting by the Norwegian ship, Rondo.The bodies of James Cleary, bosun and William Gilmartin, a motorman were taken on board.Among the survivors from Goole were: Gordon King, chief engineer;Sidney Stowe, AB;James Dawson,steward;Michael Spencer, assistant steward; and Robert Denman.The 22 year old mate of another trawler, the Boston Spitfire, received awards from the Lloyd's insurance market and the Royal Humane Society for his role in the rescue effort.
Posted by Paul at 11/02/2012 20:55
Peter Hill
Did you live in Clifton Gardens and left Boothferry Road Junior School in 1955 for Pocklington?
Posted by Kevin Oldridge at 12/02/2012 20:34
Mike Ganley

Have seen your comments posted earlier.
I went to Marist College from 1966 to 1972. There were about a dozen of us from Goole- most came through St Thomas's school in Old goole but a few came from schools in the town.
We all enjoyed it in Hull but by the end of our time there, I was thoroughly fed up of getting on that train every morning and rushing back to the station every night to make sure you caught the 4:20 train back to Goole.
One good thing about it, was that we could use our train pass to travel back to Hull for free on a saturday to watch Hull City play. We were also able to catch every midweek evening game. They had a very good team at that time.
Posted by Paul at 13/02/2012 17:10
Kevin Oldridge
Nice to hear from a fellow former pupil of Marist.I was there 1956-63 and lived in Hull,having moved from Goole in 1955.I do recall the "Goolies" enjoying the benefits of their rail passes.In my last year I had to pay my rail fare to play football for Goole BRSA until I was paid 10s. to cover the fare, a surplus of 2s6d which made me feel like a semi-pro player!
Turnover of priests and teachers during my time was limited so I expect some of those there during your time were the same:Fr Salmon the headmaster,Fr.Howarth,Messrs.Mell(history)Healy(english)McGarry(geography) Flynn (latin)etc. Remember a Mr Oldroyd in the lower school teaching music appreciation in the prefab, sitting on his desk next to a large wind-up record player puffing away on a Park Drive or Woodbine.Was the school enforcer still there in your time,namely,Fr,"Sid" O'Shaughnessy?The priest I refer to in the post above about record the caning was Fr Riley,a young priest with a bit of a temper. Like you I enjoyed my time there but the only regret is that sport was not taken very seriously and it was only in my last year that a dedicated sports teacher was taken on, a Mr Myers, I think.
Was looking on google earth at the school site(date unknown) and it appears Waddingtons the tannery seems to be residential and except for the church and house at the school main entrance everything has been demolished and new buildins erected and even the playing field was under construction.
Best wishes.
Posted by Kevin Oldridge at 13/02/2012 22:14
Dear Paul,
Thanks for your response.
What's your surname by the way. If you lived in Goole perhaps my older brother knew you.

No can't say I recall Fr Sid Shaugnessy. Fr Salmon dished out the cane outside his office door for all to see. Although there was a Fr Moriarty (choir practice) who liked to give you a good old slippering! He had big feet and was built like a rugby player, so was a scary guy to an eleven year old.
There was a dedicated sports master in our time there, who also taught history, but I can't remember his name. We had school football teams, rugby team and went to regular swimming sessions across the road at a smallish pool. Me and Kev O'Regan used to come through to Hull on a saturday morning to play for the school football team. We had a good set of lads who all got along fine with each other. There was also keen interest in rugby at the time and I recall Phil Donn regularly practising kicking on the field at various points in the day. I was surprised to see he took up professional football refereeing after he left school because I never saw him kick a round ball at any time!
I do remember Mr Myers (geog) and Mr Mell. I also remember Mr Oldroyd, a nice chap, who taught English Literature I think. Can't remember anything else about him, other than, I think he mentioned he once taught at Goole Modern School.
Although we weren't allowed out at lunchtime some of us used to pay a visit to Monica Billiard Hall to have a frame if we could get on a board. Either that or go down Beverley Road to the Bowling Alley. Some lunchtimes (Thurs or Friday) we would pay a visit to the dance hall on the corner of Ferensway (Mecca I think?) (it's still there now but under a different name). God knows what we did there then, probably just seeing what older teenagers got upto- I don't remember any doormen to bar us entry. There was always plenty to entertain us in Hull.
Essentially, because we were so far away from home we could be lads without fear of our parents finding out. If my Mam had found out we went to those places she would have shook a seven!!
It was great at Marist.

Best Wishes
Posted by Paul at 14/02/2012 09:07
Hi Kevin
I'd forgotten about skiving off at lunchtime for a game of snooker.
My surname is Triggs. I doubt your brother would know me as I attended Boothferry Road Infants and Junior School.I did play a team from Old Goole in 1955 in the final of the Short Cup. 0-0 as I recall. Interestingly the captain of my team was Peter Hill who I think may be the poster of that name on this website.
Fr. Salmon certainly dolled out some retributution for serious misdemeanours. I recall a caning infront of the whole school on the playground between the old school building and bike shed that ran along Waddingtons boundary.I seem to remember he didn't use an ordinary cane but a black greeheart walking stick with a metal tip.
Mr Myers was certainly the PE teacher but no doubt doubled up with another subject.The best teacher during my time was Mr.McGarry(geography).
Like you I played football for the school and particularly enjoyed the trips to Blackburn and Middlesborough in the triangular competitiom. Rugby hadn't been introduced although there was a Marist Old Boys team.We did enter a makeshift seven-aside team in a competion in Bridlington or Withernsea as I played in it. Doesn't surprise me that rugby was introduced as I'm sure Myers played rugby and pupils from east hull were staunch Rovers supporters and probably played it at junior school.Touch rugby on the playingfield was common usinga "ball" of newspaper in an old sock. I also recall Father Salmon driving 4 of us upto Middlesborough for an athletics competition and nearly driving of the road,well he did wear glasses but clearly not strong enough!
In my early years at the College the summer break was 9/10 weeks 'though this was reduced to the normal 6 weeks in later years. Again when the annual weekly retreat took place as a non-catholic pupil it was effectively a week of doing very little but this changed it a more structured use of that time.
I've enjoyed corresponding with you as it's encouraged the"grey matter" to do a little work.
Best wishes.
Posted by Kev Oldridge at 14/02/2012 17:25
Re: Marist College

Thanks for your reply Paul.
You're right Triggs is not a familiar surname for us, probably because you attended a different school when you lived in Goole.
As for teachers, I think I have got confused with the names. I am not at all certain about these. I will go with your better recollection in that area.
Thanks for refreshing my memory of my time at Marist. Perhaps another subject that we have a mutual interest in, will crop up in the future.

Best Wishes
Posted by Peter Hill at 14/02/2012 19:14
Just caught up with the messages from Paul Triggs who I remember well from days in Goole in the 50's. Yes, I lived in Clifton Gardens - number 12 - and attended Boothferry Road Infants and Junior School.You have a very good memory of the Shorts Cup match: did we play extra time? I do remember playing on the Goole Town AFC ground and feeling very grown up.I left in '55, went to Pocklington leaving in '62. I taught for a year at Thorne as a student teacher before becoming a journalist and heading south eventually to Fleet Street.Your father, like mine, worked for AHL I think.
Posted by Paul at 15/02/2012 02:26
Hi Peter
Really nice to catch up with you as it must be about 56 years plus since we last were in contact.In the early '50's we moved from Jackson Street to 35 Clifton Gardens.
I found this website by accident as rather belatedly my cousin who lives in Goole gave me a cutting from the Goole Times for September 2007.I don't know whether you are aware of it but Colin Maundrell had approached the paper for help in identifying fotballers in two photographs from Boothferry Road School in 1954 and 1955.The latter photogragh I recognised as I was on it but could't recall the names except yours and my cousin Bernard Harrison.It was taken after the game with Old Goole ,which may have been St Thomas's, in the school yard. I still have an original copy in an album but unfortunately no names.I tried googling the Goole Times for archives to see if there was a response to his request but no results but it it did lead to this website.
I did recall colin but for a goalkeeper judging by the photograph he was pretty short. Whilst I recognized the faces, only two names sprang to mind, Appleyard and Westerman. Can't remember extra time at the Pleasure Gounds but do remember being taken for fish and chips near the clock tower after the game.
My memory may be a bit hazy about the players as I spent two years in the form below the 11 plus year and I was the only player from the year below to play for the team. I started school before I was 4 as the Goole Secondary Modern School persuaded my mother to return teaching there so I was "shunted" off to school early which meant that I had to lose a year somewhere.
I believe you are correct that, my father worked with your father as he was a marine engineer. Originally during the war he was sailing with the New Zealand shipping Company to Australia, New Zealand and Canada. I think he was torpedoed 2 if not 3 times and subsequently sailed to Antwerp and Rotterdam on The "butter boats".When we moved to Hull he was involved in repairs to a fishing fleet(can't remember which) and subsequently worked for Drypool Engineering Company and Dunstans.
Memories : You had a full head of blond or light brown hair( I think things may have changed here) :Your mother's name was Henrietta:your father had a large black saloon (Humber ? ) Pilate with leather upolhstery: My first two wheeler bike, a red one, was bought from your parents:I think it was you that came with my mother to a relation's farm.To get there we went by bus to "White City" and walked along a farm track and then along the railway track.We were playing on the haystacks and slipped between two of them which was quite frightening being very hot. It was a struggle to get out which we did but had to have minor medical treatment for cuts and grazes.
Anyway I'll bring an end to the tales of yore but do appreciate your reply.
Posted by Chris Gutowski at 15/02/2012 09:01
Hi Kev Oldridge

I remembner you well from those days of train travelling. You were with Kev O'Regarn, Paddy Byrnet etc, as well as my brother Mike. You also had a brother Andy I seem to remember.

Funnily enough I attended a 35 year old Marist re-union at the weekend. The leavers class of '76. We reminisced about Jim and Bill Samon, Tony Tordoff and many others (I too remmeber the white haired Fr Moriarty.

Do you remember 'Mad Jack' the Latinm techer? Physices teacher was 'Bongo' who knuckled your head if you got a question wrong.

To the wider forum contributors, it wasn't just catholic schools that gave out the cane and wrapped your knuckles was it. I mean this was standard fayre back then?
Posted by Mike Ganley at 16/02/2012 08:07
Interesting reading all the comments and memories about school days. My uncle taught at Marist and I must have been a huge disappointment to my family when I failed the 11+. Despite being labelled as ‘second class’ by the system I did OK. I now run my own business and before that was principal of an international school in Muscat, Oman but owe little of this to my educators. The nuns at primary school were too busy filling us up with papist c***. I remember causing a stir within the local education community when I pointed a finger (literally) at my protestant grandparents telling them that they wouldn’t go to heaven.
A ditch ran in between the protestant and catholic areas of Old Goole and venturing to the ‘other side’ was a big adventure with all the hidden dangers an SAS force would normally deal with.
After St Thomas’ was the Holy Family school Carlton. I did flourish at sport there and respected the teachers ten-fold more than the black sisters in Old Goole. However even Carlton had its limitations as a secondary modern though was delighted when the letter came informing my parents that that was where I would be going. Apart from having to wear a dreadful purple blazer things were OK. I started to learn French and was excited about this new knowledge which I seemed to be good at. Then one day a group of Old Goolies complained to the teacher wanting to known why they had to learn such stuff and before you could say 3 Hail Marys we were doing extra woodwork instead!
I managed to get a fistful of O levels and went to do an OND in Hull (Remember the train journeys Chris!) and then on to uni in Nottingham. When I got my degree, my father (who by this time had grown in confidence enough to reject catholic dogma) told the priest to tell Sister Gemma where to shove my degree certificate. So many stories to tell but will leave some for another day.
Posted by paul at 16/02/2012 14:30
Mike Ganley
As you will have gathered your uncle,Mr Oldroyd,did teach me.As well as music appreciation I think he taught english in the lower forms. He was a really nice laid back guy and I don't recall him resorting to the cane.He had a son at the College but he was 2/3 years ahead of me.

Chris Gutowski

Was "bongo" Mr Giles.If it was he also rapped your Knuckles with a wooden box containing scales weights.
"Mad Jack" sounds like Mr Flynn, an Irish teacher.
Posted by Kev oldridge at 16/02/2012 15:50
FAO: Chris Gutowski

I do remember you Chris, but more so, your older brother Mike. I think Mike was only a year older than me, so we would have spent more time together at St Thomas's and Marist. I'm not sure but I think he joined us all on Kingsway playing field to play football or cricket while we were still at Junior school. It's been so long ago now, I regret, I probably wouldn't recognise either of you. As an aside, your mother used to teach my wife at Goole Modern School as well.

I do have a younger brother Andy, who went to Holy Family Carlton. By that time I think Marist had stopped intakes from Goole, everyone seemed to go to the newly built Carlton school.

As for teachers, I mentioned in one of my previous posts that my memory of teachers was poor. I think Fr J salmon (headmaster's brother?) taught us latin. However, there was a strange guy, Italian I think, who taught that and other languages. From what I remember he had another job on an evening somewhere and would often be found asleep on the large window ledges situated on the upper floor of the new shool building. I think he was prone to strange stress outbursts as well! I think all schools have their share of "characters".

Best Wishes
Posted by Daniel Johnson at 26/02/2012 08:24
Stanhope Street

Can anybody remember when this Night club was open? Dates Please
Posted by Steve Butterworth at 29/02/2012 21:01
In response to an article by Tommy Parsons now of castleford.
Hi Tommy, I was at Greennawn when you were - went to Drax Grammar - one or two guys have recently asked about you and Derek so maybe you can get in touch.
Posted by norma frear nee weston at 29/02/2012 23:03
somebody must have known my dad frank weston who lived in goole as a child i would love to know anything about my dads childhood
Posted by tony wilson at 01/03/2012 07:30
Hello all you Goolies. Can someone help. Around 1946 my father played for Goole town. Albert Woodvine ( came from Leicster )
winger I believe. Does anyone know were i coul find apicture of the team or him form that era.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Posted by Dave Heffron at 09/03/2012 02:07
Anyone here know a Dave Retburg? His family used to have a shop on Marshfield road. Had some happy times a kid in goole in the 60's and 70's. From Sheffield but used to visit my Aunts on Broadway - McBrides. Loved the Carlton as a kid and the sweet shop at the side of it.
Posted by Moira Thomas (Buttle) at 13/03/2012 15:43
I noticed that you moved to 35 CLIFTON GARDENS in 1955. This is the last address I have for my Great-Grandparents the BUTTLE family. Thomas Alfred Buttle and his wife Anne. I know they were there until at least 1934 when a D Buttle was still there. I know its a long shot but I wondered if you have any knowledge of this family? I live in Birmingham and found the Goole web-site quite by chance a couple of years ago, very interesting to read about where my relatives came from. I believe my Great-Grandfather was a steam ship manager. if you dont have any knowledge of them perhaps you could recommend which newspaper is best to place an ad in for my search; also could anyone suggest which books are best for telling the history of Goole and the shipping connection. Best Wishes. Moira Thomas (Buttle)
Posted by Paul at 13/03/2012 23:09
Hi Moira
Sorry but I can't really assist you. I moved to Clifton Gardens in about 1952 and at the age of 8 your'e not really aware of the previous occupants of the house. It's a pity that occupiers aren't required to provide a log of the time they spent there to be handed on to future owners.
You may like to google for Susan Butler who has written extensively about the area ( She also has a professinal geanealogy service.
A request for information, as well as under this topic, may produce results if you posted under "The Ships" also.
I believe the local papers are The Goole Times and Goole Courier.
Sorry I can't be of more help but whilst I was born in Goole I have not lived there since 1955.
Posted by Patricia at 14/03/2012 16:03
Hello. Does anyone know any Bristow family members from the Blacktoft area or Scalby?
Posted by moira thomas at 14/03/2012 20:30
Hi Paul
Thanks for getting back to me so soon. It was a long shot but at least I know that you have no knowledge of the family in question. The leads you have given to me will be useful and I will follow them up. I have got this far so I will carry on trying to solve the mystery. I look at the Goole web-site from time to time and find it very good and informative. Thanks again and good wishes to you.

Moira Thomas
Posted by Margaret Audas( HOCKNEY) at 17/03/2012 18:02
Information please. Which church was built first, St. John's or St. Mary's? Also when were Sy. Paul's and All Saints built and closed? I fact any information of these churches. Thanks
Posted by Christine Graham (formerly MacSwiney) at 18/03/2012 10:17
Hi there,

I was born in Goole, in Brough St. to be exact, and lived there until 1946. I attended Pasture Rd school.

My grandfather was Thomas MacSwiney,who was a surgeon at St Bartholomews Hospital Goole.

My aunt is Mollie England, who I believe still lives in the Goole area, and I would love to hear from her as she is the only remaining member of my mother's family.
Posted by Bill at 18/03/2012 23:45
St.John's church was built in 1848
Posted by Ian Bowie at 20/03/2012 22:53
To: Shirley Jarred/Hind
Better late... Yes, I remember you. You were Ariel -- Shakespearean not radio. Digger is also long-time here in the Antipodes: he in Adelaide, I in Sydney.
Posted by danny johnson at 21/03/2012 15:33
still trying to trace Helen Tolan ex Kenning .Westfield sq Goole

Friend of Pat Robertson was married to Brian.

Posted by Robert Ward at 21/03/2012 17:13
St Paul's church closed in 1970 - in April I think.
Posted by Kevin oldridge at 23/03/2012 22:39
FAO: Moira Thomas (Buttle) 13/3/12 15;43hrs

Noted your search for the BUTTLE family.

When I was searching for information on the BURKILL family for my wife a couple of years ago I spotted the connection to the BUTTLE family. I hold a copy of a birth certificate dated 2/9/1867 for an Alice Ann Fowler, whose mother was named as TAMAR FOWLER (formerly BUTTLE) of Hemingbrough.

Tamar Buttle was my father-in-law's great grandmother.

Also, I spent quite a long time scanning through the census records in Goole Library and wrote down extracts of the 1871 + 1891 census microfiche. There are quite a few mentions of the Fowler & Buttle families in those records for the Hemingbrough, Howden, Eastrington and Goole areas.

I am very happy to email you copies of this information if you conatct me on "". They may be useful for your family history search.

Kind Regards
Posted by Dennis Thornton at 27/03/2012 16:56
Shirley Jarred/ Hind
Please put me in touch with Shirley Jarred / Hind. There are 60 years of catching up to do so our Webmaster may jib at large posts.
My Facebook address is Dennis Thornton.

Leeds Uni and GGS.

So much to say
Digger Thornton Adelaide in Oz
Posted by Moira Thomas at 27/03/2012 21:29
Thanks Kevin for your information on the BUTTLE family, quite a surprise! Give me a few days and I will sort out my records and see if any of your names and dates slot in with mine. I am fairly busy over the next few days but I promise I will get back to you. Thank you for taking the time, I will be in touch again soon.

Best Wishes

Moira Thomas (BUTTLE)
Posted by Derek Wright at 31/03/2012 08:18
Hi I am looking for any information regarding Captain Samuel Wright who is my great great grandfather and any of his children, Thanks
Posted by christine shaw (ne Abbey) at 21/04/2012 22:05
Hi everyone I didn't know about the web site until my son inlaw mentioned that our dad (that is me and my sister rose marie ) had been mentioned on the web site (doug Abbey) by someone called Rod Lumley, did I know him,? I said yes we have met, hi! Rod, hope your well and brother Bill., I have lots of great memories of dad, his love of his job and very proud of the port, he was called the voice of Goole, our lives as children were ruled by tide times,(mum biked all the way to the Lowther hotel just to give him his dinner on more then one occasion that and a few choice words) happy days.It was good to read some of the comments,Great to here your ok geoff and still making music.
Posted by Barrie P Spink at 22/04/2012 23:23
Hi Christine, Were we at school together, I seem to remember a Christine Abbey, however as the years go by the memory tends to play tricks. Kind regards

Posted by Chris Shaw at 23/04/2012 21:49
Hello Barrie, I think we probably was at school together I can recognize people and remember names but putting them together is the problem,I put it down to age, its nice here from you,
Posted by sue powles nee fielder at 26/04/2012 15:31
goole how times have changed growing up there was the best
Posted by Chris Shaw at 27/04/2012 20:11
Growing up in goole was great we could walk everywhere never worry about missing the last bus home, walking down Old Goole to Mrs Barrats social club for a dance and bottle of pop ( now the seamans mission ) was the highlight of the week.
Posted by Annette Kempsell (Tighe) at 11/05/2012 13:18
Fantastic website!
I moved away from Goole in 1979 but still say I am going home when I go back. Brilliant place and briilliant people. School days were great and I have been to the GGS reunions organised by Wreaksy and Fling it was really good to catch up with so many people. Always seem to bump into people from Goole on holidays in various places at home and abroad - there's nowhere like the place I love it!
Posted by Paul b at 31/05/2012 23:32
I was born in goole as was my mother and her mother and father
I went to school at goole primary pasture rd
I have lived all over the world and been to many towns and cities
But whenever I can I vist the town
To me it's like Mecca
Fond memories
Posted by Harold L Tabiner at 05/06/2012 23:01
Mike Ganley, did you work in your dad's butchers shop? as I seem to remember a big lad working in there.
My grandad (Leonard Smith) once encouraged me to grow some onions in his garden and sell them to your dad, there was a sack full and I think I got 2 shillings and 6 pence for them, I was about 8 years old and at that time it was a fortune.
I was born in the front bedroom of 55 Morley Street in 1956 - so I am definately an 'Old Goolie'.
I remember the Old Goole Gala's and my Auntie Mays garden parties at Johnsons farm, sadly the last time I saw the farm house from Swinefleet road it looked in a bad state.
Worked for many years at the Starch factory next to Ocean lock? but my family now live in Hull.
Posted by Mike Ganley at 10/06/2012 21:16
Harold Tabiner
Yes I did work in my dad's shop but spent most of the time delivering meat on the old butcher's bike.
I can't remember the onions but it was the sort of thing that my dad would have done! My best bit was making pork pies at Christmas. I used to be able to make them easily and wish I knew the recipe as they were much more tastier than most of the pies you buy today.
But good days in Old Goole then. A lot of colourful characters with a lot of colourful language as well!
Posted by Tricia at 17/06/2012 14:06
Hello to Elaine Acaster! I have Acasters in my family and was wondering if our trees join! Let's hope so!!
Posted by Glynne Hughes at 20/06/2012 14:01
Harold Tabiner

I used to know a Jack Tabiner who was a foreman at Fisons Fertilisers. Any relation?

Glynne Hughes
Posted by caroline at 22/06/2012 08:10
Hi is any of the Tabiners related to the Tabiners in swinfleet or Theakers ?
Posted by reply to norma frear regarding frank weston at 04/07/2012 09:55
my mother was amy weston. i have info regarding .
the weston family if we can get in touch i will pass it on
d. owen
Posted by D.OWEN GOOLE at 04/07/2012 10:20

Posted by elaine acaster at 06/07/2012 14:34
hi tricia,i'm a Goole Acaster,as was my father,but i believe my grandad hailed from norfolk,my parents names were Ted and Mary,.
Posted by harold tabiner at 11/07/2012 23:30
Hello Glynne
Jack Tabiner was my uncle who I only met a few times when I was a lad, but he has a big family in the goole area.
Posted by harold tabiner at 12/07/2012 00:04
Hello Caroline
Yes I am related to the Swinefleet Tabiners, my dad was Harold brother of Jack, Ben, Frank and May.
They lived three doors from the last house in Swinefleet before Kings Causeway opposit Walt Ellas farm.
My dad worked at the starch factory next to Ocean lock in Old Goole, Jack was a forman at Fisons, Ben for what I understand took the surrender of some Japanes forces in Burma? during the second world war.
Frank was the crane driver on the Goole bight and later the mobile crane driver for the shipyard alongside the lep shed and the dry docks.
My aunti May lived in a house on High street? that had a garden and walls that were coated in shells, I don't meen a few shells but hundereds of thousands that covered the walls and even some massive clams (the big ones) about one and a half foot accross, (I was only young but the memory is good)
Were they all came from I do-not know and I oftern wonder if they are there now.
Please forgive me if I have got things muddled up, but it has been a long time and look forward to some more information about my family.
It's been a long time since I was in Swinefleet and I wonder if the broken gun on the war monument has been replaced?
Posted by norma at 19/07/2012 11:07
my mothers family comes from goole.mahoney and any one got any information
Posted by tasty buds at 23/07/2012 18:31

i m just writing to inform you all that the cafe tasty buds in goole is reopening we are based on :
pasture road
4 pool court

we hope to see you at our opening on thursday 26th july !
Posted by Geoff Depledge at 24/07/2012 21:45
My mum is 94 this year and she says she remembers a shop called icecream marys. Can anyone confirm this
Posted by eddie audas at 28/07/2012 21:37
Icecream Mary had a shop in Ouse street , I think she was the mother of Antony white who was realated to the Audas family. I wish that they had a shop living near us in Benidorm at the moment.
Posted by eddie audas at 28/07/2012 21:40
addition: Icream Mary went back to see her family and died there.
Posted by verena Letchford ( Nee Cook) at 11/08/2012 02:43
I was born in goole in 1939. Lived in Stanley st. until it was pulled down to make way for the flats. Anyone remember our family.None of down the street had anything but what great memories. Playing cricket down the lane with my brothers Walter and Brian, Denny Philpot, Malcom Coverdale Herbert Holiday. I seem to remember the boys names more than the girls. My best friend was Pam Newton and I was her bridesmaid when she maried. I joined the navy when I was 17 and really never a Goole resident again. I married my fabulous husband in 1960. We have lived in many places and now reside next door to Mickey Mouse. We live in Orlando Florida. If anyone would like to drop me a line I would love it. Happy days. I still have relatives that live on Goole so get back occasionally.
Posted by Reply to d.owen, regarding Frank Weston at 11/08/2012 19:30
Sorry it's taken so long to reply, been having trouble with my computer could you email me if you do have any more information, I would be very grateful.

My email is

Posted by verena Letchford at 11/08/2012 20:34
Here is my Email: verford (at)
Posted by Mavis Vines at 16/08/2012 23:15
to Verena Letchford nee Cook.
I remember you, I was born down Edinburgh Street and we all went to Alexandra Street school together. I remember Pam too, and the Cooledge twins, June and Ann. I see them sometimes. I lived in Germany for 30 years, so lost touch with a lot of Goole people, although I am back in Goole, not wanting to spend my retirement years in Germany. I have been so many times to Orlando, we could have met up so may times
Posted by Corby Bunting at 17/08/2012 10:53
Hello Verena. The last time we spoke was when you were urging sister Dorothy to organise a Street Reunion.You are briging back all these memories. Cricket in the lane was a skill for to hit a six meant the ball was lost forever. I played also with your brothers and Alan Pounder, Wilf Hodgson and the late Dougy Scott. To lose a ball meant a collection for balls which were found on the school roof. I have a photo of you, Shirley Peacock, Jean Collins, Jacquline Giles and Pam Newton. Give me your email address

Posted by Corby Bunting at 19/08/2012 13:13
To Mavis Vines. You will not remember me (age difference) but I do remember Thelma and your older brothers. In and out of school. Although my home was in Stanley Street I had friends in Edinburgh Street and Estcourt Street. Trevor Hudson, Eddie Binnington, Trevor Bramham and Gordon Shipley. My closest friend lived across the road from you. Alan Fielder. He had a Pigeon Loft where we often met up. Happy days
Posted by Verena Letchford(Cook) at 19/08/2012 15:53
Hello Mavis, Sure I remember you. Good old days right??
Next time you are in Orlando let me know!! I hear that Pam isn't well and we lost my next door neighour Glenys Wright. The wright family was a great comfort to me many times when my Mother (God bless her) was on the warpath. Pam's sister Mary was almost a second mother to me. I was always welcome at their house. I still have 3 sisters that live in Goole and try to get back when I can. My Brother Walter lives near Doncaster. He comes over to Orlando for 6 months over the winter. My lovely brother Brian passed away about 5 years ago.
Posted by Mavis Vines at 19/08/2012 23:10
Corby,I have seen your name before and wondered if I knew you, but could not put a face to your name. Thelma is still going strong, but Ronnie and Lawrence have now passed away. Both Dales brothers and Trevor Hudson, the list goes on. I hardly know anyone in Goole now. Verena, I remember your brothers running the mile, when we went on our away trips to Burtons at Leeds. Happy days indeed. Goole has changed so much. Send email address and I will keep in touch.
Posted by Corby Bunting at 20/08/2012 10:23
Hi Mavis. I guess Thelma now lives in Airmyn for I have seen her twice in the Percy Arms and I know that she attended a function at the Hal where my friend George Smith was Guest of honour She did not recognise me and I had to be pointed out to her.I believe Walter and Brian Cook worked at Burtons. So did my wife Audrey Pearce Her mates were Mary Taun Mary Clements Joan Clark and Gadys Rose. We only keep in touch with Joan who lives in Thorne
My Email is
Posted by alan tomlinson at 31/08/2012 07:15
tony wilson ref albert woodvine
tony,if you write a letter to goole afc im sure you will get some info.
goole afc
marcus street
eric lawton or graeme wilson might be able to help you
Posted by Barrie P Spink at 09/09/2012 21:19
To Mavis Vines. and Corby.
Hi Mavis, your name rings a bell and I am sure that we were in School together. I was also in the same class as your neighbour Glenys and a good few years ago I visited her house along with my brother Trevor. If I remeber correctly she lived in the Estcourt street area in school days.
Corby, my father mother and brother all worked at Burtons and I feel sure that your wife would remember them also Nellie Blanchard who worked in the cotton office.
I also remember a Marion Shipley, I think that she would be a brother to the other shipley mentioned.
Barrie P spink
Posted by Mavis Vines at 12/09/2012 22:05
To Barrie Spink, yes I was at the Grammar School with you. I hated the place and some of the class conscious teachers there. A couple were really good teachers, Mr Stone and Mr Hutchinson I remember were both good teachers.
Posted by Corby Bunting at 16/09/2012 18:07
Hi Barrie.My wife has very little memory of anyone at Burtons other than her friends that I have mentioned. although she may have known Nellie by sight for . All cotton had to be purchased.Plus scissors and even having to pay to have the scissors sharpened All work was piecework.My wife was on inside pockets.She had to go some to make £5 per week She was there from leaving school in 1954 until I married her in December 1957.We have lived in Southampton from that date. The late Glenys Wright lived in Stanley Street
Posted by Internet at 20/09/2012 18:24
Sorry I thought this was Google. My bad.
Posted by Tom Hardman at 25/09/2012 14:44
To Corby Bunting re Burton's my late uncle Bill Stock also worked at Burtons sweeping the floor and general handyman, he suffered badly from the war and this was the only job he could manage. I think all the girls knew him. My aunt Dorothy Stock also worked there
Posted by Corby Bunting at 26/09/2012 10:14
Hi Tom. I am sorry but my wife has no recollection of the couple that you mentioned.As I have said her main purpose of being there was the meagre wage which she attempted to increase by getting stuck in to the work. The names you mention are also new to me
Posted by trev hardwick at 27/09/2012 21:32
to geoff deplege hi geoff my grandad (ben abson )was a mariner and i am trying to trace the boats he sailed on my mum told me today that he went to sea with a man called deplege and i know your family were mariners so its possible it was your grandad ? do you have any ideas that may help me ( mum is 105 years ) but has good memory regards trev
Posted by Verena Letchford Nee Cook at 28/09/2012 01:45
I also worked at
burtons when I left school. I only managed the modern school so after leaving at 15 I started at Burtons in the office. I earnt a grand total 2 pounds one and nine pence!! I was the lowest of the lowest in the office and remember having to go onto the shop floor to collect the work books every day. I remember being scared to death. I only stayed for one year then I went to Fisons in Old Goole. I seem to remember making over 3 Pounds there. I stayed ther until joining the Navy 2 years later.
To Pam and Brian it was lovely hearing from you much love to you both.
Posted by Corby Bunting at 02/10/2012 19:22
Hi Verena Still on the Burton theme.I would like to point out the difference in yours and my wifes wage.Only came about by the piecework system.She once made 100 inside pockets in a day. She was not unique for others were faster. This could only be achieved on stock items when all were the same colour and the spools did not need changing, This job stood her in good stead when she started work at a bespoke tailors in Southampton. This tailors main customers were the crews of Cunard and P&O vessels. Which included Goole men. although this job was short lived as we started our family only 15 months later. She never worked full time after. You survived well for in your own words," I did'nt do too bad for a Goole girl" Remember
Posted by verena Letchford (Nee Cook) at 08/10/2012 22:40
Hi Corby, I do remember the workers on the factory floor working so hard. Your wife obviously knows how to use a sewing machine!! One other thing, I know that you say that you used to live in our house 8 Stanly street. I think you must have the wrong number! My Mum and Dad lived in there as lodgers when they married 1928 ish. When the lady who was in the house died, my mother had the house and her sister moved into the front room as the lodger!! I am curious as to where you did live.
Pam and Brian Sunderland, I have just started to write to sent me a great picture of a crowd of folks from Stanley St. I will get it sent to you via e.mail. Thankyou Pam and Brian.
Posted by Corby Bunting at 10/10/2012 13:11
Hello Verena. My wife is only 1 year your senior so you may have known school maybe.
You have now opened a new can of worms regarding your house and I love it. The bay windowed houses started from the lane. with the Parish's then the Wright's The last one before the Byrnes on the corner being your house. I have no idea how it became no. 8!
a key to the answer could be the lady who you say gave your mother the house, Was it Dickinson?
I'm running out of space for these pages so I must continue by Email
Posted by Phil Grassby at 28/10/2012 09:10

Does anyone remember my Grandad Albert Smith, or Seagull as he was known although he hated that nickname. He was a big character in the town originating from Grimsby. He worked at Reno Valet dry cleaners at the clock tower and then opened Val Cleaners with Mr Chappell, the shop was named after my Mother. He was also the area manager for United Friendly Instrance before opening Discount Cycling on Pasture Rd in 1975. My eldest brother still runs the shop now.
Would be interested in any old stories about my Grandad if anyone has any?
Posted by Bill at 01/11/2012 12:12
'Peter Goole' is the title of a poem written by Hilaire Belloc. As I discovered when reading his 'Cautionary Verses. Which I can recommend to anyone who needs cheering up!
Posted by Patricia Spink at 11/11/2012 11:11
Goole Reference Library
Having visited the library last week, for the excellently run FHS open day, I was annoyed to see that the wonderful reference library I had visited previously has now been incorporated into the downstairs area of the library with a much smaller allocated space.This contains only one microfiche reader and one computer now. I think is downsizing in a bad way.Most of the contents from the reference library was still in boxes upstairs,so nobody seemed to know where things where.A small fraction of the collection is available to see and I hope it does not get moved to Beverley Archives(which was mentioned when I asked what was going to happen)It is a valuable resource to the town and I for one would like to know what is going to happen to the upstairs, is the museum moving into it?I suppose it is all down to saving money as usual,but at what cost to us researchers and the society.
Patricia Spink
Posted by Mike Ganley at 13/12/2012 07:20
Can anybody help me?
During the now infamous Cambridge spy ring there was a fifth man. I am sure I read somewhere (Goole Times?) that a suspicious character lived near Goole (Blacktoft?) had dealings with the original four and was somehow implicated with the ring. he left under mysterious circumstances shortly after the original three were exposed.
John Cairncross and Leo Long were two names given by the original members but if anyone could shed light on this I would be grateful.
Posted by wayne buck at 15/12/2012 22:02
well im looking for anyone in my class Mr brant was our teacher and we were in classAI in the lab , susan benettt ,susan sayers, gail batty,kim wison ,martin pidd, allen poulton ,Robert cockin, david calver ,steve moore, howard garlen, john Gillian, Muriel woolass, and anyone else iv foggotton if you no anyone of these please contact me
Wayne Buck
Posted by emmo at 17/12/2012 06:18
hi wayne i remember you and your class mates as i was in your year at school
Posted by Keith at 01/01/2013 09:14
Here's a teaser , anyone know where Tower View is in Goole. Answers please .
Posted by Paul at 02/01/2013 01:00
Posted by Stuart (Webmaster) at 02/01/2013 21:37
There's a picture of Tower View somewhere on this site
Posted by Keith at 03/01/2013 07:55
Hi Stuart, you've made it too easy for them !
Posted by caroline at 03/01/2013 09:22
I have to agree moving the family history stuff down stairs was a bad move the lack of computers and haeing to ask for info will put a lot of folk off not to mention the other distractions will keep folk away i know they want to move times forward but this happend in hull thet had a great place at the central libary then moved all the history stuff to the new building which is ultra moden cold and lack of feeling the libary is nicely done out warm and spaciouses but i do think it was a bad move to move the family history stuff downstairs
Posted by bernard welsh at 16/01/2013 13:03
old goolie to mike ganley what happend to your cousin rob iwent to holy family carlton
Posted by eddie audas at 19/01/2013 19:29
in reply to tower view - ask the goole times staff to look out of the window above the shops on boothferry road. regards from a sunny but windy benidorme. still 14 degrees tonight.
Posted by mike ganley at 20/01/2013 10:55
To Bernard welsh
Good to hear from you. Where are you living now? Still look back to those long summers playing foorball at South park. Rob Ganley sadly died in the early 90's - can't remember exactly when. He suffered a lot. he was a nice lad - in your year i believe.
Posted by keith at 20/01/2013 11:48
Nearly there Eddie , but not quite.
Posted by Mike Ganley at 20/01/2013 12:01
For Bernard welsh
Sorry I gave the wrong info about Rob Ganley - he died around 2002/3
Posted by bsrnard welsh at 22/01/2013 15:26
thanks for that mike rob was a good lad i live down dunhiload i miss the good old days down old goole
Posted by Mal at 31/01/2013 17:23
Just been reading about arthur hutchinson the serial killer, I would have been 9 years old when he committed his crimes, is it true that he hid out at Airmyn Tip for a while or is this just folklore in Goole?

Also someone told me somebody was murdered down Elm Avenue in the 70's is there any truth in that one?
Posted by eddie audas at 11/02/2013 18:12
kieth, yes i should have been a little more towards the old station hotel, but i know it is above those shops. there is a plaque with the name on it built into the buildings. were was the shop with three lions on the front .
Posted by Geoff Cooper at 13/02/2013 12:09
Hello Mike.
Just a little bit of information on the Cambridge spy ring and the Blacktoft connection. There was a programme on Yorkshire tv in the seventies about this. Some of the film showed Blacktoft Landing and the red telephone kiosk there. If my memory serves me well the following was suggested in the programme. That a KGB agent was there at Blacktoft to warn the spy ring that they were about to be uncovered and calls were made from the phone box. The programme suggested the agent disembarked at Blacktoft from a Russian timber ship going to Goole, and then was picked up on the way back.
Posted by Mike Depledge at 13/02/2013 16:43
My father was an apprentice on the "Temple Pier" in 1937/1938
I recently did a Google search on the name and it indicated that there was a reference on "Goole on the Web" but I have been unable to locate it - can any one help?
Posted by Stuart (Webmaster) at 14/02/2013 20:46
Hi Mike,

There's a message on the Ships link at the top-left of this page. Dated 01/10/2008 from Geoff Depledge
Posted by Mike Ganley at 18/02/2013 13:00
For Geoff Cooper:
Hi Geoff and many thanks for this bit of information. The next time I visit Goole I'll have a look there.
Posted by Dave Greenfield at 09/05/2013 08:51
Yes Mal your right there was an old lady murdered down Elm Avenue . I was brought up down there & remember it well .
Posted by Fiona Moate at 14/05/2013 10:00
I remember the murder in the 1970s. The police did a house to house investigation all through the town. We lived on Hook Road & they came all that way. A number of people were arrested & questions; I think it was a relative that killed her.
Posted by JDX at 11/06/2013 14:56
Posted by norma frear nee weston at 19/06/2013 22:43
Hi this is Norma frear again I am still trying to find anyone who knew my family my dad was Frank Weston him and his dad lived at Flea man's building Google I think my grandma's maiden name was Drury
Posted by James poulton at 04/07/2013 18:58
Hi Wayne, Allen poulton is my dad. He now lives in kent. I'm writing on his behalf. He remembers all of those names from school
Posted by Bill Stewart at 06/07/2013 00:26
Curious about what happened to a couple of old friends from way back - Gary Armitage and Mike Tune. I get to Goole occasionally. Might be interesting to have a drink and catch up. By the way the 1957 James Captain was the start of a unbroken affair with motor bikes and I'm still tootling around on two wheels. Bill Stewart
Posted by keith at 30/07/2013 20:16
Just spent 25 minutes getting from the Grammar School to Boyes . Hit every traffic light, but the thing that really gets my goat is the amount of time the crossing gates are open, thus cutting the town in two. The traffic is held up firstly by the gates opening at least 5minutes before the train pulls into the station , the passengers disembark taking another 4/5 minutes still the gates are open then the train decides to move off. this happened 3 times on my journey , I think the train companies are having a laugh at Goole. There's no wonder people shop outside of Goole .........Rant over!!!
Posted by Dennis Roe at 23/08/2013 22:45
Hi all, I'm originally from Goole (left in 1961 aged 15) and I'm trying to find Keith Scott a schoolfriend of mine. It's been over 52 years since we last met, and I'm curious to know how he's done after all this time.
Posted by malcolm smith at 10/09/2013 19:45
hy Dennis ,mala here from York if you get in touch with scottie let me know ie .Keith Scott last time I saw him he was married and living in Old Goole ..An old Greenawn resident would be nice to get in touch with some of the old school ie pete dootson steve butterworth ,ernie hodgson etc .mala from york
Posted by Dennis Roe at 17/09/2013 00:12
No luck yet I'm afraid!
Posted by Dennis Roe at 17/09/2013 00:16
Also looking for Michael Smith who lived at Airmyn and Rawcliffe Station Cottages..........we started school the same day, way back in 1951.
Posted by John Jessop at 06/10/2013 08:22
To Dennis Roe. The name Keith Scott rings a bell as a man of the same name and possibly the right age group made many entries in Howden Camera Club competitions. You could try the club via google.
Posted by Dennis Roe at 06/10/2013 22:44
Thanks John, much appreciated.
Posted by Barry Hood at 22/10/2013 15:41
Is there anyone who was in GREENAWN kids home in the 1960's who remember my brother Anthony (Tony) and myself, (Barry)?
The head was called Mr. Turner I believe.
Can't remember much else about the place. Is it still going?
Was there for 2 years in 1965-66.
Researching our history so any help will be very welcome.
Thanks. You can email me at My name was changed by deed poll in the late 1960's by an aunt.
Posted by Dennis Roe at 23/10/2013 23:06
I was at Greenawn for about 8 months, 1960/61
Posted by Tony Hollerbach at 22/11/2013 17:58
Hi Everyone,
I left Goole in 1968 and am now nr London, I attended Boothferry road infants / junior school to 1959 then on to the Secondary Modern leaving in early 1964 if I remember rightly my last form was 4c with form teachers 'Dog' Watson and Mr Reid-Smith who was a Mayor off Goole at or near that time.
I would dearly love to hear from anyone who may remember me, my nickname was 'plug' much to my disgust! Also anyone with any photographs of that period especially any of class 4c if any still exists.
my email is
Posted by trev hardwick at 21/12/2013 18:10
re tower cinema i know there wont be many who can remember this far back
but mum ( she is 107 ) was telling me today about being a usherette there in the 1920 s and she said it was a cinema part of the year and put on productions the rest of the year i would like to find any info about these times if any one can help please
a very happy christmas to everyone who posts on gotw keep it up trev
Posted by Dennis Roe at 22/12/2013 23:38
I remember the Tower cinema, it always stunk of diesel because the electricity was generated by diesel engines located at the back of the premises.
Posted by Robert Ward at 26/12/2013 11:34
re The Tower Theatre - yes not just a cinema. I have some press cuttings from an old family friend who died over 20 years ago now. She was Ethel Shipley, later Ethel Laverack, who sang contralto (rather well people used to say) in the early days of the Goole Amateurs when they regularly performed at the Tower Theatre. For example in March, 1922, "Last night at the Tower Theatre, the Goole United Amateur Operatic Society opened a week's performance of The Mikado." ... "One of the chief triumphs of the evening was the Katisha of Miss Ethel Shipley, whose reserve of dramatic ability has not previously been utilised." I'm sure a search through the Goole Times fiche at the library would find more between 1900 and 1940.
Posted by Robert Ward at 26/12/2013 11:41
... The article then compares the Tower with the Theatre Royal where productions had been performed in earlier years, the Tower having a more roomy and well equipped stage. Other performers and support mentioned are Miss Nellie Carmichael, Miss Sylvia Cooper, Mrs H Petman, Mr R W Simpson, Mr W Blyth, Mr J H Carmichael, Mr J W Nichols, Mr J Crabtree, Me Ernest Johnson (conductor) Mr Lindsay Harman (coach) Mr R G Bickerron (President), Mr Ernest Gunhill (business manager), Mr Harold Lloyd (secretary).
Actually, from memory, I think the Tower continued as a theatre into the 1960s and possibly the 1970s.
Posted by paul at 26/12/2013 21:16
It was certainly a theatre in 1962 as on 19th November The Goole Operatic Society performed the "Quaker Girl."
Posted by trev hardwick at 28/12/2013 17:50
many thanks to robert & paul for your info re tower cinema i will try mum with the names that you sent she may remember some of them (her memory is still good at 107 ) she as now told me about a cinema that was in hook road her aunt & uncle lived next door to it and used to help out there so mum used to go in free when she was a child i must ask her aunts name
Posted by paul at 30/12/2013 13:57
The cinema in Hook Road was the Palace of Varieties.
In the search box,top left, type in cinemas and you should locate Theatres and Cinemas which gives brief details of their history as well as individual postings.
Posted by Gerald Brooksbank at 31/12/2013 09:19
The Quaker Girl was the first production on the return to the Tower Theatre by the Operatic Society. Not sure where they had been previously. The next two productions were White Horse Inn and Blue Moon.
Posted by June Makin at 05/01/2014 20:00
For Neil Epworth - if you are still checking this site, please contact me re Goole tug no. 10. My grandfather was also on this tug.
Posted by Tony Clyne at 11/01/2014 13:21
To Jan Townend re-Empson Ave. We lived at No.30 and were the first and only ones in the street for nearly a year as our house was across the corner with 101 Western Rd. and they built from our house back along Western Rd. into Oxford Rd. then restarted Empson from No.2. Nobody knew where we lived not even the Postman. I believe you lived at 22 next to Pete OBrien Blanchards were next then Ridgway then us. I remember Chris and Ray (Smudger) Smith, former mayor Malcolm (Suggy) South lived next to them also someone called Waites or Wakes across there Bernice Hewson had a brother Barry who I was pally with. Do you remember the street party on the grass in front of your house, I think it was the coronation and a Christmas Party in St. Pauls Schoolroom down Weatherall St. Cobblers Wood and Westfield Banks across the fields were our playground.
Posted by helen at 17/01/2014 09:53
my father was born @36 marshfield ave. in 1934 my fathers name was clifford lancaster . his fathers name was harry his mothers name was norah formerly newland any information would help
Posted by Bill at 18/01/2014 16:22
I was sure I'd seen a reference to Goole in one of Larkin's poems but I can't find it now I look for it. Any ideas?
Posted by Gerald Brooksbank at 19/01/2014 17:49
Tony Clyne. I remember you, vaguely. I lived in Westfield Square and was friends with Mick Jackson who lived in Western Road. David Wakes lived down Empsom as did Geoff Starling. There was also a young lady called Brown? who married someone off television I seem to recall.
Posted by Gerald Brooksbank at 19/01/2014 18:07
Bill. Although not mentioned by name Goole is probably in the poem Whitsun Weddings. This describes a train journey from Hull Paragon Station to Kings Cross.
Posted by Tony Clyne at 24/01/2014 14:42
Hi. Ged. Remembered you when first saw your name, only been on these sites for last couple of months, Mick was my mate as well he lived at 107 we both lived in Marlborough Ave after we got married, he was manager at United Carriers, Howden sometime in 70s I was shop steward, we had one or two discssions (ha ha) I think he then went to be manager at Leeds Depot but don`t know what happened to him after that. David Wakes was the name I wasn`t sure of in my previous posting, Geoff Starling lived at No.1. I remember Browns they had something to do with the electrical/record shop in the Arcade but don`t know anything about the marriage you mention. To digress it seems we both frequented the Peacock at the same time, only you went in the posh side, I think we have all had the keys dropped down. I don`t use this page often I`m usually on the ships page. Look forward to any more comments bye.
Posted by Margaret Audas at 16/02/2014 06:02
Tony Clyne, any relation to Helen Clyne now Blades. Do you remember the Hockney's down Empson.
Posted by Jan Townend at 16/02/2014 13:32
Hi Tony, yes I remember Empson Ave as being a wonderful place to be a kid. We had lots of adventures. I remember the Coronation Street party and the parties we used to have in St. Paul's schoolroom. I remember all the names you mentioned. My dad is still alive and lives on Cobbler Hill. He is 92. We used to think Cobblers Wood was haunted!
Posted by Tony Clyne at 17/02/2014 12:08
Margaret Audas the answer is yes on both counts Helen is my sister now lives in Hook I know she`s on facebook, re. Empson if you check Shops and Shopping page you wil see I have been looking out for your name. Jan T. It was a fun street to live in wasn`t it, nice to here your father is still around I remember him as quite a big chap who we were a bit frightened of, he used to clear us off now and then when we were making too much noise on a night time. Looking at where he now lives you will be loking out for ghosts when you visit, like the cobbler who hung himself on the lightning tree LOL
Posted by Norman roberts at 05/03/2014 09:14
T c .nr unable tofind web site I was on when I posted that comment to edi aurdus help
Posted by Norman Roberts at 20/04/2014 12:17
Hi I was talking to an old lady in town, I was having a good conversation with her when my wife said take no notice of him he's X Queen's ave, so am I she replied that started us both off.
We stated to name everybody from Jack Lace's corner shop to Stan Powl's,it's nice to reminisce the only shop in red lion street was Co-0p butchers Thelma was the assistance but we was unable to remember what the butchers name was, the door to the Co- op Office was in Red Lion Street was up stair's,the banister was fabulous the time's I slid down it, Queen's ave best bonfire raiders in town.
I was born in St Johns Terrace but I still call myself a Queen's ave lad, does anybody remember the Wessack's at Westfield Banks there was lagoon there we use to swim in it, we used to build a fire and roast potatoes on the fire,we would leave home about 9am did not get till late afternoon, we also spent time in Cobblers Wood ropes tied to branches,this was our free entertainment.
Hope you can remember these day's we did not have Much but we made do with what we had.
Regards N R.
Posted by Norman Roberts at 28/04/2014 11:02
it's me again I have found out the name of the Butcher who worked for the CO-OP Butchers shop in red Lion St, his name was Mr George Ligg and the delivery boy was Terry Becket,Mr Ligg used to lend us the CO-OP two wheeled cart To go to the gas house to to purchase bags of cinders,the gas house was in Doyle St,people used to scrat cinders on the Dutch river bank as they where free.

Regards N R
Posted by Bill at 26/05/2014 21:50
Aren't the Yorkshire Dales fantastic! despite spending the first 18 years of my life in Goole, I probably only strayed over to the Dales on one brief occasion. Now, after almost 40 years down south, I did an extended tour of the Dales - on a motor bike, the only way - and they are just astoundingly beautiful.
Posted by Corby Bunting at 27/05/2014 11:42
Hi Bill. Still flying the flag for British bikes on your Norton?
I first visited the Dales on a school trip which took is as far as Ripon.Place I have loved visiting from that day and have taken my family to in recent years. Are Brimham Rocks. Which has now become Environmently safe. Meaning the Idol Rock.a 50 ton Balancing stone which took little effort to rock it.It is now firmly anchored. Lover's leap which had a railing to stop children going too near the edge.I could no longer find
Bolton Abbey where the attraction was The Strid where he river Wharfe narrowed Creating a Vortex.Which tempted brave people the jump the gap, less than a metre wide . On a recent visit we discovered further up the valley a new addition to the lure of this place.somethin that has appeared in the last 30 years. namely the Money Tree A fallen Oak with deep cracks. Which has been filled with coins from all over the world An impressive sight
Posted by Bill at 31/05/2014 21:12
yes, but now it's a Triumph Bonneville.
Posted by Bill at 02/07/2014 19:53
Webmaster, what's happening? The 'What's New' is flagging up stuff that aint! Can it be fixed?
Posted by Corby Bunting at 05/07/2014 08:24
The Year that the Tour de France came to Yorkshire.What an event for all Yorkshire folk to be a part of.
My good friend John Appleyard and I joined the Goole Wheelers in 1952. Although we spent only three years in the saddle.that time was imprinted in our memories. As the "Callup"in 1956 made us choose what paths we took .We still lived those memories In fact John who passed away earlier this year taped all the Tours and had a huge collection. I find it ironic that he was taken from us in the year that would have been the pinnacle of his obsession with the sport he was so passionate about.
Posted by Jimmy wright at 15/07/2014 13:30
Old,olgoolie here,was wondering if anyone knows,whatever happened to a teacher from Carlton holy family,tony McDonald,would love to get In touch with him.had to laugh at some of the nuns,action sister Gemma and the strap,still got marks on me hands and me arse,lol,still miss the place,old goole that is,jimmy
Posted by Mike Ganley at 02/08/2014 08:02
To Jimmy Wright
I remember sister Gemma and the dreaded cane in the stock room. You wouldn't get away with that now would you! Mr MacDonald was a laugh. I actually played rugby with him. I think he now lives down south but he'll be knocking on now. Mike Ganley
Posted by Fiona Moate at 05/08/2014 23:29
Does anyone know if the Stink pipes are still on Hook Road. There used to be one near the Victoria Pub on the bank side and one opposite the corner of Salisbury Avenue. They were to vent methane from the sewers; there may of been/still are others in the town.
Posted by Jimmy wright at 07/08/2014 01:57
Mike ganley,thanks for your reply,yer we all knocking on a bit,did you know he played soccer for marshland one year he was a pretty good player,he taught me a lot in a short time,remember your dad well,all best jimmy
Posted by at 07/08/2014 11:17
Mike ganley.
Just read some of your earlier posts,re the education at st Thomas's,what a joke,and I was there until Carlton kicked off,I was in the first intake at Carlton and your comments are spot on,I didn't get to wear the purple blazer,myself and Steve (skooby)Moore where the only ones who's parents refused to buy them as we wasn't going to be there to long,thank The Lord ,it was disgusting,lol,at st Thomas's I had the job every Friday,to take the biscuit money to your dad to change into notes,takes me back.jimmy
Posted by John Dehaemers at 08/08/2014 10:58
Apparently Tony McDonald is now living in the Selby area,he and Mr Watson were at the school reunion last year
Posted by Jimmy wright at 09/08/2014 03:43
Hi ginner,thanks for that info,how you doing,do you still get the asthma,as I remember you used to get it quite bad,had a holiday with my brother arthur a few months ago,he tells me your a keen tigers fan,me two,loving it at the moment,we waited a long time for a bit of success,let's hope it lasts,imagine waggy in this side,all the best mate jimmy
Posted by Mike Ganley at 09/08/2014 09:35
Jimmy - good to hear from you. Some good times down at Boothferry park chucking oranges at Ian McKechnie. Running my own business in Harrogate so not much time to get over to KC Stadium but will try for the evening match v West Ham. Good days in Old Goole.
John If you know where Tony MacDonald lives would love to get in touch with him.
Posted by ex goolie at 21/08/2014 21:39
Some was asking about their mothers family(norma I think) mahoney and doubtfire. I don't know the doubtfires (apart from their icecream) but I know mahoney's. The request was a while ago I know, but I'll check back from time to time to see if your still interested.
Posted by Gary Worton at 09/09/2014 01:20
Hi guys:
I usually post on the Ships page but things are pretty slow of late: I tried Movers & Shakers; same deal, so I'll try the Welcome page. I see some familiar names from the other pages
so I'll ask my question here.
As a former Goolie and ex-pat to boot, what is the general consensus of opinion on the burning issue of the upcoming referendum on Scotland leaving the United Kingdom and becoming an independent country?
My personal view, albeit from afar, would be to give the Scots Nats. a big middle finger; especially to the likes of 'Sir' Sean Connery and his ilk.
So what's the score guys? Is it a big issue or a damp squib?
Posted by Tony Clyne at 10/09/2014 11:54
Hi Gary, I`ve not taken much interest in the Scotish referendum but read somewhere the Banks expect a big recession in Scotland if they go independant. Hope you are all keeping well over there and as you say the sea is a bit calm lately. Regards T.C.
Posted by Philip Cone at 16/11/2014 20:48
I believe several of the Holder ships were also chartered by A.H.L. in the early 50s
Posted by Shaun at 01/02/2015 19:01
Can anyone tell me if the road to spurn point is open at the moment. If not could anyone tell me where is the best place to get a view of the Hawke Anchorage from a car.
Posted by Tom Hardman at 07/04/2015 19:24
I am currently doing some part time lecturing at a college in Crewe. A member of staff asked me to phone a company called Open door adventure and speak with the owner, A Mr David Orange. I jokingly remarked that I went to school in Goole with a lad of the same name. Yes it turned out to be David. Last weekend my wife and I spent 3 days at his outdoor centre in St.Asaph Wales. I can highly recommend it. David and I recalled our days at the Modern School from 1960 to 1965. His brother Mick is also working with David. If you want a break in beautiful surroundings then see his web site and go!!
Posted by margery miller at 08/05/2015 00:09
I was born in goole in 1944 and we left in 1960, I lived in adeline street and like norman Roberts I spent many happy years of my childhood at the west park, down on the wessarks and even enjoying a good walk to boothferry bridge.with a pack up of jam butties and made up lemon drink. In later years I worked at Burtons and enjoyed dancing a the baths on a Saturday night. My three sister and I have been back a few times on a memory lane trip. I have found memories of Goole and never forget where I come from. Times were hard but happy.
Posted by Barrie P Spink at 20/05/2015 22:54
I wonder if you can remember my father Kenneth Spink and Ron Pearson who also worked there

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